That is hilarious! Fail!
I must admit to being excessive amused by Aussie understatement.

"...could've ended poorly."

That's right up there with "...that's gonna leave a mark."
Please tell me this wasn't a real interview. You just made up the whole awkward exchange, right? Please?
Macca's... Everyone in Australia calls McDonald's "Macca's," especially 26 year old surfers.
Something's fishy and rotten here. Old Spice wouldn't have announced anything unless they had his signature - hence he would have known about signing the contract. Perhaps he was trying to be coy, but that would be odd. He'd be excited about his '15 min of fame'.

So yes, @3, unless Trent can provide some supporting link or article, we can safely assume (considering The Stranger) that the exchange is totally fabricated.

It's possible he signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and isn't at-liberty to discuss any details of a possible endorsement contract. Also, maybe he really IS just a clueless idiot.
Trent, Harrison's parents aren't the only ones disappointed with their child right now.
I respect young Mr Williams. He was famous briefly, but he's the first to admit that he's jumped the whale.
Foolish as he was, he's a damn sight smarter than the interviewer.
Perhaps he is of the same mind set as young republican voters in the U.S. We will see the outcome in less than two years, the sharks will eat what they want and leave the bones to sink in the ocean. It's up to the young, smart Democrats to fix the wrongs that have been inflicted on this country by the republican party.
It's the funniest thing on Slog in weeks even it's made up. @4 is right, McDonald's recently changed their name in Australia since 55% of Aussie's knew it as Macca's….
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Noodle and crew

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