hint please?
I wasted the last of my free monthly NYT articles on that and I still didn't see it.

I want my money back.
The butthole chair in the bathroom?
Totally agree.
Also tempted to click on the How Is This Still A Thing for Ayn Rand, but I I'm just not gonna do it.
@4 -- Actually, it's pretty worth it.
So the "do you see it too?" thing is somehow Ayn Rand related? Man, I hope this is the most confused I am about anything for the rest of today.
Sometimes a butthole chair is just a butthole chair.
"Upholsterer" isn't enough of a hint?
I love DST. One of my favorite days of the year, right up there with Halloween and Christmas. Since I work 9-5, it means I suddenly have a couple of hours after work to hike, bike run or go to the dog park. The 4 months of the year when I pretty much work all of daylight hours are over. I might be receptive to being on Permanent DST, with no change to standard time, but I would certainly resist permanent standard time, as I would loose about 170 hours of outdoor daylight time each season.
@9 +1 only people who have control over their own schedule wouldn't grasp why DST is such a wonderful thing. Even if you do have some control over your daily schedule, you can't just skip out at 3PM every day to grab a little sunlight time, because nobody is around to see you arrive at 6:30AM and even if they are, they still think, "what a slacker, always leaving so early".

@8 - honestly, I thought it was the chotchke on the counter of that bathroom...which was kind of embarrassing as well.
If you wade through the dozens of photos you will eventually come to the one titled "The Master Bathroom". There's an upholstered chair (ewww) which whimsically runs with the whole defecation theme.
A cheap German joke, Dan? Really? I thought you loved Berlin.

Anyway, I say thank fucking Chaos for DST! Dawn is well before 5:00 AM here as it is. Do you *really* want daylight outside your window at 3:30 in the morning?…
I am not opposed to DST. I am opposed to starting it THE BEGINNING OF FUCKING MARCH. And who moved it there? George W. Bush, Professional Idiot and one-time president.
I thought Ben Frankllln had a hand in Daylight Savings Time? Hanging out in Swingers Club (whatever the Hellfire's Club was when he was a member )and pushing Daylight Savings Time.. That is no correlation, it is obviously correlation..
Without DST, summer solstice sunrise in Spokane would be at 3:59 AM in the morning, and just after 4 AM here, meaning usable light would start at 3:15-ish AM!, and that would be a complete waste of beautiful summer daylight. North of 45 degrees latitude, we should be thankful for DST.
Upholstered chairs seem like a bad idea in the bathroom, but if you gotta have one, I guess it ought to be the one that looks like a butthole. The temptation to wedge a rolled-up pair of brown socks into the center of it would be hard to resist.
@16: My thoughts exactly. On the other hand, though, when the inevitable soiling does occur, it could probably be handled easily with just a little bleaching.
Allright, then -- I did see it. I guess I wasn't caught so much by the upholsetery, but rather by why in the hell they would place such a chair of any design or style in that place to begin. I mean, who's gonna sit there? Is someone gonna keep me company while I poop? That'd be great & all, I just wouldn't want to be expected to return the favor.
Why we still have daylight savings time:

1) When it's light out, people go out after work instead of staying home, and this stimulates the economy.

2) People like having some sunlight instead of getting their daylight solely through a windshield during their commute.

3) The reason we don't keep the clocks ahead all year is because the darkness early in the morning makes it dangerous for kids to get back and forth to school.

Also, the Germans may have been first to institute it, but Ben Franklin also came up with the idea (as a way of saving money on candles).
can we just have standard time then? cause i hate standard time.
Daylight saving might have made sense when cities were lit by candles. Now it's a useless holdover. I've never seen a convincing study showing a positive effect that wasn't explained better by a different phenomenon or disproved altogether by better research, and that includes the stuff on traffic accidents as well as energy usage and other economic impacts, and so much of that stuff is far more beholden to regional (both cultural and latitudinal differences) than a shift of one hour.
Our work day starts at 7. We need more daylight in the morning, not at night, so i can be up and get things done before work. The "extra" hour at night is a waste- i'm too tired by then and have too many household duties then. If you're not working until 9am, then you've got plenty of time in the morning to get some sun. If i had control of my own schedule, dst wouldn't matter- i'd do things on my schedule and nevermind what time everyone thinks it is. But i don't. Sunrise at 4am would not bother me. Sounds perfect. I could have 2 or 3 hours to go for a walk, read, putter in the garden, or do whatever before everyone else wakes up needing breakfast. DST year-round would be horrid. It would be dark until 8 or 9 am in winter!
If I am elected I promise to institute a 23-hour day every day, with a five-minute "party time" added at 23:00 during which low-quality government-provided red wine will be freely dispensed from hoses in every town center, making each day 23:05 in duration. Free yourself from the tyranny of light and dark.
I am embarrassed at my clean-mindedness. I see it now.
@23 The end of the day is much warmer than dawn. It's almost always below 60 degrees at dawn, usually well below, not ideal for outdoor activity if you like warmth. Also, more likely to be foggy. While I agree that there are some people that would prefer light from 3:30(!) to 8:50 instead of 4:30 to 9:50, they are clearly the minority. Even with DST I know of few people who get up to enjoy the 4:30 am twilight in June. I realize it's 9 pm and you've been asleep for 2 hours, so this comment will be waiting when you wake up in a few hours. :)

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