Team Panda Man for life!
It's those Santa eyes - plus where is that left hand?
I vote for the Woo Girl and so do your friendly landlords & business owners!
2015 is going to be the Year of the Woo Girl in DOTW
I was going to vote for Marshawn Lynch, but co-monarchs are so difficult to handle.
Panda Man? WTF? Santa is clearly the one and only choice here.
Emotionally, I wanted to vote for Kelley.

But for Santa to show up in newspaper boxes all across Seattle? During December?

Had to be Santa.

I love both Panda Man and Santa, but Santa is the one that embodies the true spirit of Drunk of the Week. Panda Man is too triumphant and didn't sacrifice enough dignity to be crowned winner.
I vote Kelly to be my future ex-wife. Shaving Cream Santa for Drunk Of The Week Of The Year!
Just checking back and what the fuck?! Come on guys - Kelley is WAY too attractive to be DOTY! Gotta boost up those Santa votes....
Panda! Panda! Panda!
Come on, Team Panda Man! Gather your strength! He is the hero we want AND deserve.
I'm "pretty" sure I could out party both Santa and Panda. 1st off, Santa only comes once a year- and I'm out year round. Also I wanted to win the "DOTY" for my buddy Katelyn 'Doty' . Sorry girl:) xo

Everyone who knows me no cash prizes and my typical Sweeney rep (insert shot glass)-I am far from ok with just being nominated.

BIG love to Kelly O. And a huge "it was all in good fun" mom! Xo.

Happy holidays y'all:)

...& to freezeandbags for by passing the relationship and going straight to the break up.
Wait - I tried to vote on Thursday and the survey wasn't there! What gives??

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