The party of small government wants to check your birth certificate and your genitals before giving you permission to pee.
Why are conservatives so obsessed with other people's genitals and bathroom habits? So fucking weird.

Oh and before the chorus of idiots coems in to claim Dan is the bad person here for suggesting giving her urine: Keep in mind that Dan's suggetion is squicky but harmless, whereas Riddle's suggested bill is directly harmful for real people and serves only to belittle them out of spite.
The party of small government wants to check your birth certificate and your genitals before allowing you to pee.
Sorry for the double post.
I'm having trouble thinking of a test (besides forcing people to drop trou) that wouldn't inadvertently impact cis folks. Blood tests or other DNA tests relying on a karyotype would generate false positives on women with CAIS, and blood tests in particular would generate false positives on anyone who'd had a bone marrow transplant from a donor of the opposite sex. Republicans: inconveniencing people with chronic disorders in the name of harassing transsexuals!

And like was said in the last thread about this sort of thing, this would force big burly bearded transsexual men to use the ladies room, which TOTALLY wouldn't freak women out at all.
Riddle?! Does she have a brother called Jimmy?
>And since it would be easier to teach a mermaid to do the splits than to identity a transgender person with their clothes on, I suspect some sort of nudity check would be involved at the bathroom door.

This law is stupid, but let's not pretend that MtF folks still aren't a really easy guess most of the time.
I'm trying to come up with a new term for genital check.... I'm going to "Driddle" your genitals before you can use the bathroom.
Maybe Larry Craig can claim he was doing genital checks before it was cool.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know a DNA test wouldn't divulge a person's gender, as gender is generally assigned after an embryo has started developing. In other words it's congenital, not genetic.
maybe this is too much of a pedantic and naive nit-pick, but if this is what what the bill states: “a gender that is not the same gender as the individual’s gender”, then technically there's not much an issue.

Independent of that atrocious sentence, by the letter it shouldn't affect trans people since they are not doing anything other than being the gender that they actually are. In fact, this this bill would preclude a visibly trans person (say MTF) from dressing up as a guy and using the mens bathroom!

Yeah, yeah, I know that's not the intended reading, just thought it was non-zero funny
@11, you're totally right in the sense that ones chromosomes do not ineluctably lead to someone have some gender over another. Though the actual cause(s) of transgenderism is/are not known, there are at best correlations and best guesses.
Hey, I'm not too far from her office. Should I go and show her my genitalia ritht now?
Would this apply to women who jump in to use the men's bathroom when the line at the women's bathroom is too long?
Hey, I'm not too far from her office. Should I go show her my genitalia right now?
Here's the way they define gender in the bill (chromosomal gender controls, which is fucking ridiculous)"

For the purpose of this section, the gender of an individual is the gender established at the individual's birth or the gender established by the individual's chromosomes. A male is an individual with at least one X chromosome and at least one Y chromosome, and a female is an individual with at least one X chromosome and no Y chromosomes. If the individual's gender established at the individual's birth is not the same as the individual's gender established by the individual's chromosomes, the individual's gender established by the individual's chromosomes controls under this section.

And if you didn't previously know the makeup of your sex chromosomes-(say you've been a female your whole life), and you test as an XY female (not uncommon).... SURPRISE!!!
"Don't mail Debbie your urine. Drop those bottles off in her office instead."

If you can't afford to leave the bottle, just pour it.
Embryos have sex, not gender. One has a chromosomal sex, not gender. She has no idea what she’s talking about.
How does the law define gender? Does the law specify chromosomes? Genitalia? I'm assuming her goal is to treat pre-opp transpeople as the gender assigned at birth. But what about post-opp transpeople? What bathroom would a post-opp MtF be allowed to use, for example? Would they not be risking arrest no matter which restroom they used, depending on rather arbitrary interpretations of the arresting officer?
I suspect that's the point - bills like this only exist to make it more difficult to be trans. Lawmakers like this think that trans people are just doing it because their little friends think it's cool, and if it's not fun anymore nobody would be trans. They don't actually believe that anyone not just like them really exists.
I'm so so glad to be out of that hellhole of a state.
Even I can't pretend to have any doubt over this bill's intentions... but uh, at the risk of being daft: Is "gender" a legal term?

Like, I'm a man. If I were/became a trans woman, and therefore used a women's restroom, for all intents and purposes isn't my gender female? The science community uses sex, not gender, because gender is social construct and presumably mutable. Does the law follow the same precedent?
@11 the X and Y chromosomes carry different genes, and that can be identified. Technically gender gets "assigned" later on, but our scientific understanding of sex is genetic.
I suspect these nutty lawmaker people use the word "gender" rather than "sex" because sex is a rude word and their mom washes their mouth out with soap if they say it.
You guys should really read the bill tho.

A trans person using the "wrong" bathroom would be guilty of a misdemeanor. While that could carry a hefty fine and jail time, the reality is that will almost certainly never happen.

This bill is really aimed at "operator[s], manager[s], superintendent[s], or other person[s] with authority over a building" who "allow an individual ... to repeatedly enter a ... toilet facility ... that is designated for use by persons of a gender that is not the same gender as the individual's gender. A violation of this subsection is a state jail felony."

Hmmm, who might be in a position to "repeatedly" allow a trans person to use a gender-specified bathroom? A quick hitlist:
* Gay Bars (incl.)
* LGBTQetal resource centers and the like
* Doctors offices who serve trans people in any facility

I'd be surprised even if this bill passes (it won't) that a single trans person gets cited for using a restroom, in fact, I would bet that Riddle doesn't want anyone cited; rather, she's probably ratther they do use bathrooms in the gender of their choice so she could use subsection B to shut down those businesses/places I listed above.

So, trans people, breathe easy. Places for trans people... notsomuch.
At least you guys are seeing this shit on a state by state basis. The Canadian FEDERAL SENATE just amended an anti-discrimination law to specifically preclude trans people from using the appropriate bathroom in federal buildings. So, they used an anti-discrimination law to enshrine discrimination nation-wide.
Yay, Canada!
...time to move to New Zealand, seriously.
Aelias @29,
Actually they’re using an amendment to an anti-discrimination bill to block the entire bill, since the bill’s supporters won’t let it pass with that amendment. This nonsense has been going on for two years already.
Are all these republicans neanderthals? Any republicans out there can shed some light on why you guys are so fucked up? Sheesh!
One of the two major partis of a vast country has male and female politicians continuously obsessing over other people's genitals. Why ? Is it an Anglo-saxon thing, or a never getting laid thing ? In Europe a bill on restroom fines would be the laugh of all medias, and the politician who proposed it would have a hard time getting elected again.
@32 It's a republican thing. The party is fucked up about sex and gender bending and christian shit that people in the south are obsessed with because they are poor and stupid and the republicans LOVE these people because they can trick them into voting republican to SAVE THEIR LIVES from the liberal Democrats who will take away their Social Security and Welfare and toss them to the wolves!
I am convinced that republican simply hate people. All people, themselves included, and they can't feel satisfied unless they are making everyone, including themselves, miserable.

But that's just my personal observation.

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