Perfect! Thanks, I needed a laugh.
Personally, I prefer to drink my whiskey squirted into my mouth by a prostitute. Can I drink marijuana like that?
That look on her face, that's what pure joy looks like.
Marijuana really needs to contact the people that put together this awesome Sizzler ad and get the "America's Smoking Weed!" feelgoodtimes rolling. Or just have a hit and watch the ad, that's prob fun too.…
There's even mainstream country artists who are on the weed train. America is waking up. It's not just for urban weirdos anymore.
"mainstream country artists" Willie Nelson??

The times really are a-changin'.
How many people live in this house? So multicultural too. Like the painting. Hope they have lots of bathrooms
After seeing those pics, I now hate pot smokers for an entirely different reason.
This is what pot smokers who have real jobs and don't read the Stranger look like. Except for the last one. That one is just weird. So laugh all you want, but your laughter is just more hipster bullshit.
In which we learn the difference between professional stock photography and "*snrk* *cough* *giggle* ohmigod youguys youguys youguys, we've got to take some stock photography [laughs uncontrollably for 90 seconds] oh shit Branon go get the Nikon, we have to do this, Mirriam can put it up on the intranet after the UI/UX steering meeting on Monday..."
Looks like the yoga dude in photo #4 stole the painting from the stoner couple in photo #1.

Emily Noke's cartoon of quietly panicking while high and at the Self Checkout Lane at the grocery store is so, so, so much more accurate.
In nearly all the photos that feature a person of color, that person is the one holding the paraphernalia.
@6, not like Willie. Willie is cool. I'm talkin about Eric Church. Lame generic country, but his crew shirts have pot leafs all over them, and he even has songs about smoking weed.
Now I associate pot smokers with shitty furniture and bad art even more.

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