The eyes of Mickey are upon you.
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  • The eyes of Mickey are upon you.

The patents represent three different use cases. In one, illuminated drones will be employed in a replacement for fireworks. In another, they'd replace helium and carry those big, paraded inflatable characters. In the last, most boring application, drones would fly in fleets in the service of transporting giant large aerial projection screens about the park. In the first two cases, drones are replacing combustibles and whatever helium is. In the third case, they're replacing manual labor. (I assume.)

I wonder if Jeff Bezos is pissed he didn't come up with this first. It could be called Amazon Prime Land and be filled with product-themed rides where at the end people can just buy the stuff on the spot and then the drones fly it home in two days or less. Actually, wait. That's a horrible idea.

The images and diagrams submitted with the patents range from the boring to the downright terrifying. Will this mean another price increase? Because $96 to $150 for one day is bonkers. It is unclear as of this writing if drone activity will be restricted to Tomorrowland Air Space.

I got this from TechCrunch who got it from MarketWatch. You may also find more legal speak here, here, and here.