@97: On the other hand, there is an argument that they should have intentionally MISSED the extra point attempt. Turns out teams up 4 lose more often than teams up 3.
Bad time to take a time out.
Holy fuck!
You're kidding me.
Interceptiom!! Oh my God.
Ouch. That was ridiculous.
There's your game.
Let's give them five yards for free and end the game in a brawl. Great idea.
Well, as a Broncos fan, I can tell you that there's always next year. Because that's how things work.

And at least the Pats victory is STILL tainted by scandal. Let that be some comfort.
At half a yard. That's insane. Can't believe it.
Carroll is thinking..........Why the hell didn't I just give it to Marshawn!!!!!!!!!
And Seattle fans, losing it on a bad play call is going to hurt in ways a humiliating blowout never will.

I think if karma were to factor in here, it'd still weigh in Seattle's favor. Not sure how many fluke plays would have to transpire to level that scale.
I was so convinced that Wilson was going to drive the length of the field and win. And when that WTF catch happened, I was COMPLETELY CONVINCED.
@116, unfortunately, too many Seahawk fans won't see it that way...and I'm sure the Seahawks won't see it that way.
Who the Frack throws at the half yard?

I mean, WTH?
They LOST?! Oh, man, I am so ROTFLOL right now!
Audible booing for goodell in presenting the trophy. Ha!
@ 119, I'm seeing plenty of "WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN THE BALL" posts from my FB friends, as an early demonstration of what ai mean. Yeah, it sucks to go to the big game and look like you shouldn't even be there, but the something else to have a championship there for the taking and just hand it to the other guys.
@115: I believe Bevelle is the play caller. Probably tried to outsmart them by going against type, or the Pats had their run package in, and Bevelle thought he had the right matchup. What they may call getting "too cute."

Anyway, the better team won. New England was consistent in every facet, all Seattle could do was limit YAC on defense and come down with a few jump balls and run Lynch for four yards on offense. Seattle was just clearly beaten, and needed a miracle just to get a chance to pull ahead.

Brady deserved the MVP 100%, and Bennett was the best player for Seattle. New England bottled up Lynch (as much as you can), kept Wilson in check for most of the game, and that is all you really need to do to beat Seattle's offense.
@124, The Hawks know how the Packers feel now.
Well, it was exciting, wasn't it? Everyone loved my jello salad and my baked ham, so that's something.
@ 127, jello salad? Are you a long lost aunt of mine?
Seattle, you didn't just lose it for yourselves, you let down all of America. Thanks for nothing.
Boneheadism is alive and well in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cue up the page large thank you from the Seattle Times thanking the Seahawks for uniting the city, being a civic asset, good citizens, some such pollyana Seattle stuff.
Who'd have thought the poopdown would forecast so well the last Seahawks drive of the game..... without the cheering.

And based on the game in the rain vs the Packers, we were lucky to be playing today.
Boneheadism is alive and well in Seattle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@112, I'm hoping they trace the "defalategate" to intimidation of staff by Brady and Bellicheck and vacate the whole season of Pats wins.... kind of like what the NCAA did to Pete's old team.
Sad end to a great season. Pick em indeed. Kearse gets up a second or two faster, or we try the run and it's a different story. Not happy with the decision to throw at the end but I kind of understand it. If they hadn't wasted a time out earlier in the drive, or hadn't let so much time tick off trying to seal it up, we could have had a few comfortable running downs. People really act like Lynch is the sure thing but he's not unstoppable.
Why did the fight break out? I don't know enough about football to follow why. It seemed really strange.
As a born & bred Masshole, may I say: Mwahahahaha! And also, good game. You guys had some great plays.
Matt dear, Jello is an under-appreciated option in today's world of faux foodies. Luckily, ham is timeless.
Poopdown was brutal. I don't know how a pro could do that.
@ 138, please tell me you used marshmallows. Please.
This was a sad loss - so close, yet so far. What I really hate is losing to cheaters. I take it personally because I've lost to cheaters before and it's just so wrong, so unjust. Losing to the Patriots - consistent and committed cheaters, is insufferable. We should have won. We truly are the better, more ethical team.
@138, @140,
And Thompson seedless grapes, and a little Miracle Whip on top, you know, just to bring it all together.
I only follow fringe sports, like baseball.
Everyone always blames the players who actually play the game, when the team loses, but what about the 12th man? Where was he? I blame the fans. The Hawks would have won if there had been a little more 12 support out there.
And yes, I'm being an asshole. I've put up with this football stuff for months without a word, and now it's coming out.
@141: how many of your guys have been suspended for PEDs again?
I've told you before and I'll tell you again, Seattle is the Cleveland of the early 21st century. Grab those cultural endowments while you can but once every 50 or so years is all you get between sports championships.
Who said what to whom to start the fight?
Front page of Seattle Times tomorrow should be a hand with a middle finger sticking up.

And one sentence - "Good Game!"
Yes---it's sad that the Patriots won after so much momentum, and a big ouch about the interception in the end zone for New England. But I'm ready for next year. It was an excellent game, a phenomenal season, both teams played hard and obviously wanted to win, so nobody is going to hear any bitching or whining from me.

@141: yeah, Your team is so much more ethical - why, the way they start throwing punches after they lose due to their own mistakes clearly shows that. They're practically saints. Please, tell me how the Pats cheated their way to victory last night. I'm all ears.
@141: You should look into Pete Carroll's storied history of cheating. He is pretty proud of it.

@148: Did not look like anyone said anything, It looked to me like Seattle was just mad they lost so they started fighting. Seattle is a fairly undisciplined team sometimes (which is why they accrue so many penalties), and it looks like they got too emotional due to the loss.
The Seahawks...keepin' it classy!!! But let's face it, pro sports is nothing but overpaid neanderthals pumped full of steroids. And their number one goal is to make money for their corporate owners while raking in every single tax break they can get.
@153: To be fair, it is also a way for mediocre and unremarkable people to arbitrarily declare their imagined superiority over others as well.
The 6:34 blown defensive pass interference call was the game. It should have been first down Seahawks and they would have been in field goal range and also had the ability to run down the clock past where the Pats would not have had time to make a drive the length of the field.
I'm so depressed today.

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