Dan. Stop it. You're hot. Simple fact.

But Dan, you are sexy. And HUMP, which I've seen for the past 2 years in San Francisco, was great! Truly the only porn I have ever actually liked.
Funny, creative, intelligent, hot.
I can't wait to someday go to the festival and get to vote. Or maybe make a film myself.
Please come back to Philly! Last time there was a show stopping blizzard! Come back!
Aw, shucks Dan. Take a compliment fer chrissakes, and give those ladies a wink and blow a kiss while the soundtrack in your head gleefully sings 'dream on....dream on!'

When's Hump coming to the land of hula, coconuts and mahu?
You are sexy, Dan! Also please consider coming to Washington DC. If there is any place in the world that cold use a little fun film making around sex, it's this place.
Adding my voice to those who want HUMP! in their area, this Tucsonan will road trip to see it if you bring it to the Southwest.
Aw shucks.
Who ist even hotter than Dan? Yepp, Dan and Terry! You two, leak a video on the internet already... Pretty please? With sugar and cream on top?
Dan, when even straight guys (like me) recognize that you're sexy, take the compliment and say "thank you" already.

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