KANSAS: "A youth minister from Washington County, Kansas is behind bars, facing child sex charges. The Washington County Sheriff's office arrested Jim Bugbee Thursday at his home in Washington. Bugbee faces one count of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of commercial Sexual Exploitation of a child. Authorities told 13 News that Bugbee was a youth minister at the local Christian Church and the case involves one victim."

WISCONSIN: "A 23-year-old former youth minister was sentenced to 37 years in prison for sexual assaults against four Milwaukee women and girls over the course of just over a year, and the attempted kidnapping of a fifth. Isaiah D. Jordan had no prior record, had been to college, and was successful enough to have his own car and apartment.... Jordan typically cruised streets and around bus stops on the city's north side, offering rides to girls and young women. Some got in voluntarily, some he pulled into his car, where he sexually assaulted them."

MICHIGAN: "A 47-year-old Macomb Township man has been arrested and charged in connection to the sexual abuse of a child. Joseph Sturza was the director of admissions at the Austin Catholic Academy in Ray Township. He has been removed from that position while he faces accusations that he was sending sexually graphic emails to a child. The Macomb County Sheriff's Office says the emails were 'indicative of child sexual-abuse activity.' .... Sturza also worked as a youth minister at St. Isidore Church in Macomb Township."

The comment thread on the first story in this week's YPW is a real shit show.