Blah blah blah blah Danny boy blah blah blah promised to write more over a week ago about Terry Bean blah blah blah homosexual lifestyle blah blah blah pedophiles and AIDS blah blah.

- upcoming troll post

(You can take a break now, Seattleblues. No need to chime in today.)
Damn you Dan! I should have known better than to click on a kansas news site and read the comments!
@1 FTW
@2 LOL. Although I do hope "Siri's World" decides to visit SLOG. S/he sounds fun.
Here I am! Thankyou......! How come we are the only ones talking about Reverend Bugbee, of Kansas, who got arrested for sexual abuse of children? Anywhere but Kansas, his mug would be all over the media, everywhere in the state by now; but here in Kansas, they want to keep his abuses quiet. Wonder why?

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