His supporters on his property pointed loaded firearms at federal agents. They should have been shot, and it would have been perfectly lawful self-defense by a peace officer.
Why haven't they hauled off his welfare queen dad yet?
Why, if Ryan Bundy had been killed by the police, we'd have a goddamn race riot on our hands!
@1,@3, If they were black, they would have gotten treatment similar to that doled out by the Philadelphia Police against Move back in the 80's
As much as I can't stand the open-carry gun fetishists, I'd be curious to see the police reaction if more dark-skinned people walked around with assault rifles and holstered weapons.
@3 - now let's imagine he was shot by a bunch of BLACK cops. Oh, the heads would be a'splodin alllllll over the place.
Confirmation Bias: The Article
@8: Curious. Why are you assuming that what Paul wants is for Bundy to be dead? Why not assume that what he's saying is that Eric Garner (and on and on) should not be dead? This is hardly race baiting and your assertion that it is is bizarre.
This is far from an unambiguous example of "white privilege." To conclude it is, one must assume that America comprises culturally homogenous communities and police forces, that people of color rarely survive resisting arrest, and that white people always do.

Very broadly speaking, easier, less injurious dealings with police are certainly an advantage of being white in America. Whether a particular interaction between police and a citizen is evidence of privilege or the lack thereof is more difficult to ascertain. Were it established that the police who arrested Bundy had a history of dealing more harshly with persons of color in similar situations, you would have a case.

No need to wonder! Real American History ™ has the answer!

Spoiler: the answer is "Republican-backed Gun Control"
"Kid Constant" has apparently never been in the scrap before. This has nothing to do with white privilege. It has to do with who dominates a brawl. Clearly "Utah Boy Bundy" is not exactly a golden gloves fighter.The difference being Garner and Michael Brown were big tall brawling fat guys who ended up on the wrong side of a fight when they didn't go down easy.

At the very most you're making an argument against sizist policing.
@12: I was going to make a contemptuous rebuttal of your misbegotten excuse for an argument, but I realized that you wouldn't actually READ it, and I wouldn't even be persuading anyone else of anything because you're a racist nutter and everyone already knows it. So instead I shall leave you with this bit of bathroom graffiti:
"Those who write on shithouse walls
Should roll their shit in little balls.
Those who read those lines of wit
Should eat those little balls of shit."
Source: anonymous
Looks like someone got a thesaurus for Hannukah.

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