The Republic of Ireland votes on marriage equality in May and Ireland's antigay bigots have their work cut out for them:

The latest opinion poll in the Irish Times found that 71% of the Republic’s electorate would vote yes and allow for legal gay marriages in the state.

Ireland's drag superstar/superhero Panti Bliss passes along a flyer that anti-marriage-equality campaigners are distributing in Ireland. It's a sex-negative, kid-mongering, intentionally misleading, and unintentionally hilarious instant classic:


A few thoughts...

1. Ireland's haters are—you might want to sit down for this—being dishonest (aka "bearing false witness") and misleading voters with this flyer. They're trying to conflate the coming referendum on marriage equality with proposed reforms to Ireland's laws on parenting, guardianship, custody, surrogacy, sperm donation, and adoption—two totally separate issues. Ireland's laws on parenting and adoption won't be impacted by the outcome of the vote on marriage equality. Also: Single gays and lesbians can already adopt in the Republic of Ireland, same-sex couples are allowed to serve as foster parents, and lesbian couples can get IVF and infertility treatments. Same-sex couples are already raising children in Ireland—but many of those kids only have one legal parent, which can land a kid in legal limbo should something happen to their only legal parent. Changing Ireland's adoption laws will protect kids, not harm them.

2. Sodomy isn't just gay sex. It's any sex that's non-procreative, i.e., any non-PIV sex. Straight people commit acts of sodomy all the time. Straight oral sex, straight anal sex—sodomy! Some definitions of sodomy include sex while using contraception and mutual masturbation. So it's not just kids with same-sex parents who risk being exposed to the sounds of sodomy. The only way to protect kids from the sounds of sodomy is to lock them in soundproof rooms with enough MREs and bottled water to last them until they're 18.

3. No kid—gay or straight or bi or asexual or non-binary or whatever else—wants to hear their parents having sex, gay or straight or bi, etc.

4. Sodomy is a big red bell.

5. Clifford is a big red dog.

6. Other big reds: gum, soda, Cornell, South Central Indiana liquor distributors.