The next RNC theme should be "GOP: We're not scientists!".
they can't cut taxes on rich people if they don't gut services for everyone.

it doesn't take a college degree to figure that out, you fucking elitists!
Hope he runs for President! With an attitude like his, he will surely lose at the polls.
I not sure I believe Scott Walker exists.
Don't forget that he hates education but loves the police. He simultaneously plans to cut education funding in Wisconsin due to budget constraints but still give state troopers a huge raise. And if elected, he will be the first President since Truman to not have a college degree (and only the second in over 100 years).
We've tried to get rid of him several times here in Wisconsin, but it never seems to work. I'm afraid way too much of the population at large would vote for him because they a)agree with him and b) like the idea that the POTUS can be a "regular guy", instead of wanting someone scarily smart in the job.
@7: Why do you care about the way he talks, when the content of what he says proves how profoundly dumb he is?
The only reason the issue of whether Obama loves the USA or not is 'controversial' is because Rudy 'proto-fascist pinhead' Giuliani decided to say something outrageous in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Given how Giuliani and many other prominent republicans work tirelessly to subordinate US welfare and interests to that of other countries and trans-national corporations (hello Saudi Arabia, Israel, Exxon-Mobil, TransCanada Corporation, etc. ), I can make a convincing case that Republicans, as a group and as individuals, do not love America. Indeed, I think an appropriate and accurate bumper sticker could be, "If you hate America, vote Republican."
Rudy Giuliani and Scott Walker, like most Republican politicians, are just whores who say whatever they think will appear to the base (who are morons).
Let's complete the list!

I'll bet he "isn't sure" that public education is as good (if not better), and certainly more cost-effective that privatized "charter-school" eduction.

He probably has doubts that state maintenance of state infrastructure is cheaper than doling out contracts to private entities for road & bridge maintenance.

He secretly worries that we aren't privatizing prisons fast enough.

@9, comparing Scott Walker to Abraham Lincoln is just grotesque.

I know you drool over the republicans, and that's fine. But compare Walker to your Saint Ronny Reagan or something. Reagan liked the idea of gutting unions too, which seems to be Walker's big claim to fame.
Paul, rumor you've left The Stranger? Could you please quash this rumor immediately before I fall into a profound depression, and probably de-bookmark SLOG?
@9 Lincoln's objective was to preserve the Union at any cost. Walker's objective is to privatize the Union. Somehow, freeing the American people for large corporations just doesn't' seem as noble.
It appears that Paul has been fired from the stranger.
@18: Mitt pls go
Paul is no longer working for the Stranger? I think that might be the last nail in the coffin, at least for me. I'm going to stop reading Slog regularly now.
@20: Fuck. The turnover in the last year has been incredible. Who is left? Dan, Eli, Brendan, and Charles? Is The Stranger being gutted? Are salaries being cut so they are losing their main talent? This is so disappointing.
@7: If you do not "believe" in evolution and that the climate is changing, you are an idiot. Full stop.
@20,21 - Christ, I know, right? The quality of Slog has been declining over the last year, and this will doubtless not help it. I hope we find out what's happening in there...
If there is a big change at the Stranger I'm sure the regular posters can keep the music playing. Do we really need a bandleader? I'm willing to post stuff people like to read about, I'm sure most won't like it but it will be controversial liberal ranting about the stupid republicans.

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