Slog tipper Collin Jergens forwards this email from the notoriously evil American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is holding its annual convention in Dallas at the end of this month.

"Uber partners with ALEC in Dallas," it reads. "Ride to the event in style with Uber Dallas! Users who enter promo code "ALECAC" will receive 30 percent off two rides in Dallas between July 29-August 1." At Uber's website, there's a sign-up form with coupon code already filled in.

ALEC has repeatedly praised Uber in op-eds, but offering ALEC convention-goers a discount isn't as bad as being a corporate member of the group, to be sure. Uber isn't one, according to Seattle General Manager Brooke Steger.

Maybe, however, this will give the next person gushing with praise for Uber—which, remember, has resisted attempts by its drivers to organize—and lambasting taxi drivers for being shitheads just a bit more pause? Here's hoping.