Or sit and watch the whole thing tear its horrible-self apart. That's good too.
I don't think I can show support for anyone who is working to see this "church" saved. The elders have aided and abetted all that is wrong with this whole enterprise. Strip away all the current drama and you're still left with something that looks at best like a sect based on regressive beliefs and at worst like a cult.
This is called "doubling down". They're going for it, and the image consultant creep they brought in is associated with Franklin Graham, who is quite possibly the worst human being on the planet. Franklin has utterly destroyed his father's legacy and is probably a bigger piece of shit than even Jerry Falwell, upon whom he is modeling his political efforts.
Wait. I want to support this fucked up church repairing it's dismal public image? Why? Why throw out the bath water if you're going to keep the little fucker of a baby?

Double the fuck down! Mark Driscoll forever!

The guy perfectly represents "new Calvinism". Who are they going to replace him with? Somebody who believes all that macho misogynistic homophobic shit, following the the meanest, most pathetic, child idiot God ever imagined, yet who is not an asshole?

How do you believe all that crap and not be an asshole? Driscoll's antics are the perfect public service announcement warning for what you will turn into if you join this fucked up cult.
@4 It made him a lot of money. And money is all his type really worship.
It was so hard for Mark to know how to answer his critics when they remained anonymous. If these people simply identify themselves, he will know exactly who to terminate and who to shun. It also strikes me that for all his talk about other guys manning up, Marky-boy has a pretty thin skin when it comes to criticism. With his displays of defensiveness and whining, I would almost say that MD sounds kind would he put it...pussified. An unrepentant bully he has been and an unrepentant bully he shall stay.
In Mars Hills' defense, Jesus would have handled this situation in exactly the same way.
"Evangelical PR" ?!? Who knew there was such a thing! And it's not God either, incredible.
Man, I swear, this is remarkable, fascinating, --and not just a little bit schadenfreudy-- to watch happening in my own back yard.
I'm with @4. Why would I want to support them? I'd rather sit back and watch Driscoll burn it all down around him.
What @1 through @9 said.

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