And you wonder why urbanists are all college educated white kids.
These places do not just happen. They are created by the power of the state. Federal mortgage regulations -- the entire mortgage industry was built by the feds for the purpose of segregating lendable white areas from unlendable black ones. Zoning laws -- zoning ditto, it was devised to keep noxious land uses specifically including the presence of black people away from quality white neighborhoods. Urban renewal (i.e., "Negro Removal") which destroyed virtually every vital (or even viable) black neighborhood in the country, on purpose. And one of the things that was most critical was the management of the transition from white neighborhood to black, due to the increased numbers of black people. This was accomplished with law and it was accomplished with violence.

The correct way to think of places like Ferguson is warehouses for the unwanted. And don't you think they don't know it.
@2 Thanks FNARF for laying it down straight.
@ Fnarf: Amen. Thanks for adding.
Fnarf learned all that living in one of Seattle's whitest hoods, Phinney Ridge.
@7 & 8. Ferguson makes Phinney Ridge look positively ghetto in comparison.
"as we watch Ferguson heal and work toward a more equitable future"

Is that what we're watching? Really? Because I'm pretty sure I'm watching white america breath a sigh of relief that "it's over" and go back to watching the NFL.
Google "spacial deconcentration". You Urbanism is also your racism.
ATTENTION GUN CONTROL ADVOCATES- IS THIS WHO YOU WANT TO HAVE MORE POWER OVER GUNS?!! REALLY?!! Are gun-control advocatesreally that f---'n stupid that they can't see that gun control laws are a guarantee to escalate police brutality?!

Why are we ignoring the most obvious questions here?

Why are gun control advocates completely silent about police brutality? Hmmm, could it be because the main financial backers of the gun control bandwagon don't really care about removing guns from psychopaths? Hmmm... (DO THE F---ING MATH HERE PEOPLE!!!)

Yes, too bad mass murderers (who are all coincidentally victims of psychotropic drugs, by the way) were not cops, because then they'd be promoted and gun control advocates would be completely silent about them then, wouldn't they.

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