Handsome?? He looks like Voldemort.
Although Varoufakis sounds superficially Marxist, he's always been far too status quoy for my tastes, and I've disgreed with status quoy stuff he's spoken of in the past.

Interesting finance/econ video, titled the Princes of Yen:…
Oh yeah, I remember now what set me off about that fellow, he trivialized the process of "financialization" has having little effect on globalization and the economy!
@1, you took the words right out of my mouth!
I think they'll succeed in creating a Marxist paradise. It'll be Venezuela on the Mediterranean.
@6, The thing is the Greeks need some natural resource they could sell to fund their survival like the Venezuelans use oil. Greece only has Olive Oil:\
Charles -

I have purchased x pounds lemons, a blender, y blue plastic cups, z pounds of sugar, and I have rented a spot at an auto show.

I sell (a) cups of lemonade @ 1.00 each for a (p) of $ 1045.00

Today, I am a capitalist

wholesale markets.

Makes perfect sense to me. By this definition capital can be a social good where wealth is economic drag; with no social purpose.
Handsome? Uhhhh.....

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