Days after reading a rare "Thank You Note" in the "SL Letter of the Day" I was having a sexual encounter and I thought, "I have Dan Savage to thank for this!" So here is my thank you note!

My fiancé and I have been together four years. We are a straight couple that met in college. Disgustingly wholesome, I know. After two years of listening to your podcast my fiancé worked up the nerve to confess that he fantasized about cuckolded. We were already doing some bondage but the combination of bondage (heavier now!) and cuckolding (regularly now!) is amazing. The other detail: I was struggling with being monogamous and I was worried that I would cheat sooner or later (as I had on past high school and college boyfriends). So when fiancé's confessed I was like, "Yahtzee!" (Learned that expression from you!)

We are now happily non-monogamous and we are having a blast and we are being safe and we are communicating well and we are being really careful with our feelings and our safety and with birth control (because we don't want this to happen to us!) and we are also being really considerate of the feelings of our two regular play buddy and we have you to thank for all of it.

So thanks!

Loving Unconditionally, Cuckolding Knowingly, Yeah!

P.S. I've enclosed a picture take the night I thought to myself, you know, I really should send Dan a thank you note! That's my fiancé on the floor at the foot of the bed in our hotel room mummified by me and my regular play buddy. And that's the bed where I was "cheating" on him twenty minutes after this picture was taken! Feel free to share it with your readers but please blur out his cock!

My response—and the pic—after the jump...


Thank you for the lovely note, LUCKY, and the lovely pic (nice dick on your fiancé) and the lovely backstory and that long, run-sentence and I'm not being snarky with that long, run-on-sentence comment because I use long, run-on sentences all the time and it's nice to be reminded that I'm not the only one and congrats on your engagement and your traditional* marriage and please invite me to the wedding because I love weddings and I always cry and cake!

Okay, here's the pic...


Looks like you splurged on a suite—cuckolding in high style. I approve.

And in other "SL Letter of the Day" news: tomorrow is my birthday and I'm taking the rest of the week off. So it's going to be golden oldies on Slog the rest of the week. A new "Savage Love" comes out tomorrow, as does a new "Savage Lovecast," but there won't be any new SLLOTDs until next Monday. Have a great week, everybody!

* Remember, kids, when anti-gay haters say "traditional marriage" all they really mean is "opposite-sex marriage." So LUCKY's impending marriage—even though it's non-monogamous and there's intense bondage and regular cuckolding—is traditional enough for the National Organization for Marriage.