This is Mark Driscolls mouth. Whats going to come out of it on Sunday?
  • Mars Hill Church
  • This is Mark Driscoll's mouth. What's going to come out of it on Sunday?

The last time Mark Driscoll spoke publicly to Mars Hill Church, he was supposed to be putting out fires. Mars Hill was facing a lot of controversy—much of it centering around Driscoll—and in a semi-contrite speech, Driscoll addressed an "overwhelming" and "confusing...season" that was affecting the church. Rather than putting those fires out, he threw gasoline on them. Driscoll said he couldn't reconcile with the forces charging the church with misbehavior because they were "anonymous." That inspired a large protest outside the Bellevue chapter of Mars Hill from ex-church members and allies.

Then Driscoll went on vacation. And things got much worse. Mars Hill was dropped from the Acts 29 Network of evangelical churches—an organization that Driscoll co-founded—and now Driscoll has been cut from a few different multi-church conferences and conventions. People started asking questions about a nonexistent "Jesus Festival" that Mars Hill successfully raised funds for and promised would happen in August of 2014. And yesterday, Kathleen Richards told you about 21 former Mars Hill pastors who have filed charges with the church accusing Driscoll of "persistent sinful behavior."

As the New York Times reported, Mark Driscoll will be addressing Mars Hill on Sunday morning for the first time since all these charges surfaced. The Mars Hill faithful were told to bring their Bibles for Driscoll's speech. The last time he spoke, Driscoll inadvertently caused one of the largest anti-Mars Hill protests in the church's history. What's he going to say this time?