Hmmm. Seems like Mr. Melman @1 is dead on. Nice job, Slovenia.
I bet SCOTUS was just waiting for Slovenia to weigh in before issuing a clear ruling in favor of equality.

Sorry. I'm bitter.
Great. Slovenia is now more progressive than the United States.

Yeah. That's right. Slovenia.
@3,4: So? If you know our courts, they have moved at lightning speed on this issue. And we are still ahead of Germany and Italy. The US isn't doing that bad, considering.
Some country names are just out of place in other languages, aren't they? I mean, what does a word like "Slovenia" bring to mind for an English-speaker? Slave, slavering, slovenly, slow, venal. It's unfortunate.

But, good for Slovenia! Our turn next.
@5 So there is only half as much gravel in the shit sandwich as there could be?

Right next door to the US is a very similar country and they have managed to figure out how to do right, over a decade ahead of us. Every single citizen in this country has reason to not be impressed. Especially those who still cannot receive full and equal rights.

You're right that we are no Uganda, and that Germany has been weirdly behind the curve, but neither of those are reasons to smile.

Lance @6 Slav and Slave are etymologically linked.
@7 - I knew that! (smiles nervously, eyes darting). What makes you think I didn't know that?

I am also aware of all internet traditions.

We'll get there. Maybe this summer, eh?
@7: Still, given our courts, we aren't doing that bad, considering. If I had to guess 5 years ago I would have thought we would be far behind Germany, Italy, and lots of other countries. One of the benefits of our common law legal system is that once it figures out the answer, it only takes a couple of years for it to trickle down, and once it trickles down it becomes as solid as a rock. Now we have 37 (or 38) states with SSM rights. We are more than a decade ahead of where I expected we would be 5 years ago. In 3 months I expect it to be 50 + territories.
delerian @9, sorry but I still disagree. Just because you accept the state of our judicial and political systems [not an un-realistic stance] doesn't mean that they are good.

At its core and its best, a judiciary is the body that protects those rights that are unpopular or politically impractical. In fact the distance at which our judiciary is lagging behind even public opinion is pathetic.

The fact that it is worse elsewhere in no way excuses the failure of our system to protect our rights. You know what they say about justice delayed...

[Cheers, Lance. I figured you did.]

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