The 81st minute came just after TOOTH HURTY! Ok, sorry. Seriously though, Suarez's "my toof hwurts" acting deserves a yellow card all its own.
He's bit two players before for 8-game and 10-game suspensions, and been suspended for racial slurs. It really doesn't seem fair to Italy who were short a player for a red card to let this go when the teeth marks were clear. Suarez is certainly out, and Uruguay have no chance without him. He was bad mouthing England before the match - probably to get out of his Liverpool contract, and head to Madrid. A piece of work.
Cannibalism is in Uruguay's blood. Sorry, couldn't resist. For the full story, I couldn't recommend the documentary Stranded more highly:

This is the third time Suarez has bitten someone. It's just weird. Who above the age of 4 does that?
Headline of the Day from The Huffington Post UK:

@biffp: and head to Madrid

You mean Real Madrid? Please god no. Between Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, Dimaria, and Jese, Real Madrid has plenty of players who can score goals and not a single biter in the bunch.
Besides the biting and the racism, anyone remember the blatant hand ball in the last World Cup?
All you goddamn non-biters on here, perched up there in your ivory towers... where there's hardly even anyone worth biting anyway!
Famous sports announcer Marv Albert bit a woman on the ass years ago. All is practically forgiven and forgotten. His biting fetish is probably well guarded these days.
Huff Po UK changed their headline. It was "Chewy Luis and the Blues."
@11: that might be the headline of the year.
Perfect, now both Italy and Uruguay are effectively out. Soccer wins.
@7, Real Madrid to offer Liverpool £80million to lure Luis Suarez away from Anfield…
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I'll bet Liverpool are sorry they didn't sign those papers yesterday. There's a real chance that the FA will ban him too, though La Liga will never follow suit, not against Real Madrid or Barcelona, two of the most corrupt institutions on earth.

Given how conscious Real Madrid and Barcelona are of their brands, I have to think that transfer isn't going to happen now.

It'd sure be interesting if Suarez ended up playing in the MLS.

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