I am Cherdonna. Tell no one.
I didn't think there was a conspiracy before, but now that you've denied it so vehemently, I fully believe there's a conspiracy.
I am outraged by the very suggestion that the Stranger's arts coverage and/or Genius Awards would be used to reward personal friends of staff members.
Let's just look at the facts, shall we? Goldy and Paul Constant expressed reservations about the amount of Cherdonna coverage. Both were released. Dominic Holden suggested a different dancer be nominated. He was given his mincing papers.

A brave voice from the internet calls out the obvious pattern of favoritism, and the Stranger doubles down on coverage. Suddenly, there are more covers, articles, award nominations, photo spreads, tote bags and vacation packages.

Here's Brendan Kiley's review of the show you over-hyped:…

It really reads like he's straining to say something positive. And he's IN ON THE CONSPIRACY!

It's one thing if you want to give the people on your softball team a grant or a check. But have the decency to do it discretely. Quit flicking mascara in our faces and telling us it's raining.

You're forcing an inferior product on us and shouting about how great it is. If it's good, people will figure it out without your help. You've done all you can.

Cherdonna remains my spirit animal. As a result, each Cherdonna-related reference, cover, feature brings me joy.
I too have often been tempted to assume that the Stranger's puzzling hysteria for certain performers or shows must be motivated by undisclosed financial or personal interest, but eventually I decided that it could be sufficiently explained by the inability to distinguish bad art from good art.
Something Lynchian this way comes...
@7, god bless you. Should have used Occam's Razor. You're probably exactly right. This Frizzelle person just can't tell the difference anymore. Too many Negronis in the backs of too many machine shops have blunted his beak. It's not about money or favors after all. It's as simple as having terrible taste. Thank you.
Cherdonna may be droll and unimaginative, but her shtick is right up The Stranger's alley. This would support the theory that this is about bad taste and bandwagoning rather than some actual conspiracy.
All I know is that I saw her perform at a show in February and she was fucking hilarious. And I usually hate drag.
I love her style, especially her HAIR. Her stylist is FUCKING GENIUS!!
Shut up, Roland, you hairdresser, you.

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