Cecily Strong tried - and some of her jokes did land - but it was impossible to follow Obama, who was on fire throughout his set. It didn't help that several of Strong's jokes were essentially the same as Obama's. They should have coordinated with each other to avoid overlap. I wouldn't say Strong bombed completely, but too many of her jokes just fell flat.
"The woman from snl" - what sexist bs is that?!?! Fuck that shit.
@2 - she's a woman, and she's from SNL. Those two facts together = sexism? If it had been a "guy from SNL", I'm guessing that would have been ok, right?
Nobody will top Stephen Colbert's 2006 performance because he had the balls to speak truth to power.
POTUS would have been even funnier without Luther the anger translator.
The NPR program "On the Media" did a wonderful show on The White House Correspondents Dinner last year.…

They call it "a perfect joke".
Obama/Luther may have been funnier, but Cecily Strong's joke about lack of police accountability for the deaths of black men was the line of the night.

@2: Huh???
@8 when it was colbert or seth myers, people didnt generalize them as "the guy from snl" or "the guy from comedy central". This is similar to referring to men by their last name and refering to women by their first.
Look, it's not as though Cecily Strong has a humongous national profile. She doesn't have a standup career, or a show of her own like Colbert or Meyers. "That woman who used to do the news on SNL" is undoubtedly how most Americans think of her. I'm sorry but I'm just not seeing the implied insult here.
@10 and how do you build name brand when people refuse to use your name?
Also seth myers hosted before having his own talk show but he still wasnt referred to as the guy from snl
@j2patter, the first option in the poll doesn't name Barack Obama, but instead references what he's best known for. This decisively proves that that's all happening with Cecily Strong.
@2. You're seeing something that's not there. Look at the lines above the videos. Dan uses their names in the actual article. Then, in the poll, he uses descriptions without names.
Cecily Strong was far better than Joel McHale last year. Obama's always hard to follow though, since he's the president, not a designated funny person. Any joke of his that's even remotely funny gets him bonus points, and it's also exciting to see him dare to make fun of himself or anyone else. The jokes of someone whose official job it is to tell jokes don't pack that same punch.
Damn. That reminded me of how much I used to like Obama. I know that any president has to play the game, and can never move every issue forward at speed, but this here was a man saying things he believed with humor and conviction.

Well done, Mr. President.
@13, alright from now on the female reporters at the stranger shall be refered to as "the woman from the stranger", nothing wrong with that right?
@matt - president is a title, "woman from snl" isnt
Shes the 4th woman in 82 yrs of the dinner, so the least dan could do is give her enough respect to use her name in the poll....
"Woman arent funny" is a long standing barb thrown against female comics. So to reduce ms strong to her gender you are playing into this sterotype.
@ j2patter, you take things out of its contrxt to make your point. The female reporters if The Stranger weren't at the WHCD nor were they mentioned in this ppst. Obama has a title and Ms Strong does not. And I don't know if 19 and 20 are intended to be addressed to me, but they certainly don't address anything I wrote.
@matt, yes she does have a title, comic or comedian, thats her job title. Her job title isnt "woman". And if its fair to refer to woman not by their titles but by their gender then its fair to refer to all the stranger female reporters as "the woman from the stranger".

The point is society reduced women to their gender all the time. This is just one more example of it.
Jesus j2patter, as a woman I just have to tell you to lay it off. You are reaching quite a bit and the more you press this, the worse you look. You made your point, now let it go.
@ 22, no. Your job is not also your title, in most cases, including that of comic. And if you could tally up all the times so guy was referred to as "that man" (or guy, or dude, etc), you'd see it evens out.

Besides, aren't you glad of the progress? It's not so long that it would have been acceptable to call her "that girl from SNL." If Dan had said that, we'd all be right there with you. As it is, you're objectively wrong.
@24 is right, your job title isn't your title.

Also, her most important job isn't to tell jokes, it's to make babies. And I think she tells great jokes for a baby-maker. Can't we all just be happy with the progress we've made?
@24 so her title is "woman"? How did you make that leap in logic. Her title on the role at the dinner was either host, comedian or comic.

And progress is great. So its great that dan didn't infantilized ms strong, but he still reduced her to her gender.

Go a head, find me other posts where dan used "the man from" x.
@ 26, don't be dense. She has no title. And don't be bouncing all over the place - your context was the world in general, not Slog or Dan's posts in specific. Throwing down that challenge is a huge movement of the goalposts.
I think being grateful that she wasn't called "girl" was a good goalpost. Touchdown, women!
@matt so host isn't a title? Whose being dense.

And my criticism is with dan and slog. My context was this post.

j2patter - amen.
j2patter - wha?? You clearly need a hobby. You're insufferable, I can't imagine what an awful dinner companion you'd be. You've created a minefield of political sensitivity out of thin air and in the process turned people off to analyzing actual instances of sexism or bias with this nonsense.

You're a champ at turning people against you who would otherwise be on your side 99% of the time.

But by all means - flame away at Dan, he's *such* an insensitive sexist ass. (And by "he's" I mean "you're")
@31 -- You sound pretty terrible too.

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