For Democrats and Republicans alike, strategy trumps integrity as winning is all that matters.
While I don't disagree with the idea that Hillary should make every effort to properly address issues, I feel like it's more important for her to do so for her base. Some people are never going to be satisfied with the answers given by a public figure about x, y or z and that goes ten-thousand fold for people across the aisle from their political thought and an infinitely immeasurable amount for those who live at the extreme edge of political ideology.
And she can redeem herself fairly easily.
The word is "rueful".
Not now, today, but what she was feeling then in the tape.
That is what she sounded like as in "I hated to have to defend this creep but that was my job."
Dear Lord, will a Hillary Clinton presidency lead to another Republican in the White House in 2024? I hate how likely that sounds to me.

It basically took GW's disastrous presidency to give us Obama.
Anything she says isn't going to "squelch" any stories from conservatives. But it may reassure people who might be on her side.
"For now, she's showing us the same Clinton many Democrats were uneasy with in 2012."

I'm thinking you meant 2008, her SOS gig was mostly OK except for the GOPs "B****azi wet dream.
Why do we need Political Dynasties? Just because she's a woman and it's important to have a woman president? Just because she's a Democrat and only idiots vote Republican? Doesn't she represent the same old, same old? Obama was supposed to be about "Change", which didn't happen. Is HRC's tag line going to be "remember the 90s?".
Why in the bloody hell does even a compulsive pinhead like Paulie Constant prefer the proven neocon, Hillary Clinton Cratchit?

What a moron!
I'd vote for Warren over Clinton any day.
What's the word for a craven, sociopathic politician with no integrity or values, who'd send their own voters straight to hell in an insane and evil rise to power? Oh right: Clinton.
Most important, it is shameful and fatiguing that we are talking about potential 2016 candidates in 2014. It's even worse that we've practically coronated a winner.
This nation needs better than another pro Wall Street pseudo-liberal.
Fact. Hillary's dogs are smarter than most republicans. She is waiting for the right time to put her name on the list of Presidential hopefuls. She is smart (unlike the republican morons who want to be president) and she knows that if she runs, she will win. I will vote for her and applaud her decision to be the leader of our country. We need strong leadership now more than ever and the republicans just don't have it together, never have, never will.
The Onion isn't going to know what to do with themselves once Bill Clinton becomes First Gentleman. They're already using their Clinton jokes on Joe Biden.
If these various issues do prove too much to overcome and she opts not to run, who are we going to see in her stead? Warren has been pretty uncompromising in reiterating that she'll not run, and I can't say we'd really be much (if any) better off with crazy Uncle Joe. Seems too early for Julian Castro, though I've really not heard any other names even mentioned.

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