Less government, more fun! (Thumbs up!)
I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some, uh, people out there in our nation don’t have maps and, uh, I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future [for our children].
I forced myself to watch that excruciating clip. Perhaps debilitating illness or just pickled brain from alcohol and drugs (I'm guessing from the slackness in her face).
Just plain being stupid is a hell of a drug. I don't think we need any more complicated answer than that. The woman is as thick as two planks. If she ever seemed otherwise, it was because when she got called up to the big leagues for a while she suddenly had professional handlers.
You're correct Paul. Sarah Palin is living proof that the Turing Test works both ways.
"Chowing down on fried everything!"
Grifters gonna grift.
The Courtney hole of politics.
Oh well, my comment @7 was pulled. No sexual talk sloggers, no cuss words i'll be watching Let's keep this place clean like it always is. yeah right.
@11, your comment @7 was repulsive and offensive. It's not about "clean", it's about "being a decent human being".
I would like to laugh at Sara Palin's failure to put together a sentence, but not enough to watch Sarah Palin for 35 minutes.
Run, Sarah! Run!
Could. Not. Watch.

I lasted less than 2 minutes before I had to stop it. I just couldn't watch it. Too painful.
I watched a short clip of this earlier and thought that's got to be the worst part of it, so I watched the entire 35 minutes expecting moments of lucidity. The whole 35 minutes is as bad. Agreed with Paul that it's more sad than funny. She seems drunk or maybe sick with something that is affecting her ability to think. If she had any serous supporters--important pundits and the like--they are gone now.
What @15 said. I just can't do it.
Our dear fnarf is right. There's no mystery illness for Mrs. Palin. She's just good, old-timey, "Heartland" dumb. You usually only see it that bad in people who were never bright to begin with, and who never left the place they were born (except maybe to go to the military, from which they returned directly after a time of unremarkable service, whereupon they join the American Legion and proceed to bore the hell out of anyone who sets foot in there for the next fifty years)

I grew up around it, and I am still exposed to it through a FB page for my home town. We mostly talk small-town stuff and history, but every once in a while heartland dumb comes bubbling to the surface. Just the other night we were having a chat about the weather which one of them took to be our collective endorsement of global warming (Iowa is going through a warm spell). She got kind of nuts and incoherent, especially after I asked her - nicely - to give me some names of the "lots" of scientists who she said don't believe in climate change. Suddenly I was an "Obama Snoop Dog" and deluded and bookified (yes, bookified. I went to the State U, after all). I asked her again for the names of those scientists (which would be fairly easy to get) and she came back with the "scandal" of the academics from England who called it a "scheme". We finally had to pull the whole post down because apparently I had gotten "political" and was being "politically correct"

Of course, in Sarah's instance we have to include an almost psychotic level of ambition to the heartland dumb, which makes her somewhat exceptional.
Paul, you forgot to put "politicians" in quotes.

"...they go away when it comes time for the actual 'politicians' to do their thing."

I mean, they seem to obtain positions where decision-making and leadership are required, but I've seen sparingly few good examples of either in recent years. US "politicians" seem to have abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities in favor of mutual masturbation, fear-mongering, and 5 martini lunches with th' boys from K Street.
Who's Sarah Palin?
The thing that really gets me about Palin is how downright mean she is. And not mean towards politicians. Putting up with assholes and their criticism is part of that job. Palin says incredibly mean stuff about anyone who doesn't live in the privilege bubble that goes along with being well-off and white. Her whole career as a national figure is based on dissing the down-and-out and other people who don't have the privilege of being well-off and white.
Oops, you can choose whichever of the two last sentences in my post you like the most.
Maybe she's John Gill.
Wait. That wasn't Tina Fey doing a bit?
No, it's a Tina Fey impersonator do a bit.
What puzzled me about this was that at times she seemed to be encouraging her audience to vote Republican, and at times she seemed to be encouraging them to vote for Independents. Which does she want?

It occurred to me that the mixed message might have been intentional, as she hasn't yet decided whether to run as a Republican or as an Independent.

Oh, how I would love for her to run as an Independent! She would be the best thing since Ross Perot. Especially if her running mate was someone on par with Admiral Stockdale.
transcript please

uh, wait

no, too cruel
The verisimilitude of Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me:…
The verisimilitude of Sarah Palin never ceases to amaze me:…
Wow. That Ben Carson quote is super awkward for someone who 60 years ago would've had trouble getting served lots of places in the south.
I think she has some cognitive impairment issues that were not there 6 years ago. It isn't just this speech that makes me think so. She's heading down RonnieRoad.
@5 Like I've said before: 5 different schools to get a communications degree from U of Idaho doesn't suggest a scholar, or even someone who wanted to go to class. Her active loathing of the teaching profession, despite her parentage, indicates that she really didn't like having to face her own intellectual deficits.
As @2 points out, this is someone with the mind of a failed beauty pageant contestant.
Wait, Tri-g's nanny is a dog?
Really, Sarah, picking on Hilary's age and clothing choices? That makes you a bitch.

I don't mind her word-salad gibberish so much, it's her shrill bullying tone that makes me grind my teeth. And the crowd seems to dig it, so go figure.
Sandiai, of course she's a bitch. She's one of those women who can't stand other women. There's a lot of them out there, sad to say.....
sarah wants attention. she makes money by being "recognized" by the media. Please ignore her, please.......
Isn't she still pretty young for granny glasses?
Oh. Right. Never mind.
she's so rad. sacrifice to protect our freedoms: eat your greens! aslo, go rogue.
@15, @17, @19, @39: I'm with you, and so fucking glad I DON'T have a TV or cable.

SNL--deliver us to Tina Fey!!!!

what are you talking about?! that's her thing, you know? GOING ROGUE. kicking the other kids in the face to get to the ball first... lock and load! get to the choppa!
Sarah speaks for all of us in regard to Michael Moore (well, many of us...).
But, other than that, Paul's right, it was definitely 100% word salad.

I dislocated my knee, then broke my tibia and fibula when I fell over about a month ago. My slow recovery has been boring and painful. Needless to say, nothing I've done lately makes me feel like I deserve to be put through that video. So! If you could be so kind as to explain to me what she said about Michael Moore that is so insightful, I'll be happy to call bullshit.
Sarah and Raindrip don't like that Michael Moore didn't like that movie about the sociopath who was given gainful employment by the military, and then mercifully put down before he caused too many problems stateside. That, of course, makes him a terrible person because America.

Free speech is all well and good, unless you're talking badly about a movie that conservatives love. If Sarah squeezes one last Palin out, you can be sure that "American Sniper" was playing in the background during the conception.
Sarah Palin's single greatest performance was actually done by Julianne Moore in that HBO movie. It was soo good that I temporarily found the angelic Moore unattractive and repulsive. That was quickly rectified by re-watching her performance in Boogie Nights with a box of tissues and some hand lotion. Fuck Sarah Palin, lets talk about Julianne Moore instead.
Remember, Sarah's one of the simple folk; "People of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know ... morons."

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