Take legal action, please.
Is there a better way that still gets you mentioned? If not, we flying monkeys say "don't bother."
Do queers still need queer anything? Everything seems basically hunky-dory now that we've won the right to assimilate.
It should at least have been Rock Hudson or Oscar Wilde.
@4 wins.

I will admit that I laughed when I read the joke in-context in the article.
Do queers still need queer resort towns like Provincetown?? I felt this to be a very serious and important issue.

Until I scrolled down the page and saw a picture of a child throwing a rock in war torn, burning, burnt Jerusalem.
I would have settled for Dan Savage in an Easter bonnet.
You seem to have forgotten that the word "savage" already means "really, really gay."

Maybe we should use it more often?
...where 1 is totally straight and 100 is Dan Savage and Marcus Bachmann in a bidding war for Charles Nelson Reilly's neckerchief.
@4: I suggest Paul Lynde.
@3: I think we have a tendency to look at our victories, like the rapid advance of marriage equality, and to ignore the fact that many people still don't much like us. There was a recent study (I think from the Williams Institute) that reported that claimed a pretty large percentage of openly LGBT people reported job discrimination, including firings and lost promotions. There was another study making the rounds about a survey of LGBT college professors; most of them were closeted. I think exclusive/majority gay spaces offer a breather from worrying about that sort of thing.
I suppose there could have been a santorum reference mixed in.
Would she be singing The Man Who Got Away or the Trolley Song as she did this?
So if this is the new gold standard of "totally gay", then what action constitutes "totally straight"?

I propose Ward Cleaver fisting Brigham Young.


thats outrageous.

people who don't like you very much should be sent to concentration camps.
Carol Channing is still alive? Wow. (Sorry, Dan, I'm afraid I find that the most surprising thing here. :-D)
What a way to end a vacation. Glad you're back, though.
A woman fisting a man is a striaght move isn't it?

Liberace fisting Dan would have made a little more sense. But I think there are MUCH gayer people to choose from for this silly analogy other than Dan.
@11 Your point is well taken, but there's another, more basic reason for have gay resorts (and gayborhoods too for that matter): I like being around other gay guys.

Which isn't to say I don't like hanging out with my straight friends. But it's really really cool having a space to ourselves (one reason I'm not typically drawn to gay bars the attract a lot of straight women).
@19: True. Most of my close friends are straight dudes or lesbians, so hanging out in a space filled with gay guys is refreshing. Personally, I've never minded straight women in gay bars, but then I've never had the misfortune to encounter one of the drunken bachelorette parties that raise so much ire.
@16 - Just barely. I have a Google news alert with her name on it. Any day now.
Go under the Dock at P-town at 11:30 at night. That would be really, really gay.
No, that seems about right to me.
How very weird is that scenario. And yes, so creepy. WTF. What sort of strange twisted mind would think that one up.
It's very offensive , Dan. And I hope you can shrug it off and take some action to shut this person up.
Dan, how insulting; you deserve to be fisted by a living gay icon. What's Bette Middler, Cher, or Liza Minnelli up to tonight?
Oscar Wilde, dressed as Dorothy, fisting Dan, dressed as Toto, narrated by Lynde, dressed as the Wicked Witch. Although I can also see Dan dressed as the Witch. He could make that look good.
Nocutename, you have a good point. But I refuse to give up my crush on Oscar Wilde by thinking of him as dead.
That doesn't really clear up the am I a gay guy or what issue does it? Straight woman. I know, my odds with Oscar aren't good.
I heard "gayer than Zac Efron licking Justin Bieber's nipple" in a slam poem once.
Yes, we should call it "JFD-Gay" or simply jfd for short.
LOL, 26:

Oscar Wilde, dressed as Dorothy, fisting Dan, dressed as Toto, narrated by Lynde, dressed as the Wicked Witch. Although I can also see Dan dressed as the Witch. He could make that look good.

PS, I hope you're a Libra.
On a scale of 1 to 100, with 1 being "totally straight" and 100 being "Marcus Bachmann's fantasies so he can keep it up while fucking Michele."
Thank you #31.

eastcoastlibrarian: I think your failure with Oscar Wilde is more a factor of his not being alive than that you're a straight woman. After all, were he alive, he could always close his eyes and think of Zac Efron. I mean, that's what I always do.
Gross image . Cuddle Dan.
That is ; cuddle, Dan?
I think the scale would be just about right if the author simply deleted "Judy Garland fisting" from his sentence.
No self-respecting gay fantasy would oblige Mr B, who, if it were possible through one's actions ever to thoroughly disqualify oneself from ever being on the receiving end of even the mildest form of same-sex affection, would be at the top of the list.

Lots of LMBs in this thread, which is at least in keeping with the original image, although, in her defence, Ms Thomas is not a great assimialtionsit.
@26,30: That's .. that's quite an act you've got there. What's it called?
@3 yes. Yes, we do.

I live in NYC, and my gf and I have only had people make rude comments at us three times in two years. 99.99% of the people we interact with are perfectly fine with us being a couple and not just 'really close friends', and we feel comfortable and relaxed most everywhere we go and can hold hands in public without needing to check our surroundings.

But whenever we decide to go to a queer place, like a gay bar or fire island, there's just a little piece of tension dropping that you didn't even notice you were tensing normally. It's just an extra level of relaxed comfort, and you can't notice you aren't at that level without it.

Conversely, I've brought straight people to events and places like that and they found themselves feeling awkward/tense/out of place to pretty much the same extent.

Until there's absolutely no difference spending time in a queer place and spending time anywhere else, they're still needed.

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