...and don't bring them with you to the farmer's market, either, please!
I have a dog that I love, but I think taking it into a business is appalling. I can't believe these stores put up with it. Ultimately it is their fault for not standing up to the minority of people who think it's OK.

I'll take dogs to children any day. Children are awful.


These people just can't fathom how everyone else isn't as enamored with Sprinkles as they are themselves. Leave your lovable, sweet, furry friend at home or tied up outside. For every one person who wants to pet your poochie, there are three others who see you as as entitled, arrogant , and self-centered. Dogs don't belong in restaurants, coffee shops or grocery stores and those businesses shouldn't put up with it.

No one should bring their dog into a grocery store - there are frequently food displays that go all the way to the store, and I have yet to see a dog owner in a grocery store that was paying one iota of attention to their dog - but when it comes to cafes, bars, restaurants, let the owners decide what they want to do, and then let the market decide.

Yeah, and while we're at it, let's ban children under the age of seven from stores - have you SEEN what those little disease-vectors put in their spit-dribbling mouths using their filthy hands that they then paw all over everything? Also, homeless people, because who knows if they even wash or what they use to wipe their asses with? And old people, because they smell funny and that can't be good to have around my organic, GMO-free, fair-trade endive! In fact, I'd like to ban everyone BUT me from stores, because I don't know where the rest of you have been, or what you do, and it would just be safer that way. And please keep the store employees at a safe distance - say 20 feet minimum - from me while I'm shopping, because I'm pretty damned sure you've picked up something along the way, and I don't want it, whatever it is!

eh! this here is a certified service Pangolin!
And dogs in coffee shops and restaurants is also fucking disgusting. I'm eating, I don't want your fucking Fido sniffing my ass or crotch!
@7 As already mentioned here, dogs aren't people.

And that somehow makes them LESS disgusting than people?
Or rather, MORE disgusting than people? At least dogs clean themselves on a regular basis - sure, they use their own tongues, but that still puts them above a large portion of humanity.
Also, QFC is to blame as they never enforce their policy that is ignored by dog owners.
This is the result of every dog in the US now being claimed as a "service animal".
this should be your cover story for a year straight. were being over-run by these entitled, PC pussies. "its your world!" "just do it!". Ya'll are mostly to blame for this general decline so ya'll should step up and make it right!
What is clickbait?
pretty much any public park is off limits now if you were thinking about walking barefoot in the grass or god forbid have a checkerboard picnic. every square foot of city park is covered with a layer of shit smear. iwould honestly rather have these assholes leave the steaming pile as warning beacon than leave behind a barely visible softserve landmine for my kid to mop up with his trousers. god help us all
1. I have both a kid (3.5 year old girl) and a dog (8 year old terrier).
2. I'm pro-dogless stores and markets 1000%. Though I'm on the fence about dogless bars, depending on how divey the bar is. That said, keep your dogs at home, folks.
3. If my kid acts up/gets too loud in a store, justice is swift, quiet and efficient. She knows going to the store is a privilege, and if she doesn't have good manners, there'll be consequences. The earlier she learns to do this now, the better. Because, unlike dogs, kids will eventually turn into (either pro- or anti-kid) adults.

I also don't make a big scene of it either. I can't stand parents who do nothing to discipline unruly kids in public -- same goes for restaurants -- but ditto goes parents who scream at their kids in public too.
1) There is a difference between a service dog and a comfort animal.
2) Comparing dogs to children is ridiculous. If you want to consider your animals your children, great. But they are not humans. If you don't like children, at least try to remember that you were a child once.
your friendly reminder didn't seem very friendly at all. i'd like my money back, please.
A friendly reminder, the world doesn't revolve around you, whether you're dogless or not.
You don't get to tell everyone else what to do, just because you feel slightly uncomfortable.
Since the television is dominated by dog and cat shows, everyone needs one or two. I like what Jesus said about dogs-"Feed the babies before the dogs." Yea, a lot of starving people in this world, yet everyone has to have a dog and a cat. Go for it. Live your selfish lives to the fullest.


No, thanks, I don't want your crying, drooling child anywhere near the deli where I shop. And no, I don't want your crying, drooling, whimsically named child anywhere near my produce either. And no thanks, I don't want to smile your stupid child who's now just started staring at me like the devil's own spawn. Oh hey, what do you know, your child just pooped it's pants and the check out like smells like a latrine.

Why are there so many kids everywhere suddenly? Why are there so many grocery stores overrun with kids? Why does everyone who likes kids assume that everyone likes kids?

Hey, I have an idea! Could you just leave your kid with a sitter? You're at the grocery store and other people have to deal with your very not cute offspring.

I'm ambivalent on dogs in grocery stores. Given the impossibility of modern life--everyone's poor, overworked and has no time--I can see how things got to this dog-filled point. That said, I wouldn't bring my dog to a grocery store. If I had a dog.

Let's ban babies from stores. They are horrible, poop themselves & their screams are blood curdling. Also let's ban people in flip flops from stores because they always have the nastiest hooves. And people with BO need to go as well. As for dogs... well I don't agree that they belong in grocery stores either but the food is not floor-level with them and tying them up outside is dangerous (sometimes you don't plan your grocery store trip and just need to run in for one quick item) but this kind of overreaction is moot since service dogs are legal and should always be legal. Nobody is assuming you love their dog or expecting you to love their - but they love their companion so fuck-all what some whiny ass hipsters think. Also, dogs do need to be socialized or y'all are the first to bitch about that too. Here's a thought: If you have a problem with other people, animals, stores, policies whatever else... then perhaps living in a large city is not for you. Stop trying to be the social-police and go back to your cave.

I've never seen a dog in a public place or store openly go after food/displays/etc. Also, dogs bark. It's what they do sometimes. The world is full of lots of sounds.
I just adopted a rescue dog, who was found tied up to a pole and left to die outside by some truly awful people. He is small, clean, and well behaved. He is my pet and companion and I take him mostly wherever I go. If I am asked to leave bc they don't allow dogs, I will, and will frequent another place that allows dogs instead--but I take him with me until I am asked to leave (and RARELY has this happened). This whole thing seems to be based on the presumption that all dogs are dirty, loud, bad creatures, which is NOT TRUE. The only reason why some dogs would be these things is from their neglectful owners. Get over it, people. Dogs have been the companions of humans for thousands of years, and the future looks increasingly pet-friendly to me. Oh and btw-- some of the nicest people I've met out in public (and I meet and talk to a lot more strangers now that I have a dog) are dog owners. If u want to go to the store, sorry, but u might just run into me and my sweet dog.
Everything in this article and most comments are complete prejudiced generalizations. Get over it a dwelling to seattle.
People who are incapable of separating themselves from their dogs for the length of a grocery shopping trip are kind of pathetic.
*welcome to Seattle, not "dwelling to Seattle" :) autocorrect fail!
@29 it's not being "incapable of separating ourselves" --it's simply making the choice to take them with us, because why not?

Can't be more disgusting than the bird droppings, rodent feces, and sometimes even human excrement you can regularly encounter in a park. And you know what else? Fish piss in lakes and streams!
With all the crap that is going on in the world and this is what you chose to write your histrionic hissy fit about!?!
I have an honest question as someone who hasn't owned a dog since I was a kid. Is it considered bad/unsafe/rude/neglect to leave your dog tired up r to a pole outside a store? I used to do this with my dog and it worked fine. Is that not okay anymore? Are people worried their purebreds are going to get stolen? Or likely? Or what?
Q: Is it legal to bring dogs into a bar or restaurant?

A: “The simple answer to the question is ‘no’ except for service animals,” said David Gifford of the State Department of Health. “Animals (or) pets are not allowed in food establishments in Washington State – and bars are defined as food establishments.”
I love my dog, but I don't take him to the grocery store. He's big, he's hairy and sometimes he's got dingleberries. People who do bring their dogs, are just trying to draw attention to themselves. And size doesn't matter with this. Don't put your little hairy rat in the baby seat. That's where I put my tomatoes!
Dogs should not be allowed in grocery stores especially... some people have allergies.
Oops, meant 'lonely' not 'likely'


Hating dogs, bikes vs. cars, those are the topics that will get the comments, since no one really cares that much about the Stranger's infrequent news coverage any more.
@36 really, ALL people who bring their pets with them to places are trying to get attention? Also, I don't think I've ever seen a giant dog in a grocery store...

@37 I'm pretty sure the grocery store is FULL of things that cause allergies.

All you commenters' anti-pet arguments suck.
You see that here in Los Angeles, too, and not just in delis. They're in Ralphs and Vons. Jeez, I thought there was a health code law forbidding animals (except seeing-eye dogs) almost everywhere. It should be enforced. Leave the animal at home because I don't like the tied-up-outside thing either. Don't know why there are so many more dogs around. I'm hoping they're adoptions. That'd be fabulous. But don't like dogs? You're missing out on some great love and companionship.
WTF is with all the sociopaths who need to have dogs in crowded urban areas? It's unsanitary, narcissistic, and cruel to the little shit-factories. @41- amen. And special mention to the non-handicapped fuckwads with 'Service Animal' vests on their Mobile Poop Units. Drop the fuck dead.
Next time I'm around Capitol Hill I'm going to bring a drone to film my dog as I let it wander around freely. I'll make sure to invite some of the newest Amazon employees down for a drink afterwards and we'll all drive one car to a person. Then we'll talk about forming an investment group and getting into real estate in the area. Maybe a condo development geared towards dog-obsessed drone enthusiasts...
I forgot to add something about Shell. Dammit.
I am not a fan of screaming, drooling children any more than I am a fan of some shitty dog. The difference I guess is that kids mostly grow up to be real-live people whom we have to interact with in substantive ways, so the process of them learning cultural and social norms is important. We as a society have a part to play, including putting up with them as tiny, squalling shit factories. Your dog, on the other hand, is always going to be gross until it gets to be 10-15 years old and dies. I like dogs, but they don't really belong in cities, and they really don't belong in food service locations of any sort.
I am not a dog lover. Dogs are not people. When I was a child, dogs were not allowed in restaurants or grocery stores by law. Have the laws changed or are people just ignoring the law?

You haven't seen one yet! But I have, several times. Just last Thursday I saw a guy pushing his big old dog in a shopping cart around the store. It was wearing sunglasses. And, he was eating up the "Oh how cute!(s)" with a big ass spoon.
People are ignoring the law, and businesses are mostly choosing to not enforce it bc it's not a great law (most people like dogs, including workers/managers/owners of businesses), and they'd be alienating a part of their clientele by asking them to leave
@49 but it doesn't sound like his dog being in that cart with sunglasses and other people thinking it was cute was hurting YOU.

And don't try the unsanitary argument-- those carts aren't sanitary regardless, as is the entire store
@33 it's Frizelle. He's not happy unless he's complaining about something. If it's not dogs, it's the damn guv'mint denying his right to get sloshing drunk because he doesn't understand the concept of store hours, or people who protest the slaughter and torture of Iraqis because it hurts his brother's feelings.
As usual the comment section is by in large a reminder that the majority of humanity online are assholes. Except #19. I want more people like that. "Justice is swift, quiet and efficient." Gorgeous.
"This is the most important thing I've ever written tbh"…

Phew! Good to know! I heard there was a march against hate crimes on Capitol Hill this weekend, not a mention of that on SLOG yet, but a dog in a grocery store?

Agree with whoever said it first that it's the store's fault for not creating and enforcing rules for dog owners.
I am all for dog friendly outdoor seating at restaurants.. I am also following for all animal ordinances, like only service dogs in approved areas..
Keep the comments coming, everybody - we're so close to solving this problem!

You can pick all the dog hair and dingleberries off of your food you like. Bon Appetite!

I'll use any argument I like. Have a swell day!!!
I only wish more people cared about dogs in grocery stores. We should totally get this trending on Twitter. #nodogsallowed
I have three elderly, yappy, little dogs that I love very much, but I would never take them into a store because they are not very well socialized (they are all rescue dogs, who faced varying degrees of trauma prior to arriving at our Doggy Rest Home). One in particular does not like men with beards and ballcaps, which rules out most locations.

Me, I like seeing dogs in places, and I know how to keep my hands clean and wash produce, so I don't have a problem with it.
#7 nailed it. Hey, a friendly Reminder to keep your first world Problems and opinions in your inside voice.
Late one night when there was hardly anyone in the Kenmore Safeway, I tied Pups up outside and asked the manager if I could bring my dog inside. I was worried about someone stealing him. He'd hop into anyone's car. Loves going for car rides, and just generally loves everyone with open body language. Anyway, the manager said that if I claim he's a service animal, they have to let him in. So since then, about 5 months ago, I've been taking him into Safeway, Rite-Aid, Grocery Outlet (in Kenmore). We got kicked out of Fred Meyer on Lake City Way because he freaked out at the escalator. Otherwise, no problem. 90% of people like him, and the other 10% - fuck you. I can never get out of Safeway without a few people petting him, especially in the lines at the checkouts. Some of the checkout staff give him a treat. Today, two Starbucks baristas dropped what they were doing and came out in front of the counter to scratch and belly rub him. Don't like this? I don't care. Suck it up.
@62 There are reasons for strict ordinances where there is food or restaurant establishments. i don’t think your dogs are dirty, but the ordinances are there to protect food establishments from diseases. It is a common sense precaution..

Domesticated Animals shouldn’t be punished, but you as an owner should follow the law on where and to animals are allowed... It is not cool to take your dogs to the places that have no animals allowed in them. If you want to get a service dog label for your animals, get them trained and licensed as service animals. Don’t break the law. The law is for your benefit and everyone else’s benefits..
"Just leave the dog at home." Fuck off, that's not an option. My dog gets anxiety and digs at the carpet (as if I have any left) until her claws rip out of her paws and she lays there panting and bleeding. Or, she gets to ride over my shoulder in a book bag or in my pocket, everywhere, with you none the wiser at her presence because she's tiny and well behaved.

There's a difference between my dog and that pit bull with diarrhea kept on a rope by the gaggle of homeless teenagers. Somewhere between these two dogs there exists space to create meaningful rules. The health department setting it as all or nothing doesn't help (and it's federal).
And the Stranger offices have mice. Whatever thought you have to talk about hygiene went crawling under Mudede's pile.
Fck you fer lumping all dogs together. Besides, it appears our primate species only got its shit together after domesticating wolves. It's been all downhill from there. To whit. C. Frizzelle. Have you rad his droolings? My dog pees better copy.
Fck you fer lumping all dogs together. Besides, it appears our primate species only got its shit together after domesticating wolves. It's been all downhill from there. To whit. C. Frizzelle. Have you read his droolings? My dog pees better copy.
I've been wondering the same thing. Why are dogs now all of a sudden allowed in grocery stores? I see one or two each time I go. Leave them at home or bring someone to watch them while you shop. Only dogs with the official service dog harnesses should be allowed in a grocery store.
Stores and restaurants are for humans. Small children are humans, and stores are for them too. Also, society greatly frowns upon tying children up to a post outside stores, and hiring a sitter every time you have to run an errand is prohibitively expensive for most people. It's pretty cut and dried, people.

That said, I don't mind seeing a well trained and socialized dog in a grocery store or casual bar/restaurant.
People who think dogs are less hygienic in this city are seriously living in a dream world. I see my vacuum filter and shower drain, trust I am, and you are, shedding skin and hair all day long. Trust you are walking exactly where dogs are walking and touching everything other people are touching including feces and urine.. If you think those pristine looking vegetables are clean consider your bubble is burst . If you think those packages of neatly wrapped meats haven't been touched by dirty humans, your not seeing reality. To say dogs should not be allowed in grocery stores because they aren't clean is ridiculous. Dogs are VERY popular in Seattle and a lot have opted out of having kids, these are their family. I've heard stats that there are 4x more dogs than children. I haven't researched the facts to write an article on this but I wouldn't be surprised. The part I agree with is not all dogs should be taken into grocery stores if they are fearful of the event. Then again, this is likely because they've not been exposed to it! In the grocery carts, ok, I can join in on that since some people have serious allergies. Bottom line, if your dog listens to you and doesn't hate going to the grocery store, they should be allowed. This Christopher is just angry... he should probably get a puppy and smile.
I WISH someone could post this about children. Which are noisier, grosser, and these days much less behaved. I prefer dog run-ins over crotch goblins any day.
A photo of girlie mags? In the Stranger?
I have 4 dogs. I never take them inside a business. They don't seem to mind.
All the preoccupation with hygiene seems bizarre to me. I'm not a dog owner, but it doesn't seem like a sanitation problem to have nice, coddled pet ones allowed into grocery stores. It's not like the stores are overrun with feral dog packs covered with open sores, fighting and shitting in the aisles. The pet dogs aren't taking bites out of the food on the shelves, and they won't have excretion accidents any more often than small kids do.The only grocery items that aren't wrapped up is the produce, and dogs really aren't interested in fruits and vegetables. It's probably a whole lot less sanitary to have a bunch of customers handling the produce -- maybe all the "dogs are filthy" contingent here should ask your stores to provide patrons with sterile gloves in order to touch the produce. Jeez. It makes me happy to see dogs in stores and gives the whole place a better vibe.
The QFC in the Broadway Market is the only grocery store where I've seen dogs that aren't service animals, and it seems to happen a lot. Does this happen in other parts of Seattle too?
If a business allows pets and welcomes them, then shoppers should be aware of this policy and avoid the business if it bothers them. If a business chooses to ban pets (with the exception of service/therapy dogs), then owners need to also be aware of this policy. It only makes sense that the business mandate and enforce rules that its comfortable with. Just as "no shoes, no shirt, no business" is honored, if a business posts that pets are welcome or not welcome, patrons should respect their decision. I have 4 dogs and a variety of others pets. If my pets are allowed I may bring one or two of them with me. If they aren't, then they stay home. Therapy and service pets should be welcome ANYWHERE given they have the proper identification on them. These pets are trained and know how to handle themselves even in the noisiest of places. It truly doesn't seem like that complicated of an issue. The person writing the article obviously frequents a place that allows animals. Given that, they should consider changing stores. Aside from service/therapy dogs, I have yet to see dogs or other animals in grocery stores. Farmer markets; yes. Malls; yes. Movie theaters; yes. As long as the pet is well behaved, obedient and house broken (and many are) then they shouldn't be an issue. If they aren't, then the business should have the right to ask the owner to remove the pet. Common sense.
10 years and I finally got a post pulled. Did I really get censored for writing CUNTS?

Cause that is some especially weak sauce.

@76 A few months ago I watched a dog shit in the basement of the Fred Meyers in Greenwood. So yes, it's a problem everywhere.
I love it in Europe where dogs are pretty much just a part of every day life in that culture- nobody seems phased by a dog in a reataurant or in the market. It is so much more relaxed in that regard. So maybe taje a clue from our European friends- who seem maybe a tad less stressed out overall than us Workaholic Americans. Loosen up people - dogs are the least of our worries and they actually make pretty nice companions for many otherwise lonely people. Who gives a flying fuck if there's a dog in the grocery store or bar?! People get a grip. Dogs aren't any grosser or less sanitary than most people and surely they ARE MUCH NICER than most people (ahem - especially you).
Gotta count on you, @60, to be our perennial voice of reason.
Please keep your dog out of my shopping cart. And I really don't care if you get "anxious" when you aren't with your dog, I get "anxious" when I see your dog so keep this little crap master at home please.
@78: "@76 A few months ago I watched a dog shit in the basement of the Fred Meyers in Greenwood."

Wow, that is a weird fetish you have. Whatever floats your boat i guess...

@ Chris Frizzle, maybe you should change your last name to Chris Fizzle, because all of your articles fizzle out into flat, tasteless, junk.

Is this actually something that is worthy of being posted as an article in a respected publication? It is not much more than some ass-hole whining about a non-problem. If I wanted to see that, i would just get on facebook. What's your next big contribution going to be? A post where you sarcastically lament on how much you "love friday rush hour traffic, FML lol"?

BTW, these are not YOUR stores, it is not YOUR produce. Entitled much? Despite what you may think the word is not your own personal movie, it does not revolve around your preferences and opinions. It is produce that is being sold by the proprietor, who in many cases doesn't care if the person who wants to buy it has a dog with them or not.

You want a store that explicitly bans dogs? then fucking find one. Or maybe you can convince an owner to put a large sign in his window disallowing dogs. But my guess is more often than not, you would be told to fuck off. Because my guess is the group of people who either have dogs, or like dogs or are just generally turned off by that kind of thing, probably outnumbers the group of whiny little self absorbed ass holes that would boycott a store just because they saw someone with their dog shopping there...
I found it funny when the author said that dog owners assume everyone loves dogs. I think the same thing about people with kids....LOL
Personally, I don't want to smell a dirty diaper, listen to a screaming fit or see nasty grubby hands in every free sample platter they can get into when I am trying to be in grocery store.
Something tells me that most of the dogs are likely better behaved than the human kids because most pet owners teach their pets boundaries. Human parents have discontinued teaching proper public behavior boundaries.
Home stretch, folks - we can do this! Once we hit 100 comments, the matter will be settled once and for all.
@#29: I feel exactly the same way about parents who can't be away from their kids for a few hours. Not every establishment is intended for children and not all of us want someone's kids up our ass during our meal.

As for the person who commented that dog owners are "entitled and arrogant". Bwaaahaaahaaaa, I guess you haven't been exposed to any modern day parents. Right there is the epitome of entitled and arrogant, Not to mention rude, thinking the world is their babysitter these days.
@84 almost there! When I worked at the old Rosauers in Spokane we had a loose dog walk through the automatic doors, run to the bakery, and lick all of the muffins that were fresh out of the oven...that's all I've got...wait...can I bring my cat in the store? she's leash trained!
Dogs are domesticated animals, certainly some are more behaved then others, but they are still unpredictable. Unless they are specifically trained for being a service dog they should never be in a store per RCW 49.60.218.
I once stepped in dog shit in a store. It's a Christmas that miracle I didn't fall because let me tell you, a freshly-pressed dog turd on a polished concrete floor is an incredibly slick combo.
@25 I'm sorry you were born into a species that you clearly don't like. I hope you're reincarnated as a dog, and the sooner the better. I also hope your new owners leave your ass at home when they go shopping.
@87 - RCW 49.60.218 prohibits unfair discrimination against people with service animals. It does not compel businesses to keep non-service animals out. Nice try.
ITT: whiny entitled brats, both sides.
Sure, maybe YOUR dog is not aggressive and does not crap on the floor, but is the government supposed to do a spot check of ALL DOGS and certify which ones can be taken into stores and which can not? The law is the way it is because some dogs are problematic and it is not possible to know the difference.

Anyone who feels they are special (especially 65 up there) is just an entitled brat who wants the world to bend around what he wants, much like a toddler.

Stop being an entitled asshole and leave your dog at home. Stop being an incredibly dense asshole and realize the core difference between children and dogs.
I recall opening day of the downtown Nordstrom store, A dog took a squat right in front of the main entrance, and deposited a particularly large poo. It was as elegant a social commentary on what they did to that building as anything wrote or spoken that day.
Bringing my crapping dog into a grocery store is every bit as ok as all parents bringing their screaming infants on a plane, annoying the sh%t out of everyone. Why? Because my dog IS my child

Theodore - Leave your shitty kids at home. If I can't bring my dog out I don't want to be annoyed by your stupid kids. Having kids doesn't give you entitlement over my dog.
@94: Your dog is not your child, and I am sorry that you harbor this delusion. Please seek help.

Your dog is not a human, and will never be even close in importance to any other human. Children have a right to be on planes and in markets because they have rights as humans that dogs do not.

Also, I do not have kids, although I am unsure what this has to do with your delusion. I am sorry you can not tell the difference between a human and a dog, but that is your personal problem that you need to overcome on a person level. Good luck.
Trying to get to 100 Comments, yelhaneb. I'm surprised that Europe has come up only once and especially no mention of France specifically.
Doing my part to get to 100...

I am absolutely terrified of dogs. The mere thought of a strange dog bounding toward me in a store or any public place is enough to make me pass out. I think it's important to remind dog owners that such people as me exist. Please note that I don't dislike dogs. I have had therapy, where I can allow a small dog to sit on my lap while I pet it, and I can pet a friend's dog when the owners are nearby. Those controlled encounters are far different than that of an unknown dog running toward me or invading my personal space while I am in the middle of a grocery store. Dogs sense my acute fear and it drives even the most docile dog to react. They will bark at me with their hackles up and yes, I have been bitten more than once. Most dog owners remark that they have never seen their dog react so aggressively to anyone before as they do to me. I know it's not the dog's fault, I just somehow give off a vibe that dogs sense and react to. It seems reasonable that I try to stay away from parks and public places that are popular for dogs because I may encounter dogs there, but to allow a dog to impose upon me in a grocery store is going a bit too far.
People live with dogs in their kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms, and yet dog owners are no more susceptible to disease than anyone else. In fact, research shows that dogs have a decidedly positive effect on heath, and living with animals in general (e.g., on a farm) greatly benefits the immune system, providing protection from asthma and allergies.

I don't take my dog to the grocery store as a matter of etiquette. It must be said, however, that the germophobic Purell addicts are completely full of shit, and in general their cries of "ew!" have more harm to human health than good.
I have an opinion about dogs. Just sharing.
This is pathetic. GET A LIFE. There are many more important things in the world to be talking about.
dogs are not human thank god,humans are over rated
@100: Shouldn't you be commenting on them then?

Get a life, right?
It's a health code violation to have dogs in grocery stores. Period. It's up to the store and the inspectors to police the issue. Stores just do an extremely shitty job of enforcing. The Capitol Hill QFC is in violation pretty much 100% of the time. Looks like this has been brought up in news in the past too:…
Woo woo! Great job everybody! When was the last time Slog had a 100+ thread?

I also appreciate the profound stupidity of those of you who can't tell the difference between an animal and an actual human being.

Maybe that's because, taxonomically-speaking, actual human beings ARE animals; just with bigger brains and better eye-hand coordination. Humans forget that sometimes.

And it's not that people can't tell the difference, it's that, so far as disease-vectors, sanitation, or general health issues are concerned, there's almost no comparison. After all, when was the last time you heard of an "actual human being" coming down with an airborne illness they caught from a dog?

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