Sounds like a fun event. Remember: the Port brought us WTO too.
Sydney, I have really appreciated your reporting on the Arctic Drilling issue so far. But I think you are starting to get a wrong angle at it. There's no reason to divide between a social and an environmental concern here. It's about people AND polar bears! The way things go with Global Warming, polar bears are likely to go extinct before us. Not to pay attention to this or have compassion for it doesn't seem to be the right or the smart thing to do.
On the other hand, when talking about people, we should start to include those in town who will suffer the consequences of an oil spill first: the fishermen and maritime workers, the fishmongers, restaurant workers and owners, and many in the tourist industry - a big oil spill like the one in the Gulf of Mexico would be disastrous to their livelihoods.
NASCAR's first hydrogen-powered pace car hits the track…
WTO? Really? 40,000 people in the streets from all over the world. Shell NO! 300 tops. (sorry organizer but counting by 4's would be the only way you could estimate more than a thousand)
@3 you're still a dumbass and hydrogen is still not a fuel.

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