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Richmond Beach used to have a nude area. Not sure if they do now
Unofficially, Howell Park in Madrona
Denny Blaine has for decades been somewhat clothing optional, depending on if the fuzz is cracking down or not.
There used to be a spot north of Carkeek beach, but that was 20 years ago, and it was somewhat hazardous to access since you had to cross the BNRR tracks to get to it. Other than that, Denny Blaine, or a few isolated spots in the north part of the Arboretum, I don't know of any - but it's not like I'm in-the-loop or anything.
The Naked Beach (Howell Park) is the public access point next door to Denny Blaine. It's all naked all the time. Go before 4 pm, because that's when the shade sets in and it gets chilly!
5 i remember that from high school in the 80's. there was an overpass from the lot to the beach though if i remember correctly.

The overpass is still there, but frequently the tide is high enough that you couldn't walk along the beach and you had to climb back up onto the RR siding to get to it.
Cover your bathing suit area, folks. There's a reason it's called PUBLIC space. Don't feel comfortable? Go home.
Unless you really crave being in the midst of a gaggle of other people, lace up your boots or cinch up your Chacos and head up a trail to find your own secluded forest glade or lake shore. You're not likely to see many people more than a mile beyond trailhead and more than a hundred yards off trail, and the ones who do stumble across you aren't likely to care.

Bring sunscreen--high elevations greatly increase the amount of UV that gets through.

Scenic Boys seems to be defunct (not that Kelly O will be interested, but there's still some beautiful photos lingering on the web:……
Fraternity Snoqualmie is OK, but if you can finagle an invite to the Lake Bronson Club outside of Sultan you will find much larger grounds for hiking (with a trail to a waterfall!) and a refreshing natural pond. FS has a swimming pool and the trails quickly pass their boundaries so you need to have more than hiking boots on. Both places have really nice people, as is usually found at clothing-optional clubs.
Legally speaking, you can be naked as a jaybird in Washington's public spaces, as long as you're not, uh, manipulating anything pink.

But practically speaking, there are cops in this town who, if you so much as scratch an itch on your inner thigh, will claim that they observed you committing a lewd and unmistakably sexual act, and pepper the report with florid language describing the conspicuous reflection in your face and body language of a crescendo of physical tension, rising minute after minute, to an eventual collapse into visible relief.

With that in mind, I suggest safety in numbers. Skinny-dippers should organize, unofficially, places and times to soak. As a matter of politeness, secluded areas are best.

But you don't need to ask anyone's permission.

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