Everybody knows someone like this: A friend who looks a little bit like a celebrity. "Hey, you look like that celebrity, a little," someone once said to your friend. Your friend took it as a compliment, and then they went overboard, imitating that celebrity's new hairstyle, adopting little vocal tics from that celebrity's last movie, and generally acting like a clueless jackass. Well, someone once told Louisiana politician Lenar Whitney that she was kind of like Sarah Palin, and now she's taking the comparison way too far in this anti-global-warming ad for her congressional race:

When your entire video can be refuted by one link on the internet, you know you're making a shaky argument. But Whitney is the second in what will probably be a wave of Palin-like candidatesJodi Ernst was the first—and what Republicans look for in their Palin-substitutes is a lot of red meat, thrown everywhere, with no respect for logic or consequences. I expect Whitney will go far.