I'm not going to read this post just yet (I simply can't), but I wanted to thank you, Spike, for your entertaining coverage of the Seahawks all season.

We'll get 'em next year. Until then, pitchers and catchers report in 18 days.

Go Hawks! Go Mariners!
It's like having your heart ripped out, back when breaking up with someone actually hurt you, psychologically and physically, for weeks.

But kinda not. As of noon, today, I'm over it.
The best thing about our Seahawks, this year and last year, was/is their ability to bring this city together - out of our rainy little private lives into a feeling of community. When was the last time you could walk down the street and shout something ("Go Hawks!") to a random stranger and have them smile and give you a high-five? The phrase "Go Hawks" means something now and the city coalesced behind the team, behind our city. That's why the loss was so heartbreaking - WE lost, not just the team, but the city.

I'll miss the feeling of unity that I felt this year. I'm not a huge sports fan, and I think the NFL is a corrupt institution, but goddamn, I really enjoyed feeling a sense of community in this city...and I'll miss it. And I look forward to next year's season where we will, hopefully, help to build a sense of togetherness despite the "Seattle Freeze".
Well, as much as I hate the Patriots, I can't say I'm sorry it happened.

Spike, I hope you will do some baseball reporting this year, even if the M's haven't nearly the same shot at the World Series as the Seahawks had at the Super Bowl.
Another good post Spike. I still don't understand throwing into the middle. It seems like they over-thought it and worried too much about the clock. On the other hand, the Patriots owned Simon, and I didn't like their chances in OT.

That halftime show destroyed someone's legacy.
@4, Who woulda thunk the KC Royals were going to go to the World Series.....Timely hitting and a shutdown bullpen works wonders once you get to the playoffs. But for the Mariners, ironically, I think the starting pitching will be a bit of a question mark rather than the hitting---Beyond Felix, will Paxton stay healthy? Will Iwakuma? Can Walker stay healthy and continue to progress in his command? Will Elias do the same?

Only a few games out of the playoffs last year and probably not much different in talent than KC. If the addition of Cruz and the OF's bear fruit and the starters pitch up to their potential,I wouldn't rule out a shot at a AL pennant for the Mariners.
Thanks for this post, Spike. I'm not the biggest football fan, I watched only three games this season- the opener, the playoff game against GB, and yesterday, but it was great reading your coverage so I understood what my office mates were talking about. And what a great 3 games to experience.
Even with my lack of fandom though, I feel like the collective unconscious of the city crawled into my brain last night because every single dream I had was of that final catch. I watched it as Russell Wilson, I watched it as Jermaine Kearse, I watched it as a bird (a Seahawk?) flying over the players. Every time it woke me up and my heart felt heavy.

That being said, I am so ready to start baseball season and have my heart broken all over again by my beloved Mariners. I look forward to being able to participate in this comment thread for a sport I understand and love.
@4: Mariners vs. Cubs in the 2015 World Series.
@ 9, that would be hilarious and awesome.
Spike, thanks for your commentary this season. You made the good things better and the bad things (a little) less bad. Never stop writing about this stuff where we can see it.
I for one am looking forward to Spike's weekly updates on the Mariners Insufferably Long March To The World Series. Assuming our OF of misfit toys doesn't fall apart. (Hint: It will)
That ending was hilarious.
"How many passes from the one yard line resulted in picks this year. None before last night."

That's because no team is boneheaded enough to throw from that position on the field. Would love to see a seasonal league run/pass stat w/ percentages? irresponsible and unforgivable.

Marshawn Lynch isn't Bertha for fuck's sake!! Give him the rock!
Glitch test. Main page keeps saying 14 comments but post page only displays 13.
Theater much?

"A Patriots fan wandered by and started to yell at the crowd and was answered with "Get out of here." What? No Hello stranger, how are you? Their-our "Victory from the jaws of defeat" metaphor is applausable nevermind memorable/historic. This other would welcome an appreciable outlook from thuh others up thuh Seattler way, occassionally. Boston is built better, dearest Seattler Seasquawk fans. Squawk!!!!!!
Boston's Big Dig is NOT a Big FUCKING Tube set in fucking MUD. Whuht!?
Go figure. Go Patriots.
Weird. Comment #14 just never existed. Kinda like the talent in the Seahawks receiving corps. Ha! Sorry everyone, as a native Pittsburgher, my insufferability also runs quite high. Fun season and I'll echo everybody's praise for Spike's highly enjoyable posts and call for him to keep it up through baseball season.
I'm so depressed today.
Glad I had Pho for lunch.

Made me feel better.

But, think of it, until that stupid stupid call, we were going to win. And the Pats knew it.

Well put!
Yes, Spike, thanks for the posts. I am avoiding media- (with the obvious exception of the Stranger)it's too painful to see a season of brilliant comeback football pissed away by an unnecessarily risky play. The nation is scratching their heads and asking, why the hell didn't they just give to Lynch?
Thank you, Spike. You're the best sports writer I've ever read. Your posts have been much appreciated this year.
spike, echoing a lot of posts here but your coverage of the hawks lately has been terrific and this post is especially right on. i really appreciate your balance of unabashed fanboy bill simmons style perspective (of frustration, unfortunately, in this case) with intelligent, balanced football analysis. the vitriol being spewed at carroll and bevell by fans right now is straight up embarrassing and reeks of fairweather idiocy that unfortunately plagues so much of this city's appreciation of sport, and in my mind, contributes in major ways to things like the sonics leaving and the m's historic collapse from 2001 on. thank you for calling that call exactly what it was/is: not the best call ever, but not even close to the worst call ever. they gambled and drew a red card. we should be extremely proud of what this team achieved this year and how close we came to doing something truly historic.

but of course, you know all this. thanks again for your coverage, i look forward to seeing more of it on slog, and, preferably, in print (weekly column perhaps? i've long felt the stranger could use a recurring column for sports coverage...)
Slog has needed a twisted sports writer for a long long time, and you do it very well. Keep it rolling, and as Bellichek would say, "On to the Mariners". (Yeah - too soon. But getting back to the next SB, in The Niners new digs, would be too fucking sweet.)

Back in the late 90's I was living in DC and their alt-weekly had a fantastic sportswriter whose name I can't recall offhand. He'd do maybe 50% of his columns on the skins/bullets/caps and then do a good amount of more community oriented type stuff, highlighting youth groups or midnight basketball type organizations and talk about their potential and local impacts. Was really great and I've always thought could be a model for other cities papers. Ta Nehisi Coates was writing for them then too, really great times.
I'm pro-Spike's slogging efforts. I think this season has shown that Seattle can be a sports town without becoming... I dunno... Pittsburgh, or Baltimore, or Kansas City. We can be a city that enjoys our sports franchises without reducing our selves down to just our sports franchises. That is what Spike has done, as the only sports writer for the only newspaper in the city. I can't wait for Sounders coverage and maybe, this year, I might actually pay some attention to the Mariners (baseball is just sooooo boring). Anyway, thanks Spike. You can add one more to your SPOG fanclub.
This is the worst, most unprofessional piece of trash ever written. You should never write another piece again.
@27: Seattleblues didn't post in this thread.

@Spike: Thanks for your efforts on Slog. They have been appreciated, even from a devout Carroll hater (and Pats fan).
The arrogant Seattle Seahawks didn't play a good game.....again, but this time LOST. And now they are out there trying to sell everyone on how it a GOOD think? What a joke. The truth....Seattle was sloppy against Green Bay and at best was just dam lucky to get away with it. The superbowl loss wasn't about ONE PLAY. All game New England beat the defense after contact, turning 2 yards into 7. All game New England made the big 3rd down, keeping drives alive. All in the 4th quarter Seattle's offense couldn't make the 3rd down play they needed.

Seattle lost because they got BEAT! That's the truth, and no Seattle it's not a good thing.
This column is f'ing great, as it has been all year long. Its up there with Art Thiel for the best sportswriting in Seattle. Please keep it coming!

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