Murray Against Caps: Mayor Murray announced his plan for Uber and Lyft.

Does It Add Up? Cliff Mass contributed an essay on Seattle math education.

They Don't Want to Pay: These franchisers consider defeating the minimum wage increase to be their top policy priority.

That's Not the Word I'd Use to Describe It: Mark Driscoll urges Mars Hill to stay away from the internet's "shenanigans."

Not First, Not Generous: Ansel Herz keeps poking holes in the new Starbucks tuition program.

"You might as well join the party." Eli Sanders interviews Glenn Greenwald.

Hillary Clinton's Roller Coaster Week: We had good feelings about Hillary Clinton and we had bad feelings about Hillary Clinton.

Gone to Pot: Dan Savage says the Pope is not love-worthy anymore.

I'm Surprised Everyone on the City Council Is Literate: Why don't you join the Seattle City Council Book Club?

Of Prawns and Slaves: Brendan Kiley investigates how the US is responding to the prawn industry's slavery problem.

Taking the Shiro Out of Shiro's: If you're a sushi fan, Bethany Jean Clement has some bad news and some good news.

Drinking for Two: Dave Segal can't believe what he sees.

#YesAllWomen: Kelly O has some great photos from the rally.

Books Are Coming to You: It was a pretty great week to be a Seattle-area bookstore.

Screen Writer: Let's just take a moment and appreciate Kathy Fennessy's film writing, which makes Slog a better place.