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The dinosaurs were around for a long time so there are surely a great many species, but I think reveling in each find which differs just enough to get a new name is a bit wonky, even if the name is cool.

For laypeople we could use a simpler set of general species. Lion versus Panthera Leo, Persica, Senegalensis, Azandica, Nubica, Bleyenberghi, Krugeri, Melanchaita, Fossilis, Spelaea, Atrox, Youngi, Sinhaleyus, Vereschagini, Spelaea, Mesopotamica, Europaea, Maculatus, etc.

The taxonomy will collapse one of these days, even if the Brontosaurus has gone the way of Pluto.
I can imagine the fights with packs of T-Rexs it had in it's lifetime. The sounds and smells must have been as great as the beast. But the amount of food it ate must have been truly huge. And I wonder if these animals had common injuries due to their size.
@2: Tyrannosaurus rex seems to be restricted to North America. It did have an Asian cousin, T. bataar or Tarbosaurus bataar depending on who you ask; whether they're congeneric or two closely-related genera is a matter of some debate.
Gondwanaland (South America and Africa) tended to be dominated by the Allosauroids and the Abelisauroids. They got pretty big too, but tended to have comparatively larger forelimbs and lighter heads.
But...But... How can this be? The republicans tell us the earth is only a couple of thousand years old! Maybe even younger! Wasn't the earth created when Jesus was born?
@4 wins Douchebag of the Day award.

why spoil an interesting thread will BS politics? Oh wait, I bet you thought you were being funny. fail.

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