I miss Madeline.
"Classic of training-wheels camp" is so perfect for Clue.
nothing beats Madeline and Grover:…
To my kids, she'll always be Mrs. Shapiro from Bill Cosby's "Little Bill" cartoon.
Geez I forgot how thin Tim Curry's acting could be in that movie
@1 Me too. She was a treasure.
So, for you and David:…
And, she's just sooo tired:…
@6 :)
@5 Curry's acting was just as thin as that thin movie required. Don't speak ill of your betters.
Big difference between Madeline Kahn and your other list (Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Nell Carter, Ruth Buzzi, Karen Carpenter, Cher, Charlotte Rae):
Other than Dolly's tits, only Madeline was legitimately attractive to the average het male. Don't know how anyone could not love that woman.
@10, Cher was not legitimately attractive to the average het male? Huh?
11: I had the same question about Dolly Parton, and figured it must be a generational thing. There's a whole generation that only knows Dolly and Cher as plastic-headed icons.
@11 It's obviously a matter of personal preference. I will point out that Cher had a lot of plastic surgery long before age suggested it, and hid behind a ton of makeup & hair style when young. Young Dolly wasn't really allowed to be sexy - that wasn't the country scene back then.
@12 You're right. Both Cher & Dolly have looked artificial for a long time. Their musical talents always outshone any genuine sexiness anyway.
@12 Indeed.

Speaking as a het male Dolly was an AMAZING babe.
I mean, come ON:…

And an entire generation that believes the grotesque version of "I Will Always Love you" sung by Whitney Huston was the "real" version.

The other night on Nashville two charachters were asking other characters "who's better - Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton?" And they were all going "Loretta Lynn, of course!"

I was like, WHAT!? Bullshit. No musician would ever say such a thing. Loretta Lynn was a god damned poseur compared to Dolly. The writers of Nashville should be shot for such ignorant effrontery.

The kids these days. Wut chu gonna do.

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