Curious: If BJC, PC, and CM had sat in on the meeting, would that have been enough weight to flop the endorsement Spear's way?

Or do the Powers That Be (Savage? Keck?) have veto authority, a la Frank Blethen and the Seattle Times' infamous 2000 endorsement of George W Bush?
Given how so many of the staff at The Stranger are in decent on Chopp's endorsement I have to ask WHO ENDORSED HIM?!?!?
@1, @2: Nobody was vetoed. It was an up-or-down vote, and Chopp won the SECB's endorsement. Like it says up top, some of us had too much going on at the time to attend the SECB meetings. Now that the endorsement is out, we wanted to make our dissent known. Slog is for conversations. We're having a conversation.
Median household income for Capitol Hill in 2011 was $74,989, compared to $61,037 for Seattle as a whole (source).

You most likely conflated individual median income with household median income in this post.

The notion that Capitol Hill is a "working class" neighborhood falls somewhere between risible and offensive.
Spear is never going to come through on ANYTHING, though. She can't. And Frank Chopp, far from being lazy, works harder than everyone at the Stranger combined. Seriously, the man puts in twelve-to-sixteen hour days. I've seen him. Chopp is also the REAL working class, if that's your thing, not some carpetbagger from Florida who's never done a lick of work in her life.

Speaking of hiding, how come Jess Spear doesn't have any real biographical information anywhere? If she's supposed to be so in tune with the 43rd, how come she wasn't registered to vote until 2011, and that in the 46th, not the 43rd?

You nitwits WANT to get steamrollered.
This is one of the dumbest posts I've ever seen on Slog, and that's saying a lot.
Slog is indeed for conversation, and this definitely is only a conversation, but I believe @1 and @2 are referencing something closer to the fact that these days in this state The Stranger has become a pretty serious political tool. I dont mean that in a weird or snarky way. Its simply the truth. And if you juxtapose that fact with the very real possibility illustrated here that occasionally an earth shaking endorsement that ends up on the cheat sheet can be the result of a couple people being "too busy", it sounds a bit problematic and worrysome to say the least?

I know I sound like an uneducated debutante trying to use big words...I'm just trying my best to sound sincere about a serious concern, while submitting a comment to a website that I love, but also has a regular feature called drunk of the week. Thanks.
I find it amazing how willing the writers of this piece are to pretend Chopp has accomplished nothing, and the belief that he readers of the piece will just be dumb enough to go with it.

Oh no, he does not have enough panache!

Maybe because instead of putting on a loud show and dance of his progressive cred, he was actually working and passing legislation. You know, the thing a legislator does.
No Twitter or Facebook means "hiding"?
That's a POV from young people which is interesting but ...young.

And btw, which asshole pulled my comments on Ansel's Barton Scam Foreclosure post? They were totally polite.
Thin soup guys, thin soup...
When you preface your argument by calling Chopp "lazy", you might as well banner the whole thing "We're profoundly misinformed, or utterly dishonest, or maybe both."
Here are the members of the endorsement board not listed here: Christopher Frizzelle, Dominic Holden, Anna Minard, Eli Sanders, Tim Keck (who isn't a staffer, he's the anti-$15 minimum wage owner who makes his money selling ads).

The house of representatives isn't getting "steamrolled" by anyone but Frank Chopp. The house is under complete control by the democrats -- 55 democrats to 43 republicans.

Many democrats have been extremely frustrated with Chopp for blocking any and all remotely progressive measures. Another pot example -- he blocked decriminalization (not even legalization) of marijuana for years even though it was extremely popular. He's not just to the right of states like Oregon and California, he's to the right of Maryland, Ohio, Nebraska, and Mississippi -- other states that decriminalized marijuana.
This post (and Fnarf) have convinced me that Chopp is the one to vote for. Lack of a Twitter feed is not a reason to vote against someone. If that is your reasoning then you haven't helped Spear much for me.

And I'd like to know why my @3 was cut from this post:…
The notion that the income tax was all set to pass by a "healthy margin" until dumb Democrats fucked it up is stupid. And Spear wasn't even in the state then, as far as I can tell.

Spear is not a fighter. The fact that you people think she is shows just how ignorant you are. You know who's a fighter? These assholes:… (sample: Ed Orcutt, R-Kalama, is the guy who suggested that bikes emit more CO2 than cars because the riders are breathing harder).

And these assholes: (sample: Pam Roach, R-Auburn is the gal who pulled a gun on a fellow Republican in the Senate offices)

Jess Spear is a fighter? Jess Spear vs. Don Motherfucking Benton isn't even going to leave a wet spot on the pavement.

Frank Chopp is a fighter. Ask any Republican in Olympia -- they HATE him, because he's effective. They love Jess Spear though. I'll bet most of her money is coming from them.
@7: We've never made any secret of the fact that we are just over a dozen human beings, and we sometimes make mistakes. (We turn over one entire issue a year to listing our mistakes in full, public view.) And we're talking about this disagreement in full view of the public, which a lot of media outlets simply wouldn't allow.

And the SECB has always been open to any staffer willing and able to take the time to take an issue seriously. Not all of us are able to do this at any one time, due to putting out a blog and a weekly paper and an arts quarterly. It's an imperfect system, but it's one we've used for as long as I've been here, and it's mostly worked. When there are disagreements—and there are disagreements—we want to let our readers know about it, and that's what we've done here. This post is part of the whole SECB system.
@13, thank you for acknowledging that you have never heard of the state senate.
Well sure he is a hard worker, you think it's easy to get Boeing a $9 billion tax break?
@17: The Democrats had the Senate, House and Governor's mansion from 2005 to 2012. For Frank Chopp to say, "Don't blame me, blame the Senate Republicans" for not getting more progressive legislation passed during that time is convenient now, but is also a load of bullshit.
It's great to see such a big number of stranger staff signing on to this. I'm also glad to see a bit more of a balanced insight into the interview process. I don't know whether it'll end up in the print edition as well?

I think that the idea that Chopp is a more effective fighter than Spear is ridiculous. As the article says, Jess helped lead the 15 Now campaign, which showed how a well-organized movement can win for working people. I think this is an important lesson, and one that Jess Spear should definitely take to Olympia. Chopp has, at best, made sure that things are not worse than they are, but its still a fact that WA state has the most regressive taxation, the biggest state handout in history, surging tuition fees, etc. Chopp isn't inspiring, and he's never going to be able to rally people to achieve progress in the same way Jess has.
Yeah, Chopp must work really hard. He was so tired out from organizing the $8.7 billion Boeing handout, he didn't have any energy left to get the $12/hr minimum wage out of committee.

Spear just organizes successful grassroots movements for $15/hr, studies climate change, and defends disabled veterans from eviction. What a slacker.
The SECB called the politicians in Olympia a bunch of "scofflaws".

"[W]e watch our iced coffee turn into congealed milk-flavored water and daydream about the supreme court actually throwing all these scofflaws behind bars," they wrote.

Chopp is the Head Scofflaw in Charge. I don't know if he deserves to be thrown in prison, but he certainly deserves to be voted out of office.
Even Krugman thinks Spearchucker's main policy position, rent control, is horseshoe:

Reckonings; A Rent Affair
the New York Times

Economists who have ventured into the alleged real world often quote Princeton's Alan Blinder, who has formulated what he calls ''Murphy's Law of economic policy'': ''Economists have the least influence on policy where they know the most and are most agreed; they have the most influence on policy where they know the least and disagree most vehemently.'' It's flip and cynical, but it's true.

Consider, on one side, really tough issues -- where there are plausible arguments on both sides, where nobody really knows how to measure the tradeoffs. Should Microsoft be broken up and, if so, how? Should Britain adopt the euro? Let's ask the economists! And those economists who are prepared to express strong opinions on such inherently ambiguous questions command rapt attention.

On the other side, consider an article that appeared in yesterday's New York Times, ''In San Francisco, Renters Are Supplicants.'' It was an interesting piece, with its tales of would-be renters spending months pounding the pavements, of dozens of desperate applicants arriving at a newly offered apartment, trying to impress the landlord with their credentials. And yet there was something crucial missing -- specifically, two words I knew had to be part of the story.

Not that I have any special knowledge about San Francisco's housing market -- in fact, as of yesterday morning I didn't know a thing about it. But it was immediately obvious from the story what was going on. To an economist, or for that matter a freshman who has taken Economics 101, everything about that story fairly screamed those two words -- which are, of course, ''rent control.''

After all, the sort of landlord behavior described in the article -- demanding that prospective tenants supply resumes and credit reports, that they dress nicely and act enthusiastic -- doesn't happen in uncontrolled housing markets. Landlords don't want groveling -- they would rather have money. In uncontrolled markets the question of who gets an apartment is settled quickly by the question of who is able and willing to pay the most. And so I had no doubts about what I would find after a bit of checking -- namely, that San Francisco is a city where a technology-fueled housing boom has collided with a draconian rent-control law.

The analysis of rent control is among the best-understood issues in all of economics, and -- among economists, anyway -- one of the least controversial. In 1992 a poll of the American Economic Association found 93 percent of its members agreeing that ''a ceiling on rents reduces the quality and quantity of housing.'' Almost every freshman-level textbook contains a case study on rent control, using its known adverse side effects to illustrate the principles of supply and demand. Sky-high rents on uncontrolled apartments, because desperate renters have nowhere to go -- and the absence of new apartment construction, despite those high rents, because landlords fear that controls will be extended? Predictable. Bitter relations between tenants and landlords, with an arms race between ever-more ingenious strategies to force tenants out -- what yesterday's article oddly described as ''free-market horror stories'' -- and constantly proliferating regulations designed to block those strategies? Predictable.

And as for the way rent control sets people against one another -- the executive director of San Francisco's Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board has remarked that ''there doesn't seem to be anyone in this town who can trust anyone else in this town, including their own grandparents'' -- that's predictable, too.

None of this says that ending rent control is an easy decision. Still, surely it is worth knowing that the pathologies of San Francisco's housing market are right out of the textbook, that they are exactly what supply-and-demand analysis predicts.

But people literally don't want to know. A few months ago, when a San Francisco official proposed a study of the city's housing crisis, there was a firestorm of opposition from tenant-advocacy groups. They argued that even to study the situation was a step on the road to ending rent control -- and they may well have been right, because studying the issue might lead to a recognition of the obvious.

So now you know why economists are useless: when they actually do understand something, people don't want to hear about it.
@19, how many of those Democrats were progressive Democrats? As opposed to, say, Rodney Toms?

How many of your progressive dreams, like rent control or an income tax, are illegal? Do you know WHY they are illegal?

The progressive legislation you want is never going to happen. Not unless Washington is able to pull a California and drive the Republicans out and build an unassailable supermajority. Jess Spear is never going to do that. No one's even going to listen to her. Why would they?

Electing Jess Spear would be what's called in soccer an "own goal".
"Spear just organizes successful grassroots movements for $15/hr"

If it ever gets here....

"studies climate change"

Is that like being a 'deacon' to the loony left?

"and defends disabled veterans from eviction."

The vet who owned his inherited home outright and turned into into a half million dollar ATM? That Vet?
@20, 15Now didn't make the wage increase happen: Working Washington and the Mayor and the Council did. 15Now gets the attention because they are shrill and incessant. But other people do the vast majority of the work.
You have no idea about Krugman.
He is one of the running dog lackeys of the capitalist imperialist pigs.
Of course he is against rent control.
Spear is for The People and knows much more than Krugman about economics.
It's about time some staffers at The Stranger showed a little courage finally following the sacking of Goldy, for some mix of strong $15 support and TNC opposition.

Tim Keck got behind Kshama, it seems, because it was "the cool thing to do". Once she got into office and proved truly effective on the minimum wage issue, Stranger support faltered, to put it mildly. Your readers actually believed in the politics.

Now that Jess is running, good on these writers for standing up to what they believe in, which isn't a politician well seasoned in "how Olympia works" i.e. cuts to the poor, largest corporate tax giveaways in US history.
Oh, and btw
Why did was @3 cut from this post:

Sincere question. My @3 was a polite though pointed criticism of Ansel's "reporting."

Please explain the boundaries of "trolling" and "inappropriate" comments.
Absolutely no mention in this post about rent control. You know, that thing that is plastered on every single Jess Spear yard sign in the city? The thing that only a low-information "progressive" voter would think was achievable in our state legislature? The thing that hasn't worked as intended in other cities where it's been tried? This is the signature issue of her campaign, and just like with most D or R politicians, she's making an impossible, empty promise.

Paul, since you're obviously engaging with the commenters on this post, can you shed light on how you, Bethany, Brendan, Ansel and Charles factor this rent control idiocy into your endorsement of Spear? I'm finding myself unable to look past it.
I'm surprised to see Paul Constant signing on to this. I don't really have a good sense of Kiley or Clement on politics, but I'd run a mile not to be identified with the judgment of Herz or Mudede, especially when a question of political realism is invoked.
I'm still waiting to see Spear's civic resume. One accuser said she only registered to vote in 2011. Is that true? Has she ever done anything outside her socialist party projects?
@24 so you want a democratic supermajority of progressive democrats before even considering taking action to change anything? Just out of interest, how long do you predict before this scenario arises? In the next 20-30 years? And until then, we should vote for the best option presented to us by the democrats, including those responsible (like Chopp is) for deselecting progressive democrats in favor of democratic party establishment candidates?

I'd really be interested to know how you're hoping to achieve anything with this strategy.
Thank the FSM for this post. It's insane that we should keep electing milquetoast, corporate-supremacist Demonrats and hoping that pretty-please-this-time they'll actually do something that benefits anyone other than their paymasters.

The RepubliKKKans realize this, which is why they live in total terror of the Tea Party. They may be absolutely horrid, but they're incredibly effective--something that cannot be said of 99% of the Demonrats.

Elect people that actually inspire and put forth an agenda most voters support--that's REAL leadership.
@26 I don't want to take credit away from Working Washington especially, they did a good job at getting the word out about 15, getting people to council meetings etc. But I think that it's impossible to argue that Kshama Sawant, and 15 Now played less of a role.

Kshama during the Seattle race last year was the first to campaign for $15 / hour minimum wage, and Murray and others followed after; under the impact of Kshama and her campaign (which Jess was volunteer organizer for btw). This is together with the SeaTac campaign and the fast food workers. And then the launch of 15 Now, setting up action groups across the city, the big demonstration (organized together with labor), the 15 Now conference all kept the pressure on. And it's come out now that the 15 Now charter amendment had a huge impact on all involved, and helped to push the minimum wage change forward. To argue it didn't play an important role is just bizarre.
32- Here is an article about Jess Spear's background as a scientist. She has worked on socialist projects including Kshama Sawant's campaign, $15 Now, and campaigning for science funding. Why would she work on civic projects for other political parties?

In comparison, before Frank Chopp was elected to the state house, he worked in HR and as an administrator for nonprofits.…
One thing that hasn't been mentioned regarding Chopp in either the endorsement or the rebuttal: he is the speaker of the house and if he is ousted this position will go to who is next in line (or whoever gets elected out of senior house Democrats). Who would this end up being? I would guess there is a good chance it would not be a representative from Seattle. So ousting Chopp would result in Seattle, specifically Capitol Hill, giving up a great deal of clout in the legislature.
Chop Chopp
Frank Chopp is a progressive champion. Anyone who thinks that there is anyone in the state who can do more to affect progressive change is an idiot. Poor kids have health care because of Chopp. The minimum wage rises with inflation because of Chopp. Immigrant students can afford higher ed because of Chopp. Spear is completely unqualified. Her statement that the income tax should have easily passed in 2010 is one of the most moronic things I've ever heard in politics.
By calling Chopp lazy, you just make yourself look lazy. If you had too much going on the day of the interview to attend, how are you qualified to come together in this endorsement? Do you know anything about the record of House Democrats in Olympia? Do you understand that the legislature represents WA state and not just Capitol Hill? If Capitol Hill is all the matters, maybe you should just endorse in Seattle City Council races?

I have asked this before and I will ask it again. Who will Spear caucus with in Olympia? You cannot get anything done in a caucus of one person. I have a hard time believing she knows anything about the legislative process and I can't wait to see Chopp back in Olympia next year.
@37: that is about the only argument for Chopp that I find really compelling. Fnarf and others argue that Chopp can't be blamed for very little progressive legislation happening in Oly due to the make up of the legislature. Although that is true, it is equally true that progressive action cannot happen without someone in Oly aggressively advocating for it.

We got marriage equality in Washington largely due to the persistent efforts of Murray and Pederesen. (That and the tide of history finally coming in.)

But, quite sadly, the 3 reps from from the 43rd have rarely advanced truly progressive issues in Oly.

Yes, Chopp has been solid and successful on housing and health care. At the same time, for example, he's been totally MIA or actively hostile to drug policy and criminal justice reform, which his district supports by a huge margin.

Chopp has even worked to undermine the campaigns of progressives running for office in other districts.

I'm not sure I want him to lose, but I do want to scare the shit out of him.

It's ridiculous that Seattle (other districts included) is represented by such milquetoasts.
SECB made it clear- they endorse the candidate who came prepared, had quality answers and has shown a dedication to the people of Washington State particularly here in Seattle. Asking the Stranger to endorse a candidate just because she is a Socialist is ridiculous and I expected more from all of you on the board. The Stranger endorsements are pretty important right? Important enough to have a secondary conversation on The Slog? Then it damn well should have been important enough for there to be a raging comment section and should have been important enough to the members of the board to show up and vote. I'm sorry, but going back on your vote or lack thereof is just shady and spineless.

Show me how Jess Spear can do work up in Olympia. I am not blindly convinced, neither was The Stranger and you shouldn't be either.

Let me also mention that the Legislature is slow moving like molasses. We have a Senate that is currently Republican blocked, with a Progressive Speaker in the House-Speaker Chopp. If you want to see something get done, vote for Democrats in the SENATE and the HOUSE. One person, specifically Jess Spear will not change that. Especially as unprepared as she is. There is no "clout" involved. Chopp has the chops to get it done.

Vote Chopp.
Frank Chopp is the most powerful progressive voice in the state. He's our liberal lion. It would be a detriment to our progressive agenda to replace him.

The state Legislature isn't anything like the City Council. You can't elect a single socialist with all of their fiery messaging and expect it to get anywhere. Kshama was able to work her magic because she was in *Seattle* and on a council with eight other democrats. The Legislature operates on building votes, on strategy, on crossing the aisle, and on not alienating voters or other legislatures. Jess Spear has shown she has no comprehension of that work, when she says she won't just wait for some "magical number" of votes to get something passed. Did she skip Civics 101?

That these writers called Frank a lazy incumbent shows how out of touch they are with the workings of state politics--laughably so. He is one of the hardest working elected officials in our state, and it's only because of him that many social programs survived the recession.

It's also a joke to imply in any way that our regressive tax structure was developed under his leadership. Our tax structure is so regressive in part because it's 100 years old. It's creaky and out of date. But don't pin that on Chopp.

@36, now I know that you are a liar and a fraud.

The Spear article repeats the bare half-sentence that is all anyone knows about her climate change science work. When did it take place? At the Burke? Is there anybody at the Burke who remembers her? It can't have been for very long, because she hasn't been in the state very long.

But to describe Chopp's resume as "HR and administration" is just, just, so profoundly dishonest I can't even believe I'm seeing it.

Frank started two unions! He founded the Low Income Housing Institute. He founded Seattle Personal Transit (google "paratransit", you little weasel). He led the fight against the RH Thomson and West Seattle Freeways. He ran the Seattle Low-Income Housing Levy campaign. He is the reason that much of the old Sand Point Naval Station is now devoted to hundreds of units of housing for the homeless. He pretty much created the network of food banks in this city. He also created the biggest domestic violence shelter in the state, which is still going strong after more than 30 years. He started the Home Care program in this state.

The last time the state of Washington raised the minimum wage, Frank ran the initiative campaign.

You won't find a single person involved in literally any aspect of social services in the state of Washington who isn't aware of what Frank has done to further their work.

In contrast, you won't find a single person involved in literally any aspect of social services in the state of Washington who has ever heard jack about Jess Spear and her idiot organization, which claims much but has accomplished nothing.
@39 you've listed 3 achievements in 20 years. That truly is an insurmountable record! But even they don't really stand up to scrutiny.

Take for eg the Dream / real hope act, which is what i think you're referencing when you say that "Immigrant students can afford higher ed because of Chopp". This act means that undocumented students can apply for the Student Needs Grant for higher education in WA state. The only problem is, even before it passed, it was oversubscribed, and 30,000 eligible students missed out on help. When it was passed out of the state house (ie out of Chopps realm of influence), it didn't include any extra funding to make sure present or additional student applicants would be able to get the help they're entitled to. The republican-dominated Senate added $5 million of funding. I really don't understand why the Republicans can find that money to add, but Chopp and the State House couldn't?

I think it's great that undocumented students can apply for help from this fund. I think it's a disgrace that eligible students from whatever background will miss out; it's a shame that Chopp did less than the Republicans to solve this.

And @40 hasn't read the article.
@42, you bring up a good point. When Frank came to The Stranger, he was prepared and to the point. Spear was full of vague platitudes. She never has anything else. When she's gone to district Democrats, her strategy has been "insult them to their faces for twenty minutes, then beg for an endorsement". Which hasn't been forthcoming.

The 43rd District Democrats weren't any more interested in her bullshit than the SECB members who actually showed up were. They endorsed Chopp. Don't like it? Anyone who lives in the 43rd can go to those meetings. Spear wants it handed to her; she doesn't want to work for it.
@44 Well said.
@44: Would you please stop perpetuating the lie that Chopp "led the fight against the RH Thomson and West Seattle Freeways".

Plans for the RH Thomson expressway were abandoned by city officials in 1967, when Frank Chopp was 14 years old.
@46 Are you on the SECB Fnarf? Are you a member of the 43rd District Democrats? Just interested on what the source of your info is
Easy there cowboy. (Fnarf)
No way that Chopp led fight against RH Thomson.
That's absurd.
You are way over the top to make a statement like that.
It just ain's so.
He may have been a supporter but led it? Baloney.
@46: Since Spear is not running as a Dem (stupidly) she was not eligible for endorsement consideration by the 43rd. Not that she would have beaten Chopp out, but she might have made it interesting. There is a some degree of dissatisfaction w/Chopp among PCOs. Not sure how wide it is, but it's there.
Please don't start ignoring facts the way Ansel does.
I suggest you back off on your "Chopp led fight against RH Thomson".
Or document it in some way.
@44: Also, what minimum wage initiative campaign are you talking about that was "run" by Chopp? I-688? I can find no information that he "ran" that initiative. He didn't file it and he was not on the Advisory Committee.
Theres a long queue of questions for Fnarf to answer. I'd just like to suggest that they answer it in chronological order, starting with mine @ 33
"Socialist Jess Spear is a serious challenger.
She's a climate scientist who studied microfossils called “foraminifera” at the University of Washington."

^ Citation needed

I've tried to research her academic background (since, you know, she hasn't posted a CV anywhere) and know she earned her Master's at U of South Florida. However, the only connection she has to U of Washington is that she worked at the Burke Museum (located on the U of Washington campus) but they're not affiliated anymore than all the Stranger Writers who've been there for a few years (a fairly low percentage of hires, we know) worked at Velo Bike Shop.
@54: Don't hold your breath...
Historylink says 1972 was the year the Thomson went down for the count in a voter referendum.…

Just the year before, Chopp graduated first in his class at his hometown Bremerton High School. By 1972 he had already become a public servant, starting a term as City of Kent planning commissioner while studying at UW.

How can we measure how much Citizens Against the RH Thomson Freeway may have valued Chopp's efforts toward their 1972 victory?

Well, the org invited him to join its board right afterward. I suppose that suggests they valued him pretty highly. That same year he became coordinator for Citizens for an Alternative to the West Seattle Freeway, too.…
But Tom, read the whole thing:
"By 1967, when city officials abandoned plans for the Thomson Freeway-Interstate 90 interchange, it was apparent that no full-scale highway would be build along the Thomson corridor."
There were so many people who fought the battle starting much earlier than 1972...obviously as far back as 1964-65. It is both inaccurate and insulting for Chopp to claim that he had had "led" it. Most prominent from what I read is a Maynard Arsove who is pictured as founder of CARHT.
Fnarf really should get on top of this issue or else he will make Chopp (or is Fnarf = Chopp?) look like a fool.

@57: Give me a break. Chopp did not "lead the fight" against the Thomson Expressway. The "fight" was over in 1967, when Chopp was 14.

If Chopp has actually made the claim claim that he "led the fight against the RH Thomson" as expressed @44, he's a liar.
Where the fuck is Fnarf?
I am getting annoyed with his over-the-top lying about Chopp doing this and doing that.
I don't know much about other stuff Fnarf claims but it's obvious that Chopp did not stop the Thomson.
God knows what other lies Fnarf has in his list.
@48, the RH Thomson Expressway was finally abandoned in 1972, not 1967. Frank was on the board of CARHT, which continued to fight major freeway battles for a number of years. Did I exaggerate? Slightly. Gee, I'm sorry. The West Seattle Freeway isn't enough for you? He didn't just serve on the board, he personally gathered 20,000 signatures against it.

As for @33, I'll ask what do you hope to accomplish with YOUR "strategy" of ditching the best people in the legislature and voting for shrill unfocused nothings like Spear, who will make "principled" stands in front of an empty chamber that never even get written down?

Here's some more items. I don't work for the Chopp campaign but I'm sure they have many more: The Predatory Lenders bill? The Foreclosure Fairness Act of 2011? Do you want Disability Lifeline to go away? Frank saved it. Do you want the Basic Health Plan to go away? Frank saved it. 28,000 additional families getting food stamps -- that's Frank. TANF? Frank saved it. The Voting Rights Restoration Act of 2012?
@60, I'm sorry I'm not at your beck and call. You're right about one thing, though -- you "don't know much about other stuff".
Anyone still under the misapprehension that the citizen fight against the Thomson ended in 1967 might take a few minutes to read the excellent Margaret Connon Johnson paper linked here:…
Now you really are lying or exaggerating or misrepresenting the RH Thomson.
You just don't know.
Read a bit and learn.
@61 thats a 'no comment' from you then - just defending the status quo with whatever argument you can muster
@63, that document starts off by talking about the Bogue Plan, which led to my own least-favorite road project in Seattle -- the 1954 extension of Rainier Avenue to Boren Avenue, a project which demolished many, many apartments and houses and permanently disconnected the street grid in that area, much of which was in the process of becoming Yesler Terrace. That street grid has never been repaired, and never will be -- the new construction there doesn't do it. From Jackson to Broadway, with the exception of the 12th/Yesler clusterfuck of an intersection, there are no connections, which permanently dooms this area to be occupied by nothing but parking and weeds and probably dooms the new mixed-income housing (which includes zero provision for services like stores) as well.

Thx Tom for the very interesting link though not sure why you sent it with regard to Chopp.

The paper illustrates further that at most Chopp MAY have been involved in some way at some time in the process but I don't see his name at all in that paper even once.

If Fnarf is "mis-remembering" to state that (paraphrasing) "Chopp stopped the RH Thomson" or "Lead the fight against the RH Thomson" then he is wrong wrong wrong.

It's just bogus. Read the paper.
@64, hey fuckface. Listen up.

I'll retract "led the fight to block the RH Thomson". I pulled this from a misreading of "board of CARHT", which is absolutely true, in the process of pulling together just a few of the many, many accomplishments of Frank Chopp. I don't work for the campaign. I don't work for ANY campaign. I keep reading inanities like "oh, he's just an HR administrator", which is FUCKING RIDICULOUS, so I've taken the time to rebut it. I overstepped on ONE ITEM. Sorry. I'm working fast here.

You on the other hand have never contributed anything to anything, so you can fuck right the fuck off. Read and learn? I've forgotten more about this city than you will ever know.

Now, about those hundred other things I mentioned, who wants to take a crack at those? Good luck. The fact is Frank Chopp has contributed more to social justice and public policy than pretty much any other single person in this state, and he's been doing it for forty years. Jess Spear hasn't even lived in this state for four.

What about HER resume, BTW? I still haven't seen much. She went to school in Florida. She worked at the Burke, for what, a year? A month? Nobody knows. Who endorses her, besides the SA brownshirts and her buddy Sawant? Certainly not working people; the unions support Frank, because they know who's on their side.
@63: Just to be clear, according to Chopp's own bio, he was a board member of Citizens Against the RH Thomson from 1973 to 1975, well after the expressway was dead and buried. There is ZERO evidence that he influenced the discussion of the RH Thomson in any way.
@69, yes, you have caught me out in a DASTARDLY LIE, you champion. That invalidates approximately 0.1% of Frank's achievements. Now tell me about the West Seattle Freeway.

Hey Fnarf, your reaction is intemperate and, really, silly. "Fuckface." What is that all about. Don't be a jerk.

You should back off on your grandiose claims for Chopp (or document them in detail). Otherwise your boy Chopp will look like a clown, as you do right now.

My advice: it would have been better for you to offer a simple "Gee, I was wrong" rather than carry on with your pompous bullshit.

Sheesh. I am disappointed in you, Fnarf. Or Chopp.
@71, blow it out your ass. I don't give a shit whether you are "disappointed" in me or not. I've said my piece. I'm not running for office. I can be a jerk if I want. I'd rather be a jerk than something like you, shouting "where the fuck is Fnarf?" when you want something.

I dare you: ask ANYONE involved in social justice or public policy what they think of Frank. They'll be even more effusive than I am. The people who do the work know who he is and what he has done. The people like you who check in every few years because you saw a sign and noticed a gal yelling into a megaphone don't know anything.

Maybe that's partly Frank's fault. Maybe he should blow his own horn more. It would hurt him in his legislative work, but maybe it would get uninformed boobs like you to notice.
You are a fool.
@70: Why don't you tell me about the fight against West Seattle Freeway? I've never heard about it.

The fight against the RH Thomson is legendary. I didn't seek out information on it to discredit you, I knew immediately that Chopp was too young to be heavily involved with it (unlike Jean Godden).
Do you work in the Chopp organization in some capacity?
His campaign? The legislature? Whatever he does?


I, too, would like to know why you think the city would be better off without the Jeanette Williams Memorial Bridge.
Hey #40, there's a short answer and a long answer to your question "Whom would Jess Spear of Socialist Alternative caucus with in Olympia?", given that she would be the sole working-class 99% representative there in opposition to the Democratic-Republican capitalist 1% representatives.

The short answer is:
Jess Spear would meet with anybody and any group if it helped the 99% in struggle.
However the main -- and historic -- role she would play would be in building, leading and inspiring the mass movements of the 99%.

And the long answer:
Well, how did Kshama Sawant, Jess Spear, Socialist Alternative and $15Now become a driving force in the magnificent, largely-victorious Seattle $15 fight?

Not by kneeling before some retrogressives-who-pretend-to-be-progressives in Seattle city council.

Instead, by helping to create and give leadership to a mass movement fighting for it!

Even though Kshama is the sole socialist in the Seattle city council, she, $15Now, the low-waged workers and the workers' movement imposed their agenda on the mayor, the corporations and their council cronies.

So much so that said cronies had no choice but to pass $15 into law.

A magnificent victory! -- even though the cronies did manage to claw back some carve-outs for their corporate masters.

An invaluable lesson: Create mass movements, and we can fight the capitalists and win better living conditions!

That's precisely the approach Jess Spear will take if she unseats Boeing's $8.7Billion bagman Frank Chopp -- with your help.

Just as Kshama did in Seattle city council, Jess would use her legislature position as a platform, a megaphone, a bullypulpit, to help build and lead mass movements to fight for our class, the working class, the 99%.

Let's consider winning a $15 minimum wage throughout WA:
Don't be fooled by the Democrat leader liars when they say "Ooh! -- if not for those rotten Republicans we'd have passed a WA-wide minimum wage ages ago!"

That's mere hypocritical cant -- Frank Chopp has never presented even his anemic $12 minimum-wage proposal to the vote in the WA legislature.

Whereas Jess Spear in the WA legislature, with mass movements for $15Now blossoming, will very likely be able to force the Republicans and Democrats there to pass a WA-wide $15 minimum-wage law.
Just as Kshama was able to in Seattle city council.

Suppose millions of workers supporting $15Now surrounded the WA legislature to demand the passing of a WA-wide minimum-wage law.
Only those capitalist legislators contemplating political suicide would then oppose it, at least openly.

The Democratic and Republican parties are both capitalist parties, parties of the 1%.

They both bailed out the banksters -- to the tune of over $1 Trillion.

They both have murdered dozens of children via drone bomb.

They both have funded to the hilt ($3Billion last year) Israel's blood-soaked rampages.

No bailouts for you and me, though.

No funding for Detroit.

Heck, there they're even trying to deny our low-waged sisters and brothers water. Water, the liquid of life.

The Democrats are the lesser evil?
That's all nonsense.
Sure, the Republicans are evil.
The Democrats are the more effective evil.

(I mean the leaderships of both those parties, of course -- certainly not their rank-and-file members who are merely working-class fish trapped in a capitalist gill-net!)

If you're working-class, one of the 99%, then it's mere silly treason to vote for a Democrat or Republican -- especially when there's a workers' candidate, on a worker's wage, running: Jess Spear!

So you don't agree with Jess Spear on everything, or even on anything?
Well, as far as voting for Jess Spear is concerned, any disagreements you might have with her are completely irrelevant.
If you're one of the 99% you're honor-bound to vote for Jess Spear.
Vote with your class, for your class!

As for disagreements, discuss them with Jess, with Kshama, with their sisters and brothers.
That way we can all learn from one another.

And most importantly, make Socialist Alternative and $15Now your very own party -- join it, build it, influence it.

Dump the Elephant, Dump the Ass! Build a Party of the Working Class!
At this point, boys and girls, the advantage is clearly with Fnarf. (And most of you are aware that we aren't exactly chums.) I know some of you are simply going to vote against Chopp (not for Spear) because he's not progressive enough for you. But for pete's sake, at least be honest enough to admit that Spear has very few credentials for the office.

Sweet Jesus, you people really need to work on learning how to write things that aren't manifestos
I don't think that "Socialistworld" is for real.
It is one of those false-flag operations -- done by Fnarf? -- to try to make Spear look stupid.

I can't wait to vote for Frank Chopp. Anyone Che Sawant is for, I am against.

I guess you're saying it's easier to vote for Spear if you believe in some false-flag theories?
God no.
I was joking that the socialist was too dumb to believe.
Caution & daring is a well known conservative and is is trolling you fnarf. Believe me, he would love nothing better than have Spear as a political punching bag.
Better re-read again, Senor late-to-the-party.
Go back to @14 where I praise Fnarf.

Plus, Fnarf already mis-represented (I am kind) Chopp's past experience (mostly committee work so he could pad his resume is what it looks like) and made both Chopp and himself look like clowns.
Arguing strenuously for an endorsement while not bothering to show up to the meeting where said endorsement is going to be decided is quite possibly the most SLOG thing ever.

Did you guys videotape the interviews? Why not put them up on YouTube so people can see how the candidates did?
Has anyone heard Chopp say anything?
I am sure that Chopp is a good organization man, good on committees and terrific at padding his resume -- it does look impressive!
But has anyone ever heard Chopp SAY anything of interest? Of wisdom? Showing the way forward to a better world?

Fnarf has barfed up SO much about how great Chopp so now I am wondering about the guy. Does Chopp have any substance? Or is he just one of the characters out of Oz? Yes, I know he is a big-shot elected official. But if you stuck a pin in him would he just deflate? Does he have any substance? I don't know. I was FOR Chopp but Fnarf has by his over-the-top rhetoric made me take a second look.

My advice to Spear would be to focus on Chopp. Who is he? What has he actually done AND said? Words are an important part of being a politician -- has Chopp ever said anything worth repeating? (But Spear, cut the BS sloganeering. Voters will laugh at that crap.)
"to fight for our class, the working class, the 99%."

Your class? Dude, I'm in the 99%. Household income close to $150,000 a year, $600K house, same in savings. You think I'm in it with you?

This has to be the first time anyone has ever said of a politician, "sure, he's done a whole bunch of stuff, but has he ever said anything for us?"
Hey #81, skip the specious speculation and answer the points raised -- if you don't, you're proving that you have no answer.

Here are the points again, in summary for possible ease of comprehension:

(1) As a member of the working class, of the 99%, don't vote for a party of the capitalist class, of the 1% -- especially not when a workers' candidate, on a worker's wage, is running: JESS SPEAR of Socialist Alternative and $15Now.

(2) "But-but-but I don't agree with Jess Spear on 'Policy XYZ'!!!" (insert favorite excuse here):

That's irrelevant to your duty to vote with your class, for your class.
Don't be a strike-breaking scab.
Political disagreements are a learning opportunity for everybody, so discuss those with Jess Spear, with Kshama Sawant, with their sisters and brothers.

(3) "But-but-but Frank Chopp is 'Mother' Teresa and 'Mahatma' Gandhi rolled into one!":

Frank Chopp failed to put even his $12 minimum-wage proposal to the WA house vote.
He gave Boeing $8.7Billion.

(4) "But-but-but Jess Spear would then be the sole socialist in the WA legislature! How could she possibly be effective? Won't she be devoured alive by her rabid-wolf capitalist legislator colleagues?":

Stop worrying -- Jess Spear is made of sterner stuff than they.
Jess's election victory would resound throughout the world, enthusing workers everywhere to take the battle to "their" oppressor governments.
Just like Kshama Sawant in Seattle city council, Jess would use her legislature position as a platform, a megaphone, a bullypulpit, to help build and lead mass movements to fight for our class, the working class, the 99%.
When we fight, we can win!

Dump the Elephant, Dump the Ass! Build a Party of the Working Class!

Hey! Fnarf!
Stop kidding around with this anti-Spear stuff.
Just not fair to make Spear look silly.
@79 Spear has very few credentials, but Chopp has lost any credibility to claims of progressiveness.

He's been a conservative force for the past decade, leading the vote time and again for big business tax cuts and putting pressure on labor unions.

Fuck Frank Chopp. He's a DINO.
Hey #89,

Of course you're in the working class -- everyone who works is, by definition.

Don't believe in the capitalist liars' socio-babble where they try to divide us by telling us we're "lower class", "middle class", "upper class" or any other such gibberish.

A social class is a collection of individuals in society who have a unique and specific relationship to the means of production.

You, I and the 99% sell our labor-power.
We're the working class.
The capitalist class owns the means of production -- which includes their owning us, as a class.
They're the ruling class.
But only until we, the 7 billion throughout the planet, throw them off our shoulders.

Dump the Elephant, Dump the Ass! Build a Party of the Working Class!
@94: A little PoliSci 101 can go a long way...

Your rigid binary is ridiculously simplistic. What about full-time employees with company pension plans (they do still exist) coming from a fund which holds a range of investments including shares in publicly traded companies? What about a small business owner who works 60+ hours a week in the shop she owns, who also employs five other people?

Black and white thinking is great for writing snappy slogans but is useless as a tool for enacting good public policy that actually works in the real world.
No, like I said before, you have an extensive history as a conservative troll. Anything you say, has to be viewed with that in mind. And then be quickly forgotten or ignored.

I think the shift in Chopp's policies can be explained entirely by the demographic shift of the people he represents-- the 43rd today is whiter and a hell of a lot wealthier than it was three decades ago.

If having a more progressive representative is really important to you, you might consider moving to a district whose citizens have interests more in line with progressive policies.
@97: while you may be correct on demographic trends in the 43rd, I think you'd be hard pressed to argue that the district is significantly less liberal/progressive. The district is consistently either the first or second most "blue" in the state.
Fnarf: would Working Washington get at $15 without 15 Now and Sawant? My guess is no, and you are mistaking the dog for the tail. The Mayor and the Council (sans Sawant) are riding the wave. Surfing, as it were.
@97 See @98. His district isn't some light blue anomaly in a see of deep blue. His district is deep blue, regardless of how rich they've become.

Regardless, what you say is basically acknowledging that I and other anti-Chopp advocates are correct, in that Chopp has gotten more conservative and in line with big business policies. Instead of the progressives moving to districts with more progressive representation, progressives should stay where they are and vote in a truly progressive candidate, and oust the one that's merely a DINO.

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