I still think Washington Tomahawks is a good name. They wouldn't need to change the logo.
I'd suggest "Spooks," but that would open up a whole other can of worms.
Quelle drole.

The University of Miami Ohio changed from the Redskins to the Redhawks like 15 years ago.

But in an NFL with Hawks & Seahawks that probably won't fly.

The NFL is due to add an expansion team, been a few years I think. Hawks, Seahawks and (Peabrain's) Tomahawks may fly. 3's a charm?
This posting reminds me of an article by John Kass of the Chicago Tribune that I read last week:…

It's pretty funny.
An interesting fact about the case, is that the logo itself is not affected by the current trademark dispute, so the logo can stay as is. Fun fact: the current profile logo was designed by a group of American Indians years ago.

The team should not rename itself at all. So if they can not use "Redskins," simply drop the name and never pick up a new one. That way, they would be the Redskins forever, albeit unofficially. Probably some kind of NFL regulation against it though. I have heard some suggest they just go with "Washington F.C."

@4: That is not how it works.
ted gorath, Fun Fact: you're an ass
How about changing it to simply the "Skins." All we'd need then is a new team to name themselves the "Shirts."
@7 Indisputable fact : you are the most worthless poster on SLOG.
You don't even troll, like SB or Bailo. You don't even post links to crazy conspiracy sites like sgt_doom. You just post outtakes from the deranged conversations with the voices in your head, none of which are on topic or involve any known form of logic. You're the equivalent of the stir crazy monkey at the zoo flinging his shit around his cage.
Since white people are the only ones, as a group, who like the name, it should be changed to the Washington Whiteskins.

Obviously, it's not the same, so first we should start a program where the government pays people $25 if they turn in a white man's severed scalp to a government office. And of course legalize killing them and taking their property if they're scalped or if they flee. Then once 90% of them are dead, put the rest of them in camps scattered across the country.

Then, everyone wins. Go Whiteskins!
My vote goes to the Washington Teabaggers.
@1: I thought the logo had a profile of a native American with feathers in his hair.
I've come to not so much enjoy insults, but they do help me determine who not to take so seriously. I'm a bad person.
The Super PACs is just too perfect. The most important branch of government deserves a professional sports team, too.
Can't really decide my fave logo of the six helmets shown. I'm leaning toward the Beltway Insiders. The two chaps look vaguely like some peeps I may hang with.
@12 Well, do feathers mean something? I dunno, but tomahawk was a Native American weapon, wasn't it?
I have yet to see a serious discussion about this, but there really needs to be a viable alternate or nothing will change. I've been thinking about other names for teams involving indigenous North Americans like Chiefs and Braves and Indians that for some reason are not causing the same outrage, so one that actually might work would be Washington Warriors.

If you look at the original mascot for the Philadelphia Warriors basketball team before it ended up in California, you will see a cringe-worthy stereotype that has morphed into a more generic figure. In comparison, the logo itself for the Washington team isn't so bad, and actually would work with the new name.
Washington Braves. Still named for Native Americans, but uses a term for the warriors which is synonymous with courage. Also it brings the number of pro sports teams in the big 4 sports with the same name as another back up to 6 pairs.
Give me a tank on the logo! The Washington invaders! added bonus- the new name should be vaguely homoerotic!
I will never understand how white people think if something is terribly racist, the solution is to make it 5% less racist. Trying to rename them the Tomahawks or Indians reminds me of Dutch white people trying to revamp their Zwarte Piet:

(Content warning).…
How about the Washington Senators? It is boring but apt, and MLB isn't using it anymore.
The Washington Department of Football Services
They should hold onto the Hog references.

Washington Pigskins
Washington Razorbacks
Washington Warthogs
Washington Swine
Washington Pork

Uniwatch had a more serious attempt at this:……


Or they could change the logo to an apple and keep the name.
Red-tailed Hawks are native inhabitants of D.C., which is conducive to their current colorway. Since it doesn't really roll off the tongue though, I suggest we call them by one of the bird's colloquial names, The Washington Chickenhawks.
Is calling a team "The Fighting Irish" racist? I'm Italian and I don't Gladiators racist. I guess I'm a stupid racist.
Washington Dickheads
The Washington Fighting Teabaggers.
The Washington Corporate Toadies
"The Washington Insiders" is a great one.
@26 Those are not the most offensive options for those groups and they are not generally seen as deeply disempowered in our society. Fighting Irish was self applied. It is a false equivalency.
How about...
"The Establishment"
"The Elitist"
"The Conspiracy"
"The Bipartisan commission for the advancement of pigskins"
"The friendly amendments to non-binding resolutions"
"The Bureaucrats"
I think they should be the Washingtons. Stick a big quarter on their helmets and be done with it.
hello america, there is a DC made up of real people who are not lobbyists -- or senators -- the people you all deny voting rights to? the ones you deny equality to? somehow your compassion for equal rights seems to end at state borders. the best new names would be the Potomacs, the Anacostians or the Piscataway. Or how about the Taxation without Representations? or "America's North American Colony" of "America's Slaves" since you know our own founding fathers thought tyranny was a form of slavery and the lack of rights is literally a tyrrany exercised by you, over them.
Or maybe the DC residents should seek recognition as a tribe then the rest of america will give a damn because they sure seem to care more about NAs than fellow american citizens in Dc who lack equal rights to the rest of us.

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