Interesting that black American's embrace the very religion that placed a curse on them simply due to skin color and was used to justify keeping them as owned property for centuries. Chris Rock is right about them having one damn short memory.
TL;DR: Progress.
Man I want to get behind ethnic businesses but seriously a christian t-shirt shop is a really bad idea for a business even if it was in the heart of the south. Seems like you could sell those shirts at the local mini mart along with the rags, knock of NFL hats and looney tunes posters.
Charles, I guess you are against the change in businesses then. It's obvious you categorize spiritual people as a "class" here so you don't have to be explicitly racist. Hopefully this business gets the diverse crowd it is marketing to so you can be pleasantly surprised.
the Af-Am Community could use a little less Jesus, frankly.
The lord moves in mysterious ways, Charles.

We look forward to photos of you wearing a christian T-shirt, or doing yoga. Your choice.
Live near there. Never saw anyone in the t-shirt shop and rarely saw it open. Not sure how it lasted as long as it did. I will miss the flea market/doggy daycare that PCC replaced.
I live one block away. In 8 years I never saw one person walk in the door of that place, and the place was rarely ever open. I have also waited 8 years for gumbo friday at the Southern Caterer next door. One day!
@7, @8

So how's the food-n-furniture at Jumbo? I've made a note to try it when I need both at the same time, but haven't had the opportunity yet.
Cue the persecuted Christians complaints in 3... 2... 1...
Ditto for never seeing anyone go into that business.

@9 Boss Cocktail lounge is amazing. Jumbo just ok.
@9 The food is great and the furniture is awful. Can't wait for that whole corner to get torn down and TOD'd.
@9 - The food is pretty nasty at Jumbo, but at least the portions are large. Ditto the bar. And if you have kids there is a lot of room for them to run around and no one seems to mind. The south end is still waiting for our excellent Chinese restaurant.
I think that store possibly went out of business because it “provided Christian-themed street gear to young people who wanted to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ and hip at the same time” – that’s so lame.
Has the STRANGER lost its collective mind or just its relevance?
I applaude any south end business bringing "exercise" to the community, that it is intentionally targeting the diverse community is even better! I hope the "diverse attraction" includes scholarships for those financially challenged.
Charles Muddled...
Strange that the hand-wringers on the left are comfortable with evidence and science on the matters of environmental climate -- but struggle mightily with the science of social and economic climate. When people create a community that is a lower standard than the adjacent alternatives then prices crash and attract creators, typically artists, entrepreneurs, foodies, experimenters. Gentrification isn't a problem. It's a symptom.

The best way to preserve traditionally black neighborhoods is for them to be a lot less like the history of traditional black neighborhoods.
This is Daphne, one of the owners of Tiger Lily Yoga. We are striving to invest our resources and hearts into the community in which we live and to create a space where all of the diverse members of our communty are welcomed.
I'm not entirely sure the angle of this article, but that's where we stand.
PS, Charles, I was raised in a devoutly religious AND spiritual family. My parents meditate, are both experts in Vedic science (Ayurveda and Sthapatya Veda), and serve as eucharistic ministers for their church. I consider myself a Christian. It sounds like, according to you, yoga is not for me. We're focused on building bridges not walls and opening minds like yours to see that yoga ought not be confined to whatever "class". Come join us for a free class and see what you think.

Charles Mudede is an idiot and hypocrite. He wants to complain about "gentrification"? Take a look at his Stranger profile picture; for someone who preaches as much as he does in his articles.. at least lose the bourgeois profile picture.

Really? A Christian-themed street gear clothing store with a target demographic consisting of young adults? I can't think of a contrived, niche market more out of synch with modern youth, and destined for failure. Championing lost causes and deriding entrepreneurship is short-sighted and brining irrelevant focus the LGBT angle is not-so-subtle bigotry.

News flash: If "the neighborhood already has two such businesses" and there is market-share enough for a third, it doesn't take an economist to realize that there is a demand that is simply being met. Charles knows nothing about building a small business; the planning, the personal commitment, not making enough for rent, the sweat and tears, and at its tip, was the courage to take the leap of faith and go all-in. A small business takes years to nurture and reach profitability, something that Charles has no experience with. Like a typical whiny, entitled coward, it's easy to criticize those that "do" when you "do-not". When I see a new small business emerge I root for their success as we all win in the end.
@18: Don't worry about this article at all, Mudede may have a byline, but he hardly ever writes anything sensical or relevant, and is nowhere near the pulse of any community.

He is pretty much seen as a joke around here.
I'm not into yoga either, but calling it un-American and claiming it is only for a certain class of people? And the skin color of business owners is supposed to be interesting when unsustainable businesses fail? What a load of shit-stirring hypocrisy... again. Isn't it clear that readers have had about all the Mudede we can tolerate? After Dan Savage, he's probably the most referenced writer in comment strings, but in the case of Mudede, it's because his sociopolitical contributions are just so consistently awful.
@22's all Charles knows how to do! Not everyone is outfitted with full-time Conspiracy Goggles the way Mr. Mudede is, or has this forum to present such inane rantings - it's his special gift to the world!
Christianity to 'Vedic science' is a lateral movement, not backwards and unfortunately not forwards. There is only 'science'. If a field of study breaks its tenets, it is not science.
@24, if it pleases you we can refer to it as Vedic knowledge. Ayurveda is "forward" if you ask me... I've been an RN for 17 years and can say I've known countless examples of Ayurveda moving patients dramatically forward when "science" could not. I prefer to appreciate the merits of both, as do many of the physicians with whom I work.
Science is catching up with satisfying itself with the usefulness of complimentary holistic modalities, meditation... And yoga... Ta Dah!
A big happy family :)

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