On the 4th of July, Majority Report posted a video titled "The Insane Things Said at the 1st Annual Men's Rights Conference." In the video, Majority Report contributor/comedian/hilarious Twitter user Matt Binder calls out the men's rights movement for their boundless stupidity:

After the video went live, men's rights website Voice for Men co-founder Paul Elam challenged Binder to a debate. That debate will go live on YouTube today at 3 pm Seattle time. You can watch it after the jump. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about this debate. Men's rights activists are a fringe group of internet loonies. They're mostly angry teenage boys who'll outgrow the "movement" when they grow up. The Men's Rights Conference was very poorly attended. A debate is more of a legitimate platform than they deserve. The fact that the tiny-but-very-loud sample of the population that identifies as men's rights activists get as much attention as they do is a sign that white men still have too much power in the media. I try to ignore these jackasses whenever I can, but this seemed like too big of a deal to ignore. If you're not interested in giving a small handful of loons that kind of space in your head, I applaud you. If you are interested, the video is below.