He killed his own mother. Mudede wrote he killed "a woman". That's kind of fucked up.

I wonder when Idaho is going to stop believing the Second Amendment is your license to carry a gun. Maybe before you get, or can keep, a permit you should prove you won't let this kind of thing happen.
He's 2. He'll forget about this quickly unless others force a "dark cloud" on him.

Which is good because it's not his fault.

It's the gun owners fault for allowing her gun to fall into the hands of a 2 year old.
@1), there was some question if he was the son or not. i was playing it safe. sorry.
our "real gun problem" is that the least competent among us are convinced they need to carry guns.

last night I stumbled across a cable show where 2 assholes were discussing the relative advantages of a shotgun versus a rifle for personal defense. one asshole yelled "America!" as he fired at a paper target. the segment ended with both charging the targets, firing and yelling in slow motion. crapping you negative.

most 'merican gun deaths are limited to the pool of gun owners/possessors. cold comfort to a motherless 2 year old.
The Alberstsons in Hayden has at least 10 different gun magazines including "Soldier of Fortune" The clientele there is very, very white

Also, this is the proper name for the town that once had the Aryan Nations camp. It was always miss-identified as Hayden Lake (even Wikipedia still has it wrong) Which is a country club village best know for Bing Crosby living there.
This is much better news than the all-too-frequent 'toddler kills self with parents gun' or 'parent accidentally shoots child while cleaning gun.'

In this case, the responsible gun owning/carrying party is dead rather than the child or an innocent bystander.

On the upside, the world has one less gun-nut to worry about.
Everything about this story is horrible, starting with the sick idea that any schmuck is legally allowed to carry his or her loaded gun into a grocery store.
Yeah, I read that shocking and tragic story just an hour or so ago. Evidently, the victim was his mother.

Alas, she is held accountable. I'm absolutely jarred as to how a 2 year old could extract a loaded hand gun from his mother's purse and fire it. It must be heavy. Damn shame.
We've all seen someone clumsily fish around a giant purse for a ringing cellphone—throwing a loaded firearm into that pot is Russian Roulette. If I can butt-dial a friend just by shuffling around in a cab, I could move a safety to "off."

@2: Unfortunately there wasn't a good guy with a gun to stop this bad baby with a gun. Blame Obama and his anti-gun politics. Imagine how this could have turned out if only a responsible gun owner was there to shoot that toddler dead.
If there is one thing I've learned from reading the comments on it's that guns don't kill people. So fuck that two year old I guess, throw the book at 'em!

Too bad that woman didn't have a gun of her own to defend herself with... oh wait.
It always seems like a relative gets shot. Where are the stories of toddlers shooting and killing strangers?

If someone's kid shot a friend of mine to death, I'd sure as hell want the kid's parents charged with murder.
The reason that we have a "police problem" in this country is because we have a "gun problem" in this country. (possibly racist) Cops are always afraid of the person they are dealing with having a gun hidden on them, because there are hundreds of millions of firearms in private hands in this country. There's your "problem".

As to dead irresponsible gun owner in Hayden, c'est la vie.
I will never, ever understand the mindset of someone who feels the need to take a loaded gun, with a round in the chamber and the safety off, into a grocery store...unless maybe you planned on robbing the store?

I just don't think I'm wired to feel the level of fear and paranoia that would necessitate arming myself to browse consumer electronics. I don't think it's something that sane, intelligent people do.
As though we needed an additional source of depression; there are a tragically large number of people thinking right now: that some proportion of careless people with guns causing innocent death is of no significance relative to the right of careless people to continue to carry guns.

What's illuminating to me is that the most fearful Americans tend to be those who have the least to fear (white, middle class suburbanites). Prepper paranoia is also rife in that demographic.
7% of adults in Idaho — more than 85,500 people — had concealed-weapons permits at the end of 2012, according to data from the Crime Prevention Research Center, a Swarthmore, Pa.-based gun-advocacy group.

7% is a whole lot of people who could be packing heat. I wonder if that's why they're so low in the violent crime category with only 207.9 incidents per 100,000…
#15 I think many of the people who feel compelled to carry a gun while shopping are probably regular Fox News watchers/Rush Limbaugh listeners and as such have been brain-washed/programmed into being angry and afraid all the time. Those black helicopters could show up at any time, the marauding hordes of angry black men may swarm over the horizon any day now. This is why they are so easily manipulated by right-wing politicians- they are like zombies now.

In this case, we don't know the particulars. Maybe she felt a real threat, like some crazy ex stalking her... Probably not, but we don't know yet.
@18: No Joe, the reason they have low crime is because they live in the BFE. Most violent crime is economically related. People aren't going to kill someone to steal a cow or a potato.
Hayden is suburban Coeur d'Alene with a metro population of 140,000. It is the second largest population center in the state.
@21: Noted. I've driven through Cour d'Alene probably a dozen times (even before they built the bridge). It ain't no metropolis. It is just a small ass town that probably considers Spokane to be the big city. It does have a really pretty lake though.
So if this shot had gotten someone else in the store, would there be any legal consequences for the woman?
Of course not, @23. Just another "tragic accident."
@18, see 17, your answer is there.

@14: re police, guns, etc. I was at a conference recently with shitloads of law enforcement from all over the world. Talking to some cops from the Netherlands and they told me that you have to be a police officer for two incident free years there before you're allowed to carry a gun. Mind exploded.
If only she'd been armed.
The store was closed for the evening but will reopen at 6am Wednesday, according to information provided to the sheriff’s office by store managers.

Oh, thank goodness! Thank you for the reassurance, sheriff's office and Guardian!

The victim’s father-in-law, Terry Rutledge, told Associated Press that she “was a beautiful, young, loving mother.”

“She was not the least bit irresponsible,” he said. “She was taken much too soon.”

Damn it! Hot and responsible! President Obama, please order flags to be lowered to half staff.
“She was not the least bit irresponsible,” said the victim's father-in-law. Unfortunately, and sadly, there are people who actually believe that.
The boy was the son of the woman he shot, who was possibly his mother.

Go to bed, Mudede.
@ 2, what do you mean "force"? He's going to know the truth one day, complete with the understanding that it was not his fault, and unless he's a psychopath it will be a tremendous mindfuck.
ah, but look at the bright side- there is one less art critic in the world.
Dont fuck with artists.

Stay classy.


Anti 2nd Amendment nuts like you are the paranoids. Statistics say you have nearly no chance of being killed by accidental gunfire, yet that's all you think about.


Well! One tiny nation different in many respects from ours does it that way, I'm convinced!
@ 33, for the purposes of law enforcement, there's virtually no difference between the Netherlands and USA. But please, entertain us with your case (or more likely, your bloviating about how you don't have to).

No, no. For Chuckles that was a model of clarity in thought and language. I grant you that for anyone of above moron intelligence anything the guy writes is weirdly disconnected to reality, English, common sense. But Chucky is doing the best he can, da r n it!

Making a sweeping claim, then demandng others prove obvious reality? That's funny.

Heal yourself.

This woman who was experienced with guns thought nothing of leaving a firearm within reach of a two-year-old. We all know you don't give a shit about anything bad that might happen to us, but people like her who bring a firearm to the public places where assholes like you might go are a hell of a lot more dangerous to you than any protester blocking traffic.
@ 36, actually, my sweeping claim was the equal and opposite reaction to your sweeping claim. Since you made yours first, the burden of making the case falls upon you first. Once you have, I promise to show my work.

What claim did I make, except the inferred one- that socioeconomic and cultural differences exist between the Netherlands and the USA? You know. Because they do. And how people govern, and enforcement of that governance of, themselves is very much informed by those differences.

Whereas you made a sweeping claim, that law enforcement is unaffected by such differences. Now, your argument, if it existed, would be silly and wrong. But the ball is in fact in your, the guy making silly statements, court. So let's try th is- would you apply the same law enforcement techniques to a village of 200 people as to Denver? If so, you're not bright. If not, you concede. Which would you like?

Well first, "assholes like me" don't go to Walmart. Cheap pirated Chinese trash goods and prepackaged chemical waste masquerading as food don't interest me.

Second, no. Concealed carry, though I think for most people it's not a good idea, doesn't endanger me more than traffic. Or the poossibility of being in a plane crash. Or really any of a host of things that could hurt me. If I wanted, like you and your buddies, i could panic about such things. Or I could worry about the things which actually matter, like I choose to do.
@ 40, what you inferred - sweepingly - is that the differences are so great as to render the observation of @25 as nonsense. So I challenged you to make a case, or bloviate. And you have chosen bloviation, which is no surprise. (Small town American cops almost always carry guns, for example.)
"I shot and killed my mom when I was two" is going to be a great conversational opener when the boy is older.
She went out with a bang. The NRA should be proud.
If gun fetishists think an armed society is a polite society, is this their version of learning please and thank you?
Fnarf welcome back.

Yep pretty much Pridge.
@33: "Anti 2nd Amendment nuts like you are the paranoids. Statistics say you have nearly no chance of being killed by accidental gunfire, yet that's all you think about."
As opposed to your perfectly rational terror that gay marriage will literally destroy Western civilization, as supported by all those statistics that don't exist.
Also, CDC tables say that in 2011, 591 people died from accidental discharge of firearms and 27 from complications of abortion. Meanwhile the CDC is effectively banned from studying gun-related health hazard, but Republicans are putting draconian restrictions on abortion providers in the name of protecting women from those complications.
@47 Oh now you are just making sense that will never work with Subhumanblues.
SeattleBlooz: we all finding it inspiring that someone like you has learned to operate a computer! Now you can take some online classes (maybe get a GED?) and perhaps developed informed opinions that might actually matter! Congrats!
@49: He says he's got a college degree but isn't interested in saying in what or from where.
I know I'm late to this party, but I was at the party over at the Spokane Spokesman-Review website:…

Apparently the purse was specially designed with a built-in holster. The mom was responsible enough to put the gun in the holster, but not responsible enough to keep the purse out of the hands of her unsupervised 2-year-old.

Also, the gun is apparently a type that doesn't have a safety mechanism...

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