It's the house so gay The Stranger made a news reporter write about it. From Pat Kearney's 2002 profile:

Located in the heart of Capitol Hill, Michelle and Susan's house is a one-and-a-half story Victorian built in 1903. The color pink dominates. The siding is pink, the deck is pink, the garage is pink, and most of the trim is pink. In addition, every square foot of ornamentation has been detailed in an intricate pattern of pink, dark pink, teal, and yellow. Under each window are two to three pink triangles, symbols of gay pride. During June, rainbow-colored flags fly at both ends of the house, though a particularly windy day can send the two flags literally flying. A white picket fence surrounds the house, and up on the roof a giant wrought iron swan stands guard.

Now, the gayest house in Seattle is for sale, which not only means that you can buy it and live there forever (if you have $750,000 and hurry), but that any old person can finally see the inside for him or herself. See the brocade-heavy photo tour at Redfin.