Amazon is making money hand over foot. The problem is they are also spending it hand over foot bringing new products and services online. Paul Constant's problem is he only sees quarterly earning. Bezos is looking 10-20 years ahead.

By the way, my 5 Amazon Prime orders arrived today!
About time...
It's hard to read this article through Paul's erection.
Paul Constant the exact-sized piece of shit as expected.
I like to imagine that all these abusive comments are from Bezos himself.
I was thinking the same thing @6
I actually laughed out loud @3 - but it created a rather unpleasant visual.
I also got a giggle from #3
@1 - the trouble is, profitability, like Bezos' forward-thinking - always seems to be 10-20 years in the future. At some point investors will insist on seeing profits returned, not just on stock price gains, but in real earnings, and expect that the bill for all the loss-leading forward thinking be footed out of current actual revenue.

There is something delicious about the unabashedly sociopathic Amazon punking the other great American sociopaths: Wall Street.
Who has contributed more to society? Bezos or Paul Constantpated?

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