Eric Cantor sets off everybody's gaydar. The only one who pins the needle faster is Michelle Bachman's husband.
I'm probably an asshole, too. . . . but Lindsey Graham? C'mon.
Cantor, Graham, Paul Ryan...all gaydar blips.

Where are the rentboys who have served them?
Talk about going down in flames.
You say that like you got something against assholes...
Way to go!
I'm not sure that illegally coordinating fundraising is really enough to get one bumped from the GOP candidacy. Hell, it may give him a boost. Schweitzer certainly sounds like an idiot, though I gotta give him props for getting the "couldn't care less" thing correct, first time I think I've seen that pulled off in years.
So is there something wrong with being an effeminate man?
There's nothing wrong with being an effeminate man -- unless you're also a Republican closet case actively working the anti-gay bigotry (or married to one.)
Don't forget Rick "flaming turd" Perry.
Real Americans like a little Rocky Mountain trash talking on the South.

Cantor sets off my Douchedar, not my Gaydar.
@7 Yes. It seems like neither of these are actually game changers, and may even be successful moves for both candidates.

It seems that Schweitzer is attempting to establish a national brand for 2020 or other Hilary implosion, and these comments are his way of boxing out Biden, without having to wash a Camero topless.
@7 yeah, but he can't win the presidency with the GOP base alone, and if this corruption scandal blows up, he may not even be able to muster their full support, especially if there are palatable, less damaged options available.
I'm sorry, but I still like Brian Schweitzer. He's the guy who vetoed Montana statehouse bills by setting them on fire with a big "VETO" branding iron, isn't he? I thought that was hilarious, not to mention excellent showmanship.

Speaking as a member of the straight majority (who's also wholeheartedly in favor of marriage equality and nondiscrimination legislation), I can see he said something insensitive, but shit... it didn't seem malicious, and nobody's perfect. My one note for Schweitzer is, Dude, straight people might have a suspicion that somebody might be gay, but they can't claim gaydar.

Anyway, I think he's basically a good guy. Hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell, and I'll likely be voting for someone else in the primary, but if he won I'd have no problem voting for him in the general election.
@11, me too. Cantor doesn't seem effeminate (and effeminacy has jack-all-diddly to do with gay). He does seem like a huge tool, though. Maybe Schweitzer can't tell the difference.
Walker's been in trouble since he was elected. He makes Chris Christie look saintly. Hope something finally sticks to this piece of trash and takes him down.
I have no idea what motivated him to say it, but no matter how stupid that second quote is just pure gold.
Wait -- Straight folks can't have gaydar?!?
I'm a straight guy and my gaydar works just fine.

20 years living in the middle of Seattle tends to do that.

Montana... I'm not so sure.
Straight people can have gaydar but it's not going to be as well-tuned as it is for people who spend their entire lives seeking out the subtlest of clues. That said, if Cantor sets off your gaydar, your gaydar sucks.
@19: You learned to recognize them pretty quick. They were the ones being pointed and laughed at, with their expressions showing barely-contained rage, indignation, and tears. And you never saw them again after graduation.

In the age of SuperPACs, I don't know how it's even possible to get in trouble like Walker is.

I also left Montana about ten minutes after graduation, so I don't really know who Schweitzer is, nor do I care. I disagree with his characterization of Cantor: he doesn't register as gay, he registers as the smug little twerp that you want to beat up for the sheer joy of it, with the lunch money being a perk.
Cantor is a prick and an asshole.

Hmm...I think I see the problem with your gaydar, Gov. Schweitzer.
Governor Schweitzer, if you're still confusing gay men with women, one wonders what else you've confused in matters of gender and sexuality.

Also, in the wide open space that is your unfiltered head, do you have any clue whatsoever how fucking stupid you are to degrade ALL women in your attempt to insult ALL Southern men by stating as a derogatory observation that they act like women (at least for morons who assume effeminate always equals female).

Exactly who is your target demographic - crazy, old men who the sheep and cattle avoid for obvious reasons?
Cantor has never set it off for me, but stupid stupid statement.
When all the dust settles in 2016 I hope that the republicans take a brutal beating at the polls. It won't make much of a difference to the pieces of shit already in office, but when re-election comes around I hope they have options for work. I take that back, I hope they have to go on unemployment and food stamps, just like the voters that they abandoned in the last election cycle.
I wonder why Schweitzer decided to share his gaydar expertise re Cantor with the public. If he runs, it should be fun since he also insinuated that Senator Feinstein was a prostitute. He'll be making guffaws every single day.
Schweitzer and Walker never had much of a chance so little missteps hurt them more.

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