And done.
That was super easy. Done.
Done. There is a credit-card option for those concerned about PayPal's recent data breach. Probably still funneled through PayPal, but presumably they've upped their security.
Done while listening to "It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)" from Elvis's Christmas album.

Hi Dan!
Done! Thanks for this suggestion. Nothing worse than being the child of un-Christ-like Christians.
Done. I hope they get donations from all 50 states as well as many international donations. I've added Switzerland to their list.
Done. I'm not a tweeter, so, thanks for the heads up.
Dan - if you see this - thanks from two lesbians in Arkansas (one who used to eat lunch with you occasionally at the Rose in Seattle years ago). Your support of Lucie's Place is much appreciated.

Sarah Scanlon (i knew you when...)
Thank you, Dan! Unfortunately the battle over Fayetteville's anti-discrimination ordinance isn't over yet. Those opposed to it launched a repeal petition and have succeeded on getting it on the ballot for December 9th with some tricky wording designed to confuse the electorate. I'm a former Seattlite, now Fayetteville City Council Member and we need all the help we can get to educate the public and get them to the polls to vote "Against" discrimination and "Against" repeal of our anti-discrimination ordinance to help us #KeepFayettevilleFair! Donations can be sent to Please send help as we are up against some well organized and we'll funded bigots.

Done, and thanks for highlighting this wonderful place, Dan. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful and grateful I have a freaking roof over my head. Can't imagine what it must be like otherwise.

@17: Hi, Sarah! Hope you're well! xxxooo
Fuck you Duggars. Done.
You are my hero, Dan. Thank you for all you do. It means a lot to some really special people in Arkansas to have you shine a spotlight on our struggle. XXXOOO ;)
WTF, Duggers.

With 19 spawn (and counting), statistically at least one or two of the kids will end up being gay. What a fucked up family to try to come out to. So ironically there's a pretty good chance that one of their own kids will end up needing the services of Lucie's Place.

Done- from South Carolina.
Done! Duck the Fuggars!
Done. Now I have something cool to be thankful for--my dad was born in Little Rock. It feels good to give something back.
As a resident of Fayetteville I am disgusted by the Duggar's actions and will be voting against repeal of the ordinance. I am happy to donate to this organization - I didn't know it existed before today.
so done.
Duggar down deep done.
Ophian sounds like a hate group.
I have so many gay friends , they are not a disease , they are educated , fun, supporting and loving friends,sometimes they say things that can make me so mad and wonder why so mean !? But I remind myself that like the Duggars they have the right to choose what makes them click !



I have many gays friends , to which I adore , we share lots of laughter, love , watching movies , crying at stupid sad movies together, everything ! Having gay friends is not a disease, being cruel, is the worst ! My friends had a choice to be the strong people that they are today and lke the Duggars ... it is a choice !

So from Montreal, Quebec. CHILL !
I will pay $5 to flip off the stranger that wants to flip off the duggers
Done. Looks like they've exceeded the goal!
Just donated. Thank you, Lucie's Place, for all the good work you are doing.
@33 personal disgust from one person to another--and the non-violent expression thereof--does not a hate group make. So, no. You're wrong there.

However, working for or with organizations--lending one's time, money and voice--that support policy and legislation targeting a specific class of people in order to ensure that they have a lesser standing in society, fewer rights and protections, and specifically advocating the right to discriminate against said class, that is what organized hate is. That is what Mrs. Duggar has done.

You just got Lucie's Place another $5, and I hope I cleared up your misunderstanding for you, you intellectually incontinent drongo. <--not hate speech, just my personal sentiments about you. See how that works.

And done. But not as a one time, but an ongoing. Thank you for alerting us to this need
Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated. 


I posted it to the largest LGBT Group on LinkedIn with over 29,000+ global members to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup. 


Link to group >>…


All LGBT+ and community allies.... please come join me and 29,000+ of your soon to be great connections on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world's countries.  


It's core value is - Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe's largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT - or a welcomed community ally.  
Support duggar family. It says in the bible that it is a sin for a man to lay with a man. Its not made-up. I dont believe that two women should be married nor should two men. I have friends (guys) that are a couple...I. love them. They are close friends they know what I belueve vice versa. They never make out in front of us outof respect. Its just what I believe.
@43: One, the verse to which you refer is more complex than you make it out to be and probably refers to temple prostitutes. (The modern concept of homosexual orientation was not known to the ancient Israelites.) Two, I wish that fundamentalist Christians spent as much time as they do attacking gays on trying to ban black pudding; eating blood is spoken of in MUCH HARSHER terms than mankind lying with mankind as with womankind. (Yes, being cut off from society is seen as worse as being executed.)
Now, if you believe that homosexuality is immoral, that's your prerogative. You don't preach about it in front of gays, and gays don't gay it up in front of you. Live and let live and all. The difference is that the Duggars don't abide by that; they see it as their God-given duty to push their opinions on everyone else.
I just donated to Lucie's :) It's so hard not to hate on the haters... those miserable Duggar's need to worry about taking care of their 19 kids and stop spreading hate and intolerance! and TLC needs to open their eyes. check out this amazing music video by my good friends BAD SUNS - this video is powerful and gives a voice to the LGBT.…
I am a transgender woman from Mcalester Oklahoma yes i know how it is living in Red State Oklahoma amongst the bigots and haters y'all have my support!.....
Just donated 5dollars it was a easy choice to make :)
Flip off the Duggars? I will laugh when they find that two of their children are GAY! Odd are one in ten they say! So..With 19 that means at least two will be gay, two will be bi and the rest will be bigots.

And if there are any moms of lgbt kids reading this and want to join an online group of moms who love their lgbt kids unconditionally contact me at

Here's a link where you can find a little bit more about the online support group. It's on Facebook and is private. We have more than 270 moms and continue to grow.…


And if there are any moms of lgbt kids reading this and want to join an online group of moms who love their lgbt kids unconditionally contact me at

Here's a link where you can find a little bit more about the online support group. It's on Facebook and is private. We have more than 270 moms and continue to grow.

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