Star Tribune:

Some parents are outraged after the leader of a small Minneapolis private school took about a dozen middle- and high-school-aged students on a sex education field trip to an adult novelty store late last week. “It’s just a major breach of trust,” said Lynn Floyd, whose 11- and 13-year-old daughters were part of the outing to the Smitten Kitten. “You just can’t erase those images.”

A leader of Gaia Democratic School and the host of the field trip defended the outing, saying the visit capped a monthslong sex education class. Director Starri Hedges, who also teaches the school’s sex education class, said she wanted to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to learn about human sexual behavior.

It's not clear what images need erasing since the kids weren't exposed to much in the way of images:

While at Smitten Kitten, students sat in the front in a library section of the store, Hedges said. Everything deemed pornographic was off limits to the students, though sex toys and other products were visible, Hedges said.

So a small number of middle- and high-school-aged students saw some sex toys across a crowded room, they asked some questions, and a few of them purchased condoms... and now the police are looking into whether a crime was committed. Because we want our kids to learn about sex from hardcore online porn, not from sex shops that emphasize consent, pleasure, and respect. (And non-toxic, phthalates-free sex toys.) Parents should've been given a heads up, of course, and most reasonable people think middle schoolers are far too young to be interested in sex toys or porn. Meanwhile middle schoolers are out there making their own pornography.