A white man targets a historic African American church with ties to the struggles against slavery and Jim Crow and to the Civil Rights Movement. He makes clearly racist statements as he guns down the church's pastor and other members of the congregation. He runs around wearing the flags of rabidly racist—and blessedly extinct—white-ruled/black-majority African nations. What could it possibly mean?

Take it away, Fox News:

"[This] was an attack on faith," says the white lady. "We aren't safe in our own churches!" Then they bring on a black pastor who says the shooting is evidence not of racist hatred but of "a rising tide of hostility against Christians in this country." He then urges "pastors and men in these churches [to] arm themselves."

Christians are under attack. Nothing has anything to do with race. Guns don't cause problems that more guns can't solve.

I'm going back to bed.

UPDATE: From the department of stopped clocks: