It's Century Link now, Kelly!
Fun pictures of happy people. One quibble — that stadium has been called CenturyLink Field since 2011. :)
@1 and @2 — Thank you. Fixed. Oh jeez... I am the world's worst sports fan!
Looks like shit's about to get real in the background of that last one...
They paid to put their name on the building, but I bet they didn't pay you to print them a free commercial. "The Football Stadium" or "Phone Company Stadium" work just fine.
Swiss cheese! No wonder they lost. All those holes for the Hawks to go through, eh?
@5 Good luck with your brave stand against sponsored naming rights.
Love the dudes in the ghillie suits. And the cheese grater heads.
Just call the stadium the Clink. Problem solved. And you'll get 'in the know points'.
@8 actually, for me the ghillie suits made me go, "Hmm." WTH was that about?
the amount of money these guys are spending on merchandise is insane,

I worked in he pro shop 13 years when I was on a work experience programme from Ireland and even then I couldn't believe the shite people were buying. I'm glad Seattle has the 12th man but keep your money and give it to those that need it. Paul Allen has enough all ready. I mean a jersey alone costs what 60 -70 dollars!

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