wait until the debates--he's going to kick all of their asses.
Were I not a registered Republican, I would gladly vote for Sanders in the MD primary.
Doy this is the intended link:…
This straw poll has as much meaning as the Iowa straw poll. Bernie will do well in some places but will not be truly serious threat to Clinton for the nomination.
It's just nice to see Bernie getting some attention. He's openly (and intelligently) discussing huge issues like student debt, taxing billionaires, military spending, minimum wage, and climate change. I find it refreshing compared to the staunch, carefully scripted political rhetoric characteristic of corporate Democrats.
The right has a steaming pile of hypocrisy and crazy, and the left has pretty much settled on a center-right insider without much discussion.

If the next presidential contest is Bush v. Clinton, I think we will seriously have to consider whether or not this is--in any meaningful sense--a democracy.
Bernie's awesome. I'm so glad he's in the race and I hope he stays in as long as possible and keeps that pressure on her from the left. But he's no threat to Clinton.
Mr O - and it will carry over to the next generation, as it's so much easier to recycle familiar names.

I just hope this doesn't deliver an undeserved hit to the reputation of John Quincy Adams.
bernie has my support until the second she has the nomination. then i'm 100% hillz because the GOP nom will be a steaming pile. i don't even need to pay attention.
Eugene McCarthy creeping up on Hubert Humprey.

This kind of weakness on the part of The Inevitable might signal it's time for Joe Kennedy III to "courageously" throw his hat in the ring (he'll be 35 just before the election).
I'm glad to see Bernie making an impact (I'll be fine with Hillary, my expectations were low enough that so far I've been pleasantly surprised). I hope he has an effect on the debates and ultimately on the policies. I'd love for him to be president, although I'm skeptical that he could win against one of the stronger GOP candidates.

But to give a little perspective: Michele Bachmann won the Ames Iowa straw poll. This Wisconsin straw poll might be less of a sideshow, but it's still not a representative sample of primary voters. Even in New Hampshire, right next door to Bernie's home state, she's polling 30 points ahead among voters, not convention-goers. So I rather doubt Hillary is worried.
Yep, a straw poll with a $50 entrance fee is truly representative of the Democratic party.
...Is it just me, or did a Matthew Vines post prior to this one go down the memory hole?
@15, I was wondering the same thing. I wanted to re-read it but it's gone.
Please don't but into the clap trap argument that Jeb vs Hilary is not a real choice. While parts of their agendas will be similar, their supreme court nominees, their views on equality, right to chose, right to be free from religion all will differ in huge ways that will reverberate in our country for far more years than the next president will serve.

Do you want a president who will pursue cases like Terry Schiavo? Who will not pursue woman's rights, gay rights, voting rights with any fervor?

Jeb Bush presided over a purge of voter rolls in 2000 that calls into question the election and the election of George Bush. And having him as president won't have an effect on the current wave of right wing supported voter suppression?

Please, please, please wake up. It was the left, who by not showing up at the polls that brought about the current control of both houses by the right wing. It is the left, that by not voting in local elections that allows for the current make up of state congressional and legislative districts (not in all cases, but in a huge number).

Apathy is just wrong, cowardly and stupid. Learn the real positions of candidates (which means not listening to the sound bites on the news or just reading the headlines on Politico, The Hill etc, but actually listening to the long form speeches of the candidates. Then go vote!

People who are apathetic and say there is no choice give that choice to the ones who are motivated.

We would have a real left alternative if the left were to vote like the right does.
Bernie has not much chance, despite his policies being exactly what America needs right now.

His real value lies in pulling Hillary further left on some issues, namely income inequality and making education affordablr again. It's already started working, as evidenced by Hills recent comments about a higher minimum wage and strong collective bargaining rights
@15 No it's not just you. WTF Dan? I know you love you some Mathew Vines as much as I do. Why the fuck did you pull the post down? WTF?

grumble grumble...

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