You could ask ol' Seattleblues about that too. He bravely stood up to you immoral crazy fags by not renewing the lease to a kesbian couple living in one of his dumps, and has admitted by omission to lying to them about the reason why.
(Insert obligatory troll comment about Dan's butt here.)
Cinderfuckenrella. Have I just entered into a time warp? 1930's Berlin or something. Sally Bowles is singing in New York, the fascists downing the gays in Houston?
Oooh it's in Houston, whose lesbian mayor is Texas' only known 'gay friend.' Nice touch, bigots.
There's a reason why the KKK wore hoods. They didn't want people to know who they were, even in the Jim Crow South. You're gonna be a homophobe or a racist? Then be proud!
Those are the stupidest fucking "bigot pride" flags, ever! Someone get these people a good graphics designer, stat.
WWJD? Flip tables and chase people around with a whip.

Hand out with a prostitute and abstain from a hetero relationship, while preferring to hang out with a dozen dudes.

Exactly the kind of guy republicans and the religious idolize.
I'm puzzled. If they don't want business from gay people, why in the world would they want business from gay rights supporters and friends of gay people? Aren't those people also promoting a "sinful lifestyle" even though they aren't living it themselves?
Can someone please figure out what that woman's business is? And the business of the father of the child being made to wear that other one? There must be a way.

And I know CPS couldn't (and shouldn't) be involved for this sort of thing, but ugh, I feel for that child's future. Nice to saddle the children with things they'll be ashamed of in 10 years.
The image of those kids, just hanging out, being kids, really strikes me. Looks like they're having fun, playing with their friends on a nice afternoon. I wonder how they'll remember shit like this when they're all grown up. My husband's grandma fondly remembered her KKK days as a little girl to me one time, "I didn't know what it was, honey. We didn't wear sheets or burn crosses, and I never listened to the adults talk. I was just a youngster; I liked the picnics."
Straight person here. I totally want the haters to put signs in their windows saying they don't want gay customers, so I can shop elsewhere. Bring it on. Cowards.
Hopefully the anti-gay haters will have children who have the courage to be free to be sexual and express sexuality in any form that works for them, and if they ignorant parents are specifically homophobic, then it would be homosexuals whom they could learn the most about love and being fulfilled in their life

because their ignorance is likely fairly painful, as I am sure yours can be at times when you ignorantly blame religion for the evil and stupidity carried out by men that are too spineless to trust themselves

and I can't say "no offense" when I call you an asshole, because your utter lack of respect for those whom are just as ignorant of basic human rights as yourself

a persons spirituality is about as fundamentally the same or equal to a person's sexuality, which each and every person has the right to practice it as they see fit

They are too stupid to understand how serious of a violation it is to intrude on your sexuality, that those dumb motherfuckers have illegally withheld your rights to choose your own family, and they will pay for those sins, as that is a serious crime, and your seemingly misdemeanor violations of ridiculing their right to spiritual beliefs doesn't place you on elevated ground

rail against the fucking ignorant ways of fucked up men, idiots and the women who are influenced by those jackasses are the problem, not their practice of spirituality or religion

you do the same bullshit of picking out evil people who happen to be Christians or religious, and vilify the religion as if that is what makes an asshole an asshole

here's a newsflash for you fucker, your homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with you being an ignorant prickish male, it's only coincidence, it's just that your an asshole that makes you an asshole

which leaves you essentially blind to seeing the difference between respecting those whom you choose not to live like and so confused that instead of having no respect for assholes and evil men, you don't respect a Christian

just like those very confused assholes, refuse to respect the rights of those they choose to not live the life like, but stupidly think your sexuality is what makes you an asshole

and you and them both are assholes, like that bitch who I thought was a friend, but it's not your sexuality nor their spirituality that makes you all assholes

although it could be your ignorance regarding your knowledge of how important it is to respect the rights of others, esp when they are rights that you know damn well you deserve the freedom and liberty to not have your life unlawfully and unfairly infringed upon

you punk motherfucker
@11 They do. It's that fucking fish.
Danny, surely you could cram one of those t shirts up your Ass?

@11 Beat me to it. I don't know about the rest of the country, but the Xtian Fish is on everything around here in AL. People put bible quotes on their business answering machines.People working for the gov't end calls with "Have a blessed day."
I'm sure they do business with plenty of gays, as long as they don't "flaunt it."
The disclaimer on the shirt is the same thing as those chain messages that went around Facebook where people claimed copyright over their statuses and profiles. You can SAY it, but it doesn't actually mean anything. In fact, I'd say you're MORE likely to be convicted of illegal discrimination if you're wearing one of those shirts, since it provides evidence of anti-gay animus.
@15 I tend to avoid places that put a bible reference in their ads. I just don't know what it's supposed to mean.
so, the devout HomoLiberals of Slog are bigoted against xtians and the good folk of Texas are bigoted against homosexuals.

peas in a pod of bigotry.
I'm not sure this is a totally bad thing.

Every time a bigot has serviced me, it's sucked.
@18, the difference is that you choose to be Xtian. I know this, because I specifically chose *not* to be one.
@20, the difference is really that refusing to tolerate bigotry is not itself a form of bigotry. I'm sorry, but "tolerating" those who marginalize and bully other human beings with the express purpose of intimidating them isn't tolerance, it's being an accessory. Christians who aren't sadistic bullies putting waaaayyyy too much effort into policing other people's personal lives are fine; it's the bigots that are a problem.
@18, @20: I think the difference is more along the lines of libs wanting a pluralistic world where people of different faiths intermingle, and Xtians wanting a world where only Xtians live happily and everyone else is thrown in jail, deported, or otherwise ostracized.

You can live a long and happy life in my ideal world. I don't even exist in yours. See the difference?
the best thing to do in that case matt, the thing to do was torched the rental house
@18 - Some sloggers may have an issue with Christians in general; to my mind, the only real problem is the Christians, like Muslims but unlike pretty nearly anyone else, are still staunchly insistent that their religion is a series of immutable truth posits (despite the evidence so clearly demonstrating otherwise) rather than a series of poetic observations on the unknown that can be used to form a basis for moral philosophies, but should be re-examined if and where they contradict empirical findings, or where alternative beliefs appear to cohere more effectively with those findings.

In principle, I think religion is a necessary positive for civilization; in practice, it needs to learn its limits as an epistemic system--and thus its mutability as a collection of rules guided by the light of its epistemic posits.
@20 - I think you're half right. So far as religion is either a set of rituals or an adherence to a set of principles, it is chosen. That becomes murkier when we're talking about religious belief as a holding of certain assertions--in, say, the existence of an anthropomorphic, morally preoccupied deity, or in the divinity of Yeshua/Jesus, or in the historical veracity of the Bible. We rarely-to-never "choose," in the usual senses of the word, what rings true to us. Not everything we believe is subject to empirical proofs, but it is all subject to our observation, experience, and intuition. Some people look at the universe and see order, others chaos, and only new data that is more compelling than the old data will disavow anyone of those views ... and we have precious little "choice" what data compels us.
I look at those kids at that rally and it seems like child abuse. To be fair, I think the kids' faces should be blurred out, they know not what they do.
I feel bad for the kids, it almost seems like child abuse in a way. Their faces should be blurred out, though, they know not what they do.
I ❤️ Dan.
Doubt those girls have had anyone near their pleasure zones for a long long time. Mean looking gal on the right. Spoil others joy cause she got none herself..
On a very much brighter note.
Those boys, The Black Keys have just announced a concert will happen in Brisbane, Qld. Australia. Thank you music gods..
@12 A suggestion and I'm by no means perfect, edit, grammar check, reread, edit again.
I would reserve the right to refuse service to those opposed to equal rights SO fast.

Instead of a thing on the door that dings, it would say "how do you feel about gay rights?"
I'm sure some of those Christians must be master bakers.
@1 seattleassholeoftheweek doesn't have rentals, he probably doesn't own the cardboard box he lives in. He thrives on comments from suckers like us to give him a reason to post more vomit and hate against gays and liberals. (He probably voted for Obama)
Association of Homophobic Arizona Bakers, or AHAB for short.
Hey Dan, just a point of order, I really think you should blur out that child's face who's wearing the hateful t-shirt in that photograph. Adults who "care" for him put him in that garbage, and it's not his fault. He looks a bit young to grasp the full ramifications of what he's wearing, and "the internet is forever", as they say. He may come to deeply regret this image, and it might be best if we didn't help spread it around. Love all your stuff, and please keep up the good work! xxoo!
Everything else aside, I just really want one of those T-shirts to wear on blind dates.
I don't condone what these people do and or believe. But the article says they are demanding "special rights". I don't see how you can say that, Business owners have always had the right to refuse service for any reason, and the state of Texas does not prohibit that right where sexual preference is concerned. Demanding to keep your right, doesn't equal "special rights". Keeping in mind that Texas is part of the Bible Belt most of the Protesters / Business owners believe Homosexuality is a sin, and would refuse service, just as they would refuse a murderer or adulteress. In my mind, demanding to take their right away because you don't believe as they do, is just as bigoted.
@ 37 - Yeah, right. I'm SURE they always ask all of their clients if they are murderers or adulterers before serving them.

And why did you say "adulteress"? Don't they also condemn male adultery?
@24/25 - I *think* I agree with what you're saying, but your language makes my brain hurt. Just a friendly suggestion - instead of writing something like " a series of immutable truth posits", how about " true" instead? Be kind to us dummies who ain't been to grad school in decades.

P.S. your point in your second post is actually kind of interesting - we don't really "choose" what we're taught as children, do we? Makes me sorry all over again for the kids of those homophobic assholes.
@37: You are incorrect: businesses like hotels and restaurants are not allowed "to refuse service for any reason." For instance, a hotel owner cannot refuse to rent rooms to blacks, and a restaurant cannot refuse to serve Jews. The Houston law extends existing laws barring discrimination on the basis of race and religion to cover sexual orientation as well.

You are also incorrect in that the protestors are demanding special rights. All hotel owners (for example) are unable to discriminate against gays under the law. The protestors want the special right to ignore that law based on their supposedly religious objections. In other words, while an atheist homophobe would still need to follow the law, a Christian homophobe would not. That's the definition of a special right.
I am not dumb enough to have anything enabled on my browser because I don't like being ass fucked by ignorant abusers, so I can't see the images unless they get posted on a site that doesn't abuse visitors

And that situation is a lot like the topic being discussed, each and every law in the physical world will take a lot of time to even begin to catch up in the electronic realm.

For instance, most EULAS would be understood to not universally exclude any and all responsibility to the users and punk motherfuckers who act like the king e-ngland we will find we must go to war with, and much like history has shown, sometimes those who have the courage to be forthright, honest and direct will not be defeated by the evil tyranny of asshole men

if we need to parse each and action of assholes down to black and white, which we have almost completed -- in the physical world -- there are many private places of business that can, not only reserve the right to refuse service, but they do it by actually exercising the right, which unfortunately can be a right that is abused by bigots, however it was a law originally written so that the private business owner would not be legally bound to doing business with abusive people

regardless of explicitly written laws, there will always be some asshole who abuses said laws, and it will be a wonderful day when the all rights and privileges for all families are rightfully restored and like an African American family wouldn't likely choose a business run be KKK members because they know that Klansmen may be ignorant as to understanding the right thing to do, and despite the written law there will likely be abuse, what a wonderful day it will be when LBGTQ people only need to avoid bigoted owners business to not have their rights trampled and abused

I personally, would rather be banned from this site, than to be electronically ass fucked by the staff, especially because an electronic ass fuck isn't always detectable by me physically, until ungodly amounts of damage and abuse both physical and emotional has already taken place

My rights as a citizen would have been far better protected against the motherfucker ignorants, had they simply refused my patronage
at 37 (whattheheck)

it doesn't matter, you can be fully supportive of LGBTQ rights, but if you aren't gentle enough with the ego of men, bloggers, and journalists (and the ignorant women who follow them) you will be a target to them, it's only personal, and it has absolutely nothing to do with right or wrong, as all is fair is love and war, but hell hath no furry than a little boys ego, once it's perceived to have damaged pride

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