Christian sex toy shop:

Welcome to Covenant Spice! We are a Christian sex toy shop and romance site for married couples, offering high quality, feature-packed products that enhance lovemaking—at unbelievably low prices. Our goal from our inception has been to offer sexual aids for Christians that help foster intimacy and strengthen relationships within the bonds of a healthy marriage.

I e-mailed Covenant Spice to ask how they verify that a couple is married before shipping one of their $32 handblown glass candy cane dildos—part of their Christmas Spice line of sex toys—out to a customer. Also, can the same-sex couples getting legally married today in South Carolina buy candy cane dildos at Covenant Spice or do they sell candy cane dildos to opposite couples only? I didn't ask this question, but I should have: When exactly did oral sex—which is not open to procreation (or only very, very rarely)—stop being sodomy?

I'll let you know when I hear back. (Thanks to Slog Tipper Jamie!)

UPDATE: Lael from Covenant Spice responds to my questions...

Hello, Daniel. Our site is meant to be a place where Christian couples can buy products to spice up their love lives in a porn-free environment that honors Christ and marriage and doesn't degrade women. Any adult can place an order, it's on the honor system.



My Christmas shopping is done!