I wouldn't worry too much. For every time he's right about something, he alienates another part of his base. It all evens out.
The GOP has been complaining about jack booted thugs for a long time. This will do nothing but help his chances in 2016.
He's made too many gaffes and outright silly bullshit statements. There are other, smarter people for young progressives to latch on to. For every good thing Rand Paul says, he's said something equally batshit. Just like his dad. But he is right on this, good on him.
I thought it was spot on except for when he attributed the problem to "big government," as if the scale of the federal government dictates its funding priorities.
Yeah, but he is the government. He's a senator! What has he done about it? What does he intend to do about it? Talk is cheap!
What #4 said.
To repeat something I said on FB: I'm hesitant to say that he's "right," considering that a third of the editorial is a screed against big government. He concludes by effectively calling the militarization a symptom of government overreach, and saying that the Feds have no business subsidizing local law enforcement. That's horseshit. He's saying that the real problem is that *Federal money* is being used to buy military hardware. I say that the real problem is that Federal money is being used to buy *military hardware*. Those are two superficially similar, but fundamentally different, conclusions.
Rand Paul is a reasonably authentic, principled libertarian and that will occasionally lead him to say things that alienate racist, warmongering parts of the Republican base. However, principled libertarianism also leads Rand Paul to think it's not the government's business to interfere if private citizens and corporations discriminate against people, so I doubt that it's going to get a lot of traction with those who think civil rights for minorities are important.
And if the major media outlets hadn't covered this story?

Vonnegut ate both Rand and Herbert for breakfast.
@8 - Rand Paul is a fraud

I mean, I don't know what's in his heart but there isn't a single Libertarian-ish issue which he hasn't abandoned at the slightest hint of a whiff of push back from the GOP.
rand paul is a schizophrenic who's seventeenth personality is quite sensible. all other sixteen can go to hell (his head being pretty good approximation with aqua-buddha presiding o'er)
Centralization of power and money is antithetical to democracy and requires greater and greater force to be used to maintain centralized control of the masses; thus, centralization beyond a crisis event is also ultimately antithetical to civil rights, freedom and justice.

How many decades (centuries?) does the American government (and the oligarchs it serves) get to claim emergency powers by holding the nation in a perpetual state of war before We the People say "Enough!"?

As to those uninformed/misinformed individuals who critique how federal funds have been spent by local police departments, please educate yourself about the FACT that federal money that routes through Homeland Security to local police forces comes with a required shopping list of military equipment, hardware, software, vehicles and weapons that the majority of the money MUST be used to purchase in order for the police dept. and local government to receive any of the remaining discretionary funds. The two are inextricably linked together.

Homeland Security is a slush fund for defense contractors, and it has resulted in a militarized police that serves at the direction of the oligarchs' corporations and THEIR government.

Only those whose comfort remains undisturbed willfully indulge the infinite cognitive dissonance required to remain oblivious to reality.

Good little frog, enjoy your "bath" in that comfortable tub...hanging over the fire.
"will the GOP ever attract black voters?" asks the NYT op-ed.

not bloody likely.

As usual, the writings on the wall, but Republicans can't read.

As their old, white constituency withers and declines, so will the party.

Their gerrymandered hold on Congress and state legislatures will not last; they don't have the power to hold it.

Time and biology are NOT on their side.

Of course, the vacuum they leave must be filled, lest we find ourselves with an unchecked Democratic Party again. Hopefully, America is finally ready for MORE THAN TWO CHOICES in their governance (or more than one party divided against itself - today's Republicans are yesterday's Dixiecrats).

It speaks volumes about the current state of the Republican Party that when one of its leaders has a fleeting brush with reality, it is considered an astonishing and newsworthy event.
im liberal as fuck; despise progressives and love me some rand paul.
@5 is right. This is a fault on all sides.
If one wants to be honestly against big government one HAS TO BE against police brutality and institutionalized racism. Yes, taxes, forced Social Security payments, overregulations etc are all examples of big government. But if police driving down the streets in fucking tanks pointing guns at civilians isn't an example of big government, then what the fuck is?

Real libertarians fight against all forms of overarching government, be they high taxes or the racist war on drugs or police brutality.
You are absolutely right.
Stopped clock, etc.
"And big government is at the root of the problem" was a concluding statement in Paul's comment on the need to demilitarize police forces and 'yada yada yada' racial equality.

Be thee not fooled. "The poor will suffer what they must" remains central to his creed.
@18 "If one wants to be honestly against big government one HAS TO BE against police brutality and institutionalized racism."

Agreed unfortunately Rand Paul is against Al's Diner down the street being required to politely serve black folks breakfast. That stand doesn't exactly line up with his, oh but the police should be required to politely serve breakfast to black folks stance. (yes that is bad sarcasm, but it is what Rand Paul is saying).

"Yes, taxes, forced Social Security payments, overregulations etc are all examples of big government."

Yep Social Security is a good use of Big Government. I hate stepping over starving old folks in the streets. As for over regulation, I'm all for the river 2 blocks from my house not catching fire (again) and ya know these earth quake producing fracking practices, we might want to look into those.

"Real libertarians fight against all forms of overarching government, be they high taxes or the racist war on drugs or police brutality. "

Great, how? What decision making process do "Real Libertarians" propose to set up to make those things happen?

Seriously, how? No not your opinion about what the decision should be. Governing is about the process by which the decision is made.

How would you Collectivism_sucks, adjudicate the process? Seeing as you are the one true libertarian.

But he's "right" for entirely the wrong reasons.

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